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Magnum Research Big Frame Revolver

Carjacking victim shoots alleged thief after brutal attack on I-65 in Louisville, police say

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — An Elizabethtown man faces multiple charges, including attempted murder and strangulation after police said he was shot by the man he had allegedly carjacked Thursday morning.

According to court documents, Louisville Metro Police officers were called to a vehicle collision on the Outer Loop, near Preston Highway, around 7:30 a.m. where they found Jason Calhoun, 45, with multiple gunshot wounds.

Investigators said they believed Calhoun had been involved in a fight with another person on Interstate 65 near Fern Valley Road.

An arrest citation said before police responded to the crash scene, they had also received a call about a possible carjacking on I-65 at the Outer Loop and determined the two cases were related.

The victim of the carjacking told police his vehicle had broken down at the I-65 North, Outer Loop exit. He said he left the scene and returned in his wife’s vehicle, which he positioned behind his broken down vehicle. Police said that’s when the victim noticed the suspect, Calhoun, walking behind his vehicle while he was sitting inside it, the report says.

Police said Calhoun opened the door and demanded the victim give him the vehicle. When the victim told Calhoun he had a gun in the car, he demanded it too and began reaching for it. The victim was able to grab the gun, and Calhoun began “kicking and striking him.” The citation said the victim had “obvious footprints” from Calhoun’s boots on his clothing.

The victim told officers that at one point, Calhoun said “give me your eyeball” and began grabbing at his left eye, hooking his finger and sticking it into the victim’s eye socket in an attempt to remove it. The victim said while he was able to fight Calhoun off of him, he continued reaching for his firearm and telling the victim he was going to kill him, according to the arrest report.

Calhoun then allegedly put the victim into a headlock and began choking him. The arrest slip states the victim told police he started to lose consciousness and “felt like he was going to die if he didn’t do something.”

That’s when he was able to take control of the gun and fire several shots at Calhoun until he let go of him. The victim exited the vehicle, and Calhoun got in and fled the scene by backing up and getting onto the exit ramp. That’s when police said he was hit by a semi, but continued to flee toward the Outer Loop and Preston Highway area, which is where police found him.

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Ah, the classic eye gouge…

In today’s Days of Our Lives -Methed Up In ‘Merica story, I’ll relate one of my brother’s stories:

He was still at the flipper house, ostensibly working to help the wife and I put it on the market and net us all a modest payday. But one weekend, there had been other business to attend to. We got there and he was a bit more animated than usual. Seems he’d let an acquaintance stay there overnight. The guy needed to make a call, so my brother was generous enough to let him borrow his “backup” phone. Then the guy got cold, so my brother let him borrow a Carhart hoodie. The next morning, the guy was gone with the phone and the hoodie. My brother tried offering the peace pipe to no avail, so he ended up having to get a ride to the Methtropolitan Motel where the guy was staying, where he supposedly tried to gouge out the guy’s eye and throw him over the second-story railing. He taught that guy, over a $100 flip phone and a very likely stolen hoodie (or one he’d snuck on our Home Depot materials tab).

I drive a 15-year-old Dodge, but whenever I get something newer and nicer, I’m keeping my doors locked, a gun or two within reach, and my head on a pivot like usual. I think I’ve been increasingly clear in my comments here that I have no time for thieves or druggies. A bullet a day keeps the bullshit away.


“…multiple gunshot wounds…” Shot placement or too small of a caliber? A Big F*cking Revolver woulda solved that problem.

Y’all do know that John Henry Holliday was a Georgia Boy, Right?

Some more escort duty today. Y’all play nice.


Ahh, you know the correct non-PC name. Never shot a BFR but have shot a TC Contender in .45-70. Made my hot-rodded .45 Colt loads seem pretty tame.


Before I bought my Desert Eagle, I really really really thought about getting one of these, but it was just a bit much I think.
And because everything I own is semi auto and I have thumb over thumb grip, I was afraid I’d blow my thumbs off with the revolver.
Go, Jerry go. 😘😧


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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

That’ll make you sit up and go OUCH!


Actually had to pull my pistol on a vagrant who was threatening to whip me today. He was sleeping on a bench in front of a building a 17 year old young lady needed to access. He didn’t like me telling him to move, came at me. 4′ was too close for me to be safe from harm.
Fortunately I didn’t fumble the draw, and didn’t have to waste a round on him.
Filed a complaint against him for death threats. Known character to the LEOs.


Hope for the best, plan for the worst.
Lord willing, I’ll never have to get that close to having to use my pistol. Nice to know that the drills worked.
Took me a couple of hours to get my heart rate down, though.


Utilizing my resources, I did a full-detail AAR with AB Brother who is a retired LEO now in security on a local (Texas speaking) air base.
His one suggestion is that when the guy started mouthing me and getting himself worked up, to back off (ensuring the young lady is well behind me) and call the local police.
He did comment that when the guy lunged for my gun I had every right to pop him. That I didn’t shows (to any court that may be interested) restraint.

I doubt anything negative will happen due to this, but trying to ensure all avenues of attack are well covered won’t hurt.


I’m not a lawyer, and I don’t carry a gun professionally, but in my mind, lethal force is justifiable against anyone who accosts someone they know is armed. The scenario I play out goes along the lines of the following:

I’m minding my business when a sketchy person approaches and invades my personal space. Feeling adequately alarmed, I imply that I’m armed and willing to use force if the situation escalates, and my assailant becomes aggressive. Here’s the dilemma: despite knowing I have a gun; he is continuing to threaten me. Do I try to retreat? Use less-lethal (I keep pepper spray on me at all times)? Get into fisticuffs or see if I still have a ground game? Call the police in hopes that they’ll arrive before I’m required to defend myself?

If I’m overpowered and disarmed, my attacker is now armed and a lethal threat to not only me, but anyone in the general area, to include any officers arriving on scene. If I shoot first, a prosecutor will likely tout the fact that the “victim” was underprivileged and simply asking for change to buy a sanitary napkin to aid in his transition, when the Big Bad Gunman shot him in cold blood.

Sounds like you did well in your situation.


F r 2176,
I suggest you go to the website
Attorney Andrew Branca is an expert in self defense law and has an education blog that covers all the scenarios you described.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Been thinking about buying one revolver that could shoot multiple calibers, like a 357 that will shoot 38 Spl (and 9mm with the proper second cylinder)
Also learning that …..maybe….a 460 S&W Mag could take a 454 Casull, a 45 Colt, and maybe (manufacturer and cylinder permitting) a 45ACP.


Maybe I’ll just buy a 454 Casull, and be satisfied with that.

327 mag will let you shoot most of the 32 calibers. The 327 mag itself is an okay defensive cartridge.

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Forest Bondurant

Meanwhile, it’s been 4 years since George Floyd last offended. Fuck that guy.