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| June 2, 2024

Winchester Model 94 TE

Intruder armed with engraved knife reading, ‘Hail Satan,’ shot by Texas homeowner: police

Greg Wehner
A Thrall, Texas man wielding a “Hail Satan” engraved knife, allegedly broke into a home before being shot by the homeowner on Monday night, according to police.

The Taylor Police Department said 23-year-old Austin Sumpter was arrested and charged with burglarizing a residence with the intent of committing a felony.

Police responded to a call from a homeowner at about 11:30 p.m. on Monday, who reported a man with a knife was attempting to break into the home.

While officers were on their way to the home, police said, the man, later identified as Sumpter, allegedly made his way into the home and was shot by the homeowner.

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Chicago concealed carry holder shoots 3 men who attacked him in Belmont Cragin: police

By Nic Flosi
CHICAGO – Four people are in critical condition, including three who were shot, after a concealed carry holder pulled a gun during an altercation on Chicago’s northwest side late Friday night.

The incident occurred around 11:23 p.m. in the 4700 block of W. Wrightwood Avenue, which is located in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood.

According to police, a 43-year-old male victim was in front of his home when a verbal altercation broke out between him and three other men he knew. The men began attacking the victim, at which point he pulled out a gun and fired shots.

A 29-year-old man was struck five times in the torso and transported to Mt. Sinai hospital in critical condition, police said. A 22-year-old man was shot in the chest and taken to Masonic hospital in critical. A 55-year-old man was struck in the neck and also taken to Masonic in critical condition.

Additionally, the victim sustained blunt force trauma to the head and body and was transported to Mt. Sinai in critical.

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Fox 32 Chicago

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The Pirates Cove


Sure, I’ll be the FIRST to comment…kinda like it’s the Vaunted TAH Friday, Weekend Open Thread. DaHell everybody at? Tox, you sleeping in this morning?

“The Devil made me do it!” Geraldine was not amused.

“Five (5) shots to the torso…” and home boi isn’t a DRT? Citizen musta been using a plasticized abomination of some sort of anemic caliber. Good on him for scoring against three (3) to one (1) odds.

“…with plenty of thump—the .450 Marlin.” Yes, bigger IS better.

I’d like to thump that Sister Golden Hair Surprise Ms Thang. I gots a “gun” she can stuff in her britches.


My Winchester 94AE Trapper in .44mag with the 16” barrel is absolutely the best carbine I own. Handy to carry and light weight, comes with a saddle ring too. Too bad they quit making them. I carry this in the back country. And I traded someone for this with a water damaged 94TE in .30-30.
Burglar with a knife and homeowner with a gun, criminals are not smart. That’s a good thing.


I have the knock off. A Rossi Ranch Hand 12″ barrel in .357 Mag for bush work and a backup when bow hunting.
It’s pretty handy with either a drop leg holster or single point sling

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Got a Rossi .22 gallery take down pump carbine, I used a nickel to put it together.
Bought a win. 30-30 around 1967 or so at an upstate NY gas station that sold firearms cost was around $ 70.00 or so in change. I should take a look at the receipt.


Rossi’s are pretty good. Better than some of the other Brazilian stuff.
The only problem with my Ranch Hand is with factory .38 Spl I get the occasional double feed.
Zero issues with my .38 handloads or any .357 Mag so it’s gotta be an OAL issue.


I’m impressed that you still have the receipt!
I couldn’t even find last week’s Wally World receipt

John Seabee

Yet another mental misfit who believes that bringing his cute slasher to a gunfight is vogue. Thorax hits don’t always solve problems. I got a call of ‘shots fired’ down on the east side of Orlando one afternoon. I learned that the next door neighbor [read ‘turd’] had broken into the lady’s house with the intent of satisfying his ‘urges’. She was not amused and planted SIX .357 silvertips in his chest [one nicking his blood pump]. The mutt was alive and talking about how he was hurting. When the ambulance arrives, he got up and walked out to it. We complemented Ms. Thang on her shooting skills and Bubba ended up in the kindly care of FLDOC for a few years.


Hail Satan was outmatched by a hail of bullets.

5 in the torso – 10 points. 10 point bonus if he dies
1 in the chest – 8 points. 10 point bonus if he dies
1 in the neck – 5 points. 10 point bonus if he dies

Overall, a very good placement of rounds.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Tell me you’re a Satanist, without telling me that you’re a Satanist.
He was en-Thrall-ed with himself. But now he’ll get to meet a new group of fiends…..errrrr……friends. Meet Bubba, Thor, Julio, and Tiny.
Sounds like Mr Sumpter tried to get his shots off first, but was not able to keep his flag aloft. (history buffs IYKYK)
Mr Homeowner ALMOST got it right. In the story he 1-called the police 2-waited for Mr Sumpter to break in 3-shoot Mr Sumpter.
It should have been 1-wait for Mr Sumpter to break in 2-shoot Mr Sumpter 3-THEN call the Police (leaving enough time for Mr Sumpter to bleed out first).


The idiot in Thrall, TX, didn’t know/realize/understand that “satan” (Hebrew שָׂטָן mean’s enemy, adversary, attacker. “שָׂטָן sâṭân, saw-tawn’; from שָׂטַן -to attack-; an opponent; especially (with the article prefixed) Satan, the arch-enemy of good:—adversary, Satan, withstand.” (Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible)The being Scripturally “Satan” is the enemy of all mankind even those who purport to worship him.
In short, being enthralled with evil is to let the enemy, who is out to destroy you, behind the wire. Perhaps some chaplain can get this through to Austin Sumpter.

The victim in Chicago sustained blunt force trauma to the head and body and still got five into one perp, and one each into the others? I got nothin’ but respect for that warrior! May he recover fully and completely.

The author of the article may not think much of the thuddy-thuddy, but it gets the job done. (And I have the reloading dies to reload more.)

Skivvy Stacker

I guess that special Satan Protection Spell didn’t work.
And that ain’t gonna go well for him in court.


Should teach the satanist that nothing good ever comes out of dealing with satan. Make you way to a church before you expire.