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President Biden made a speech to the NAACP Monday, which the Democrat media seem to think is Holy Writ. They seem to have missed a few things in it:

The White House transcript made nine corrections to President Biden’s gaffe-filled speech to the NAACP on Monday.

One notable one included his suggestion he was vice president during the COVID-19 pandemic, which began nearly four years after he left office.

The next day, the White House’s correction implied that Biden intended to say “recession,” referencing the Great Recession when he assumed the vice presidency in 2009.

Recession. Pandemic. Yeah, they look alike. Even spelled and pronounced similarly. Uh, no. Biden makes Norm Crosby look like Demosthenes.

Other fixed gaffes included Biden claiming that families saved $800,000 per year from the Affordable Care Act, insisting that he’s fighting corporate landlords who “keep rents down” and incorrectly calling the group “the NAAC.”

NINE gaffes in one speech… And if you think he can say anything coherent outside the teleprompter, here’s a highlight from last month:

“Imagine what we could do next. Four more years, pause,” he said before laughing as the audience began chanting, “Four more years.” Fox News

At least it didn’t say “Joe, STFU” That would have been really embarrassing when he read it.

And, letting no good man’s death go unpraised (yes, that is sarcasm for some of the slower out there) :

Top House Republicans are coming down hard on the Biden administration for expressing condolences for the death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, whose ruthless ways earned him the nickname “Butcher of Tehran.”  Fox News II

I realize “burn in hell” is not necessarily the best governmental statement, but in some cases silence is a far better response than condolences for someone oversaw attacks on civilians, and US personnel. Wonder if they will want to replace a Robert E. Lee statue with one to Raisi?

And then there is the trial of Bob Menendez, accused of taking multiple bribes in cash and gold bars (some of which were provably stolen by their serial numbers):

But defense attorney Avi Weitzman told the jury that there were “innocent explanations” for all of prosecutors’ accusations, and he quickly cut to what might be the heart of his defense — Menendez’s claim that his wife, Nadine, kept him in the dark about the gold bars, cash, luxury car, and other bribes she allegedly took from Hana, Daibes, and a third co-defendant Jose Uribe, who pleaded guilty in March.  Philly Voice

Anyone else here flashing back to the trial scene in “The Pink Panther” in which Inspector Clouseau explains his wife’s spending of huge amounts of money by claiming she is very thrifty with the housekeeping money?

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Biden is an embarrassment to US, but at least he’s not Orange Man. We all know that there will be those who vote for FJB later this year. ID’s be damned, but if they’re needed, I’m sure birth certificates, death certificates, and sex offender registration paperwork will all be acceptable so long as you Vote for Blue.

And that picture of Hillary looks goofy as hell. I’m of the opinion that she was passably cute in her college years (evil often has a physically attractive outward appearance while it’s still evolving), crazy party-mom cute in her early First Lady years, and outright demonic-looking since the mid-’00s.

That picture? Spongebob Squarepants Goofy Goober tones:

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RGR 4-78

Square Bob Sponge Pants crazy.


You mean Sponge Brain Joe Shits Pants?


There were a few other things from that speech that were missed even by the media. For example he said his father made his living from Detroit because his father was an “automobile manager”.

There were a few laughs, because a few people know that his father was actually a used car salesman. Before Jr ran for Senate, he quit his job because he thought people would not find it respectable enough. I’m not knocking used car sales but but some of them do play it fast and loose with the truth. Kind of like Junior.

Fact checking dirt bike is a full-time job. I’m willing to bed just about everybody’s giving up on that which is why all the lies in his speech were not really detected or even worried about because you really can’t believe anything he says.


How about that South Bronx Rally? Turning people away right in AOC’s district.

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If that’s wrong I don’t want to be right.

A Proud Infidel®™

INHO today’s mainstream media is to the DNC like Goebbels had the German media to the Nazi Party.


Creep Joe would never go to the ‘Hood. Does the Commissar’s daddy even have campaign rallies anymore? I know the DNC runs the Lame Stream Media and pushes “the message” 24/7, but he’d NEVER EVER get that many people in that area to come see him. Maybe if Cornpop was there? ROTFLMAO…


We’re gonna have to vote real hard come November to get enough votes to keep prezzy sniffy creepy in his (s)elected orrifice. If the Bad Orange Man gets the vote we will find us overrun with illegals thru our border, high inflation/interest rates, shortages of consumer goods, a yuuuuge deficit, and involved in wars all over the world. Oh…wait…


In Bite me’s defense He doesn’t have much to do with interest rates. So far as the rest of it goes, complete failure. He’s going to need a lot more fake ballots to win this thing.

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Amateur Historian

Meme idea for Brandon: That one scene from Jaws where he says, “we’re gonna need a bigger boat.”


The dems will have to shut down the vote countiing center in Downtown Detroit at 8:20 or so on election night, so they can get enough phony votes counted for FJB to thrown the election in Michigan.


Scared me there for a minute!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

How about “Short Shorts” by the Royal Teens, 1957 on the Power record label.


Here ya go Jeff:

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Thanks Beans, Back in the early 70’s, we had our Brink’s Air Courior office in lower Manhatten when I was working nights. We had our lunch break while the bags with securities were bagged and ready to go to different airports so while waiting, 4 of the guys used to chime off outside the building on Pine St. One of the guys claimed that he sang with the Royal Teens but I could never find his name in the group. Maybe I’ll try again after this comment.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Looked up the Royal Teens and Jerry’s name wasn’t there. Forgot Jerry’s last name but will probally pop up later on.

Army-Air Force Guy

Nine gaffes in one speech? How about five jump cuts in 14 seconds for his 51-word debate announcement video.


There’s a guy near me who had a “Vets for Biden” sign in his yard leading up to the election. I don’t know him, never met him, but wonder if he hasn’t taken 1 too many knocks to the head.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“Vets For Biden”
“All One of Me”

I dunno, maybe he’s related to commisar, if he’s not commisar himself .

I now understand that “Army of One” bullshit. It was him.


Sure that’s not Lars?

Any veteran who’s a Jane Fonda fan would do though.


Wonder if Joe knows he’s got a boat trapped on an Israeli beach?

Ashdod gathers to watch US army vessel stuck on beach
The vessel was likely swept away by strong winds in the area, and rescue efforts are ongoing.


Google translator said “Mata Moros” is Spanish for “Kill Moors.”


Where’s MustangCPT when you need him.

Forest Bondurant

Meanwhile, it’s been 4 years that George Floyd has been unable to break the law.


And he still can’t breath 😏


That “e” is supposed to be silent, not missing.

Kinda like Floyd, eh?