Mikey’s back it again

| June 11, 2024

Mikey Weinstein is making the news again.

For those who are new, Mikey is a former Air Force person (I refuse to call him a man) who has an unfathomable hatred for anything religious in government, and established an anti-faith “charity” called the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) to protect anyone in service from being exposed to anything, no matter how farfetched, which could be construed as religious. Examples? Remember the Merchant Marine Academy complaint that a painting in a mess hall neeeed to be covered because it implied divine assistance for sailors? The unit which had to alter it’s insignia because it had a crusader pictured on it? The “missing man” tables at chow halls that have to have their Testaments removed? Yep, that’s all Mikey.

Well, there is a Texas-based company called Shields of Strength which makes religious themed dog tags.

U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas ruled late last month that Shields of Strength can move forward with its lawsuit against the Pentagon. First Liberty Institute and the law firm Fish & Richardson, which represent the company, believe DoD’s “discriminatory refusal” to allow production of Shield of Strengths’s popular military-themed dog tags with inspirational Bible verses for service members and their families is illegal and in violation of the First Amendment.

Kenny Vaughan and his wife, who own Shields of Strength, began by creating military-themed replica dog tags with encouraging Bible verses that have been favored by military service members, first responders and athletes, according to First Liberty. To date, over four million Shields of Strength dog tags have been distributed, with two million donated by the company.

In 2012, the U.S. Army granted a trademark license allowing Shields of Strength to feature Army trademarks on its products, according to First Liberty. It eventually obtained licenses to use the Air Force and Marine Corps logos, as well.

But Weinstein remained undeterred.

“The Military Religious Freedom Foundation’s (MRFF) complaint to DoD was that Shields of Strength’s use of official DoD insignia on its overtly Christian religious merchandise indubitably implied an unconstitutional DoD endorsement of the merchandise’s solely Christian messages,” he told Fox News Digital.

Not sure that someone’s wear of a cross under their T-shirt is much different, but Mikey gets butthurt over the damnedest things. Me, I’m of the mind if someone wants a totem or emblem that makes ’em feel better about life when they’re under fire or otherwise in a bad place – that’s their business.

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Maybe it’s just me, but it seems anybody who is “anti religious” or “anti faith based” always have a not happy look about them.


Mikey looks like he is perpetually constipated as do others of his ilk.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

IMHO he looks like he’s at least an hour late for his last shit and he has no money for the pay toilet!


If you could pout, smirk, scowl, and frown in one photo………


He just found out his wife was banging the Barbadian pool boy. And he wasn’t invited


He looks like he’s thinking of God. That should’ve piss him off if he comes here.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

(Full disclosure, I’m a non-believing heathen infidel bastard)

That said, this fellow Weinstein is a fucknut. This isn’t about the military endorsing a product and thus endorsing the message this is about a licensing agreement to use proprietary trademark items for a fee.

This is no different than paying for a license to use the Army likeness on a wallet, such as the wallet I have which is really two pieces of RFID protecting metal connected with elastic fabric…I don’t believe the Army is promoting this wallet anymore than I believe the Army is promoting the message of Christianity on those folks dog tags that they produce. It’s simply a dog tag with a faith based message bearing the likeness of the branch they served in…there’s not a single fucking thing wrong with that under our legal system despite what this little douchebag believes.

Another case I hope he loses and loses quickly.

These folks seem to be sincere business owners who found a market sector that suits their personal views and their business model. That’s a fun way to do business, when everything lines up that way life is a lot more fun.

I use the term non-believer because I don’t want anyone thinking I’m a fucking atheist along the lines of assholes like Mikey Weinstein. You believe whatever you like, it’s all good with me…all I ask in return is you not ask me to play along.

Fuck that guy.


Remember the old TeeVee Commercial where the other kids would say “…give it to Mikey, he’ll eat anything…”? Well here ya go Mikey…Here’s a big of d*cks…eat ye, all of it.

Believe or not believe, that is your right…just as it is your right to display, or not display, objects/icons/symbols or whatevers. I personally believe that Mikey may be in for a Big Surprise when the time arrives for him to stop stealing oxygen. What say you, ninja…and Graybeard?


What did Jesus say about coins of the realm?


Gotta give Caesar what’s his and give God what’s God’s. Now…that being said…Caesar was prone to TAKE your coin from you and God is prone to TAKE His Vengeance. And tho that Former Jewish Carpenter talked all about the Love and Forgiveness Thing, The Dude was subject to cop an attitude, turn over tables, pick up a whip, and start chasing folks out when they pissed Him off.

My belief is when Mikey has his “Come to Jesus” Meeting (and I believe he will have one) it is NOT going to bode well for Mikey. YBMV


Yet, somehow, doesn’t see the woke rainbow people as a religion and he has nothing againt islam…


Mikey would lose his mind if he saw this:

Holy Bible, GNT: U.S. Armed Forces Military Edition https://a.co/d/5zxllZR

The devil’s that are in him would surface and he would be forced to hurt a small child to feel better about himself.


Coffers must be low at MMRF- Mikey’s looking for another payday.


I have several of Mr. Vaughan’s early editions of these dogtags. My BN CDR (86th SIG BN) was a friend of his and Mr. Vaughan donated several hundred tags to 11th SIG BDE just prior to us going into Afghanistan in 2002. Good story here, and no, I’m not in the pic.


In closing, allow me to say this:

Fuck Mikey Weinstein. Amen.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

11th Sig. Such memories. I was with them when they were at Ft Huachuca. GO THUNDERBIRDS!

About 16 of my 24 years of Army service was in 11th. A hell of a big chunk of those years were spent in various interesting foreign lands, but that’s what 11th was known for!


I keep seeing a subdued 1st Sig decal on a pickup at
MacDonalds when I go thru the drive thru line.
One of these days I’m gonna get up the nerve to go
inside and ask.


The Jagged Shaft!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Check out my reply to George about Turbans. Don’t know if you ever heard this 1955 song from the Turbans.

Used to be still serving

I call these types of atheists “Fundamental atheists”. They want to make everyone atheists just like any other religious fundamentalist. As a non Fundamental atheist and a staunch constitutionalist, I can not stand atheists like Mikey. I am not threatened by religion. I am not offended by prayer or preaching in public, display of the 10 commandments or someone trying to share their belief with me. I politely tell them “thanks, but I’m not interested. “


I once commented to an atheist that I respect greatly that the 10 commandments were a pretty good idea, even for atheists. He agreed, with the exception of the first 3. Point well taken. Many thanks, VoV!

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Weinstein is a jackass, the worst kind of scheming, nasty, harmful little kind of atheist wienie….

For me life is simple I like this old Latin concept, “primum non nocere” first do no harm…it’s a medical concept but it applies to all of life really. If everyone approached the world with the notion that first we do no harm it would indeed be a wonderful place for all of us and your ten commandments get a lot of people to understand that simple reality.


I like Jefferson’s view: “But it does me no injury for my neighbour to say there are twenty gods, or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” There’s no excuse to be an asshole, religious or otherwise.

Hack Stone

Meanwhile, in Wilmington Delaware, the Gentlemen’s Club industry just announced massive layoffs. Just hoping that the Judge considers Hunter’s long and distinguished military service when he hands down the sentence.



CBS reporting hunter guilty on all charges. CBS has a case of the sads

Hack Stone

Hack Stone wet himself, much like when Joy Behar heard that Donald Trump was convicted.


Hack, did you have a tingle run up your leg like Chrissy Matthews did during the Hussein Dynasty?

A Proud Infidel®️™️

I can’t wait to hear about what the hags in “The View” screeched about it! 😀😀


Wonder if Mikey was severely offended by the Sikhs that graduated OCS with their very overtly religious beard and Sikh turban that they cannot remove and interferes with gas mask and helmet wear.


jeff LPH 3 63-66

Speaking of Turbans, how about the Turbans singing
“When You Dance” 1955 on the Herald Label.


Great song to dance to.



Don’t forget Norse Pagans with beards, and Muslims. How about Jewish Soldiers with yarmulkes? Devout LDS with temple garments? He’s very selective in his outrage.


My moniker is changing to Jimbojszz. Someone else has Jimbo in use on other sites. Just a heads up.

Forest Bondurant

Mikey looks like he just finished eating a second bag of dicks.

Fuck that guy.


He has that look you get when you buy a big bag of something, open it and find its mostly air.


Meanwhile, jury took just three hours to convict Hunter on all charges… bet he gets thrown under the bus to play house with Tyrone, Bubba and Thor to justify max-out on Trump.

Last edited 1 month ago by Anonymous
Forest Bondurant

Naw. His daddy will probably pardon him.



Not until after he loses the election.

Last edited 1 month ago by 5JC

He won’t make it to the election.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

On an unrelated topic, Hunter Biden has been found GUILTY!

Amateur Historian

And will likely never see the inside of a jail cell…

John Seabee

Whinestein is the poster child for the term “Coq Slurping Turd.”

Amateur Historian

You know, Mikey is right! I remember in my time in the Navy, my Chief alway inspected our dog tags to always make sure they were spic, span, and legible. So it was never only us who saw our tags. (Sarcasm implied)

(Sarcasm not implied) fuck Mike and his useless organization.

Sidebar: My sister stole my tags as soon as I got back from basic. Never replaced ’em.


Way back when it was thought cool to lace a dog-tag into one’s flight boot, as helicopters don’t interact well with physical objects and tend to get a bit dispersed on impact. While a boot may be all that can be recovered, I thought that it looked way too much like a fishing lure and kept mine where they belonged- on my key chain.


I put my dog tags away in a safe place. They put my ssn on the tags. Hope they don’t do that anymore.


SSN was same same service number when I was in.
It’s also on award certificates on my love me wall.


Ooooooh, Barracuda!


I have no use for any religion; just not my thing.

However, I’d rather live among the believers of a God** than suffer around the perpetual unhappiness of most atheists or anti-theists. I find their sanctimony tiresome.

**NOT a MOOSLEM god. I don’t want to be anywhere near those fucks.


I had a run in with an atheist that was listening to my conversation in a restaurant. He Stopped me out side the restaurant to complain about my religious talk he had to listen too while eating. I said that he should eavesdropping on people’s conversations. He continued to harass me. Till I told him to go fuck off. And I walked away with him screaming at me. To each his own. I don’t want people forcing their religion on me or lack of religion. We can each do are own thing. It’s called freedom of Religion. You got the right attitude.

Prior Service (Ret)

For laughs, check out the MRFF Facebook page and the comments there every time he posts one of his “wins.” Also, for laughs, go to his website and see how there is no way to submit a complaint but a dozen prominent red “DONATE” buttons on every page. Then, for laughs, go back to their FB page and point out the disparity and that he is clearly in it for the money. Then sit back and watch their regular commenters swarm.