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| March 7, 2007

Nothing going on today – except that Congress is having global warming hearings while the global warming is clogging our streets here in DC. Maybe they should schedule hearings in July when they might be more convincing.

I guess everyone is mad that Ann Coulter insinuated that John Edwards might be a “faggot” (her word, not mine). I’ve been reading about it everywhere. Everyone seems mighty upset about it. But I haven’t seen anyone say that he’s not. Wonder why.

And some goofus was smuggling a big magnet in his rectum on a cross-country flight. A magnet and some wires. And his bags went on the flight without him. I don’t care if he was doing something illegal or not, he’s up to something that no one else I know would be up to – he bears watching. He’s coming your way, Philly.

Thank goodness the Libby trial is over. It gives the Washington Post something to put on the front page besides trashing Walter Reed. Paul Kane couldn’t help but mention it in his blog, though. Today he’s cheering on the “victorious” Democrats and their 81 (so far) oversight hearings on the Iraq War. I guess that the Democrats have been doing so much backpedaling on thier campaign promises, they need a cheerleader sometimes.

“America voted for change in November. This is just the beginning,” Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), a member of the Democratic leadership, declared in a Tuesday morning House floor speech. “What a difference a year makes.”

How’s that Rahm? What difference is there in Congress? Just different incoherent yammering is all.

Meanwhile, the President is delivering the good news from Iraq to the people since the Mainstream Media won’t.

Spoke too soon; the Washington Post couldn’t help themselves. They had to put a Walter Reed story on the front page at 1:32 pm. Sure, it’s the same Dole/Shalala story recyled from yesterday…I guess they felt naked without it. What a bunch of…oh, look at the time – I’m late for rehab.

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