Hunter Biden guilty on all gun charges

| June 11, 2024

Court sketch showing Hunter Biden during his trial in Wilmington, Delaware. (William Hennessy Jr.)

A jury found Hunter Biden guilty of all the gun related charges. They deliberated for three hours before making their decision. After the verdict, Hunter Biden expressed gratefulness for the love and support that he received from family, friends, and community. He also expressed disappointment at the verdict.

From Fox News:

The trial focused on Biden’s Oct. 12, 2018, purchase of the firearm at StarQuest Shooters & Survival Supply, when prosecutors argued that Biden lied on the federal form that he was not using or addicted to drugs. The firearm remained in his possession for 11 days before Hallie Biden discovered it in the console of his Ford pickup truck and threw it away in a public trashcan outside a grocery market in Wilmington. Hallie Biden testified that she regretted tossing the firearm and did so when she was in a “panicked” state and worried that Biden would use the firearm to hurt himself or others.

In addition to family members, the court heard from the man who found the gun in the trash can, as well as experts from the FBI and DEA who testified on bank statements showing Biden withdrawing thousands of dollars in cash, how trace amounts of cocaine were discovered on a pouch containing the gun when Hallie Biden tossed it away, the meaning behind drug slang, and even how crack cocaine is cooked.

Amid the trial, the jury also heard extensive testimony from Biden’s ex-girlfriend, Zoe Kestan, who met the president’s son at a gentleman’s club in New York City when she was just three years out of college, and he was 48 years old.

“He would want to smoke the second he woke up,” Kestan testified last Wednesday.

Kestan, who also testified under immunity, described Hunter Biden as “charming and charismatic” when they first met in 2017 after he booked a private room at the strip club for 30 minutes. Noting that after they sparked a relationship, she didn’t notice a drastic change in his behavior when he smoked crack cocaine.

Additional Reading:

Colton, E., & Singman, B. (2024, June 11). Hunter Biden found guilty on all counts in gun trial. Fox News. Link.

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Hack Stone

Looks like there will be a lot of disappointed single mothers working their way through college in Wilmington tonight.


Anybody want to make book that this POS won’t see a day in jail? Dear ol’ dad will wait until all the trials are done and then do a blanket pardon.

Or maybe…just maybe, his and sniffy, creepy, poopy joe’s handlers will realize that the usefulness of these idiots are over and they will be found self murdered. Trash begets trash. We’ll see.


I’m honestly amazed Hunter hasn’t gotten himself killed by now.

BlueCord Dad

Scumbags never die….


I would imagine that would be tough to do given he probably has a secret service detail.

Surprised he hasn’t gotten ahold of any crack that didn’t put him 6ft under.

Hack Stone

If you thought that Corn Pop was a bad dude, just wait until Mookie comes to collect his money.


As he is of Puerto Rican, Irish, black and Jewish descent He will have friends everywhere in prison.

Hack Stone

You left out Greek, Indian, and Left Handed Albinos.


Only if he crossed Hillary

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Anybody want to make book that this POS won’t see a day in jail? “
Thinking along similar lines. I’ll be jubilant when Hunter is sentenced and put in the slammer…..and STAYS there.

Last week, Pedo Joe claimed that he wouldn’t pardon Meth Mouth if he was convicted. He’s so feeble-minded, however, that he probably can’t remember anything he said a week ago. Plus, he’s a serial liar. So, I’m betting Meth Mouth will get the pardon.


A rule of thumb when it comes to Brandon: Anything he says he won’t do, that is exactly what he will do.


Daddy will pardon him after the election. He can’t do it now because of politics. He can’t continue saying no one is above the law and give Hunter a pass. After the election, the pardon won’t matter.


“We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

And it is still in place.

Last edited 1 month ago by KoB
Amateur Historian

My bet is he won’t be pardoned. They’ll just come up with some legal bullshit to let him off. Comey letting off Hillary off the hook ring any bells?


But that was before any charges or indictment.

Amateur Historian

I know. Just saying that my faith in the system is close to nonexistent.

Army-Air Force Guy

Make sure you refer to it as a “matter,” not an “investigation.”

Amateur Historian

That’s what we’re calling it now? It’s a Matter when it involves the rich and powerful. An investigation when it involves us peasants?

Army-Air Force Guy

That’s former AG Loretta Lynch’s line of reasoning. Of course she denies telling Comey that.


I agree crack head Hunter won’t see a day in jail. Probation only. He’s a first time offender and FJB’s son. It could be he gets a fine and community service and time picking up trash at gentlemen’s clubs.


Any good Leftist will throw a family member– especially a worthless drug addict– under the bus for power… er, “the cause,” comrade!

Stalin let his son die in a German POW camp rather trade prisoners for him. Valerie Jarrett or Obama would insist likewise.

Last edited 1 month ago by Anonymous
USMC Steve

Senile Sammy was claiming that he had ruled out pardoning the first drug addict.


J0e’s kid got too close to the ‘racial jungle’, perhaps?

The They have treated our justice system like the Japs treated ‘a Nanking war trophy’.

Waiting for the subsequent left hook from these dicks.



This should be posted everywhere. Remind Joe of his words. Make him live up to those words.


Sauce for the goose…
This was a slam-dunk case. Not like the Feds made up the statute, extended the statute of limitations, had a felon perjurer as the key witness, didn’t know where or when it happened, or had the Governor make a statement that only Hunter was pursued and nobody had to worry that they would be prosecuted.
Wink, wink, nudge, nudge nobody is above the law…
When Trump wins in November the ‘laptop from hell’ which now even the Dems have to admit is real can be used as evidence against a myriad of people for a large swath of crimes. I want to see Dems 6 months after swearing Joe Biden was the capable of leading the country to then claim he’s mentally unfit to stand trial.


You left out the DOJ sending prosecutors to the New York district attorney’s office to assist with the case. Because you know there was no communication between the two so just send a couple of people.


The lead prosecutor was the No. 3 honcho lawer at DOJ.


Makes coordination of breeze if you send an LNO.


“He good Boi!”


So much for the “I’m too high to know I’m a crackhead” defense. The hopes and dreams of crackheads everywhere have been dashed.

Now about those income taxes on selling Joe’s office…..


When Hunter filled out the form, maybe it depended on the definition of “are” in the question “Are you addicted to drugs?” Sort of like someone who once testified in his depo that “it depends on your definition of “is.”” The implication was that at that moment he wasn’t gettin a BJ under the table, so the answer was “no.”

Hack Stone

He should have gone with the “Affluenza Defense”.


comment image


Good. Good!


Interesting how the article above says “prosecutors argued”… seems they can drop the “innocent” part, since he has been proven guilty… the Lame Stream media sure dropped it fast enough (if they ever followed it) when it came to President Trump.. but of course this bag of shit is different…


The local news led off their broadcast with red light camera laws, a car accident from zero dark thirty this morning and some other equally important story. Hunter story was number 4.


The national news implies that Hunter should have taken the stand in his defense, even though it was his protected constitutional right not to. He probably would have been found not guilty.

Last week, Trump was really guilty because he did not take the stand, and it just made him look more guilty. I can’t f****** keep up anymore.

It’s like the $35 insulin. In 2020 Trump arranged for insulin to be $35 in 2021 for Medicare patients. When Biden took over he stopped it, Just like he stopped everything that Trump did. Then in the ’22 State of the Union address, FJB came up with his great plan to sell insulin for $35. Now the left wing media and Biden is accusing Trump of trying to take credit for something that Biden did. Even though Trump had already done it. It’s all lies within lies within lies.

Last edited 1 month ago by 5JC

I hope he does at least five years in the can. With five years in his can.


I’d love to see Trump’s first official act as President be a pardon for Hunter. Just to stir the pot. Could be very entertaining.


That would be hilarious. A real sting to FJB and all the lefties.

AW1 Rod

It’ll be interesting to see the legal gymnastics the contortionist judge will employ in order to prevent having to send Meth Mouth to prison. Stand by. It’s coming.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

You mean as legal gymnastics as trying and convicting PDJT?


A Proud Infidel®™

Now watch the mainstream media bury this under another faked Trump scandal.


Y’all stop playin. Whitey ain’t going to jail. He mite, meybe, go to Club Fed where they get stake and play gulf on Sundays. Pickin up trash, sheeet.


I think the whole Hunter Trial, with the DOJ, was to try to move the picture away from FJB’s crime family. And To buy sometime for the next act and then shift it back to Trump. It’s just a circus act by the left to detract from Joe’s mental fitness. To keep their sheep from thinking and seeing what’s going on with Joe’s low mental abilities and popularity.


Not surprised, evidence was pretty overwhelming.

Turns out President Biden sucks at rigging jury verdicts.

Hunter will be screwed if he is convicted in federal tax case in California. If he is sentenced in that case he could be sentenced as a repeat offender under the guidelines.


Yeah but he sure got Trump’s ass though! That will teach his ass to fuck with the Biden’s. Statue of the delimitations my ass! We can just make some shit up and put it up there. It don’t even need to make sense. They don’t even need to know what the fuck he did. Nobody in Manhattan is going to vote to save Trump’s sorry ass. Even If he didn’t do that he did something else just bad, I’m screaming. Plus all those false accusations against fanny just cuz she don’t have no bank account. My lawyer don’t have no bank account either. I pay him straight up in powder. I mean sure she was riding the D, hey baby getting a little kickback but what does that got to do with anything? Trump still guilty as hell and all those false accusations just cuz he’s racist. Now that he a felon he can’t be president. He can’t even vote. That’s what he gets for killing all those people on January 6th.

Last edited 1 month ago by Corn-pop

You are a bad dude, still got that rusty razor and chain marks in your head? I do not blame you cause Pedo Joe had your inner black jungle friends rubbing on his legs in the pool after standing on the porch with them after bringing the ghetto ice cream in his semi. I think he said he was connected to you cause one of your ancestors ate his uncle Bozey in the pacific. He said you made up and rode a train together across a bridge that got knocked down by a guy that died years before he was senator.

Forest Bondurant

Biden only rigs the judicial process when it’s politically expedient.


Biden pretty much sucks at everything. Even his old boss said never underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.


Maybe so. But his DOJ did a fucking magnificent job of allowing far more serious charges against Hunter to exceed the statute of limitations. They made a valiant effort to cover the gun charge, but a sharp judge said “hold the fuck on, this is bogus”. You, like all the Bidens, are a fraud. You just haven’t made it as profitable. Amateur.


While I cheered hunter’s legal woes like most everybody else, this apparently was the least of his problems and way more serious charges were ignored all together.

Red meat for the peasants.

Forest Bondurant

If there is any justice, perhaps a jury will convict him for his tax violations, money laundering, and violation of foreign lobbying laws (including his failure to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act while conducting business with foreign countries), all of which he and his family benefited from.

There’s bound to be a RICO connection in there somewhere.


True, but somebody has to bring him up on those charges first if I’m not mistaken.


AOC says RICO isn’t a law.

Forest Bondurant

That’s right. I forgot the Agent Of Chaos earned a law degree while serving drinks.

Moving on…


Whelp, while everybody was paying attention to that, this happened:

That sound you were hearing? That was American economic dominance dying. No surprise really with sleepy at the wheel.


comment image?w=520&ssl=1

“It’s obvious this “conviction” of Hunter Biden on a crime most people don’t give a shit about accomplishes two things:
1. It allows them to bury his real crimes, most notably all the corrupt middle-man dealing for his father.
2. Leftists can claim the justice system is fairly applied to both sides; thus, we should trust whatever fake crimes they decide to pin on Trump. 👌
In the end, Hunter will get little or no punishment, and media lapdogs can move to the next stage of reading their talking points on our fair, impartial justice system 👍 Oh, and we have a *reading cue card* convicted felon running against our Dear Leader, Joe Biden.”