Hacked data exposes more Fast and Furious related information

| May 24, 2024 | 14 Comments

Remember Fast and Furious? Data in possession of the Mexican military was hacked, revealing both American gun shops and gun smugglers related to firearms recovered in Mexico. The hacked data included information regarding Fast and Furious.  Agents stood down in Arizona to allow illegal gun purchases. They wanted to use this program to get better information on trafficking patterns and kingpins. However, the intent of the program did not play out as desired.

From USA Today:

From 2006-2011 agents in Arizona stood down as straw purchasers illegally bought 2,000 guns at shops, intending to use the information to track trafficking patterns and arrest the kingpins. However, agents didn’t deliver the high-level arrests — and in the process, they lost track of hundreds of guns.

One of those guns was recovered at the Nogales, Arizona, crime scene where U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed in 2010 when his tactical unit attempted to arrest a band of robbery suspects.

Hundreds of Fast and Furious firearms have previously been traced to other shootings in Mexico. The new leak indicates hundreds more are still being found.

“It’s appalling,” said Peter Forcelli, a retired ATF deputy assistant director who recently wrote a book critical of Fast and Furious. “This is a stain we all wear. We had a duty to stop the flow of guns and we’re failing.”

Forcelli said it’s no surprise that guns purchased more than a decade ago in Tucson, Arizona, continue to show up in gun battles in Michoaca?n, Mexico: “They’re not like apples or loaves of bread; guns will be around until they get recovered at a crime scene used by the cartels.”

Additional Reading:

Penzenstadler, N. (2024, May 22/23). Hacked data reveals which US gun sellers are behind Mexican cartel violence. USA Today. Link.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Brian Terry unavailable for comment.


Has O-bomba’s AG ever atoned for his actions? Will Holder ever be held accountable? Democrats just shrug their shoulder say ‘no one is above the law’ while he skated free.


It’s important to say things and sound “credible,” you know; actually doing stuff is for naive suckers who have too much time on their hands not being out courting favor. /sarc


“ From 2006-2011”

The Bush Administration shouldn’t get a pass on this either.


One minor difference in the two administrations. The Bush administration saw that it would fail, recovered the weapons, and ended the program. Obama said “hold my beer”, restarted the program, lost weapons, and when caught, said “Bush started it!”. But wait, there’s more. They then tried to prosecute gun store owners that were directed to allow the straw purchases. Barack Obama and Eric Holder murdered Bryan Terry.


Obama and Holder will never be held accountable. The blood will never leave their hands. Fuck them both, and their offspring, Joe Biden.


Sadly, I fear you are correct…. at least on this mortal plane…


Their lord (sic) and master (sic) Lucifer will welcome them home with open arms saying “Well done ye good and faithful servants….Now bend over, my barbed appendage needs attention.”


When you have to rely on hacked information from The government of Mexico to be more honest and reliable than USG federal agents, something has gone seriously awry.


So…Red State DAs need to arrest Biden and black Jesus.


They call him “chocolate Jesus” on the talk shows I listen to.


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I use this often as an example of how incompetent the government is, and how they will leave you bleeding in the street to get what they want.