Disabled veteran’s quick thinking saved his life during a bear attack

| May 25, 2024 | 27 Comments

Shayne Patrick Burke, disabled veteran, Army Reservist, stumbled across a bear cub. It wasn’t intentional on his part; he previously did the things he felt would avert a bear encounter. However, when he saw the bear cub, he knew that the mother wasn’t far away. The mother bear charged him, he deployed the bear spray, but it was too late. He placed his hands and arms around his neck as he knew that the bear would eventually go for this area to kill him. This act saved his life.

From Fox News:

His wife was waiting for him at the parking lot and he was trying to hurry back when he had a “really uncomfortable feeling. I was breaking branches, singing and talking to myself aloud. These are some things that can help prevent a ‘surprise encounter’ with a brown bear.'”

Then he noticed a bear cub in front of him. “I knew this wasn’t good,” he wrote, adding “I unholstered my bear spray and saw the mother bear charging. I stood my ground, shouted and attempted to deploy the bear spray but as I did she already closed the gap.”

With little time to think, he decided to lie on the ground on his stomach so the grizzly would attack his back instead of his front and interlocked his hands behind his neck to “protect my vitals.”

He said the bear bit him on the shoulder, legs, buttocks, slammed him to the ground and stood on his back before going for his neck for a “kill bite.”

“I still had my hands interlocked and my arms protecting my carotid arteries,” he wrote. “I never let go of the bear spray can. As she bit my hands in the back of my neck she simultaneously bit the bear spray can and it exploded in her mouth. This is what saved my life from the initial attack. I heard her run away, I looked up and instantly ran in the opposite direction up a hill.”

When hurrying back to his wife, he texted her “attacked” and applied improvised tourniquets to his legs.

As for the women who feel that they would much rather meet a bear, rather than a man, while alone in the woods? They should tell that to Shayne Patrick.

Additional Reading:

Stimson, B. (2024, May 24). Disabled veteran who survived attack by grizzly bear recalls when instincts kicked in. Fox News. Link.

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If he had been a woman, he would have be safe.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

(/s) tag


“I unholstered my bear spray”

Spray and pray?


Spray to a bear fight? Give me one of them thar BFRs that our Beloved AW1Ed used as gun pr0n today.

Messrs Boone and Crocket were unavailable for comment.


Best bear spray comes in .44 caliber.


Magnum hollow point.

Amateur Historian

Milkor MGL

(I hate bears)


12ga slug


How about ” I unslung my Garand and let her have all eight shots.”

Hack Stone

Hack Stone took the same defensive maneuvers to escape the clutches of the two Chunky Sisters who made a habit of leaving with a Marine when it was closing time at the Del Mar Enlisted Club.


Except you prolly had to protect your junk instead of your neck.

Amateur Historian



If it was Del Mar E Club, one of those “sisters” was probably a “brother” 😮


Glad he’s ok

Major Tuddy

One wonders if the femcels who choose the bear would change their minds after reading this.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

One has to wonder…..


This is definitely not service connected.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I Bearly started to read the bear comments and then realized that it would be bearly interesting and instead of just bearly grinning, I had a nice chuckle and was able to grin and bear it.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Bad dad! Bad dad joke! Bad dad!

Commissioner Wretched

So you had to go and bruin everything with your bearly acceptable jokes … LOL

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Burke is expected to make a full recovery.”
How many scars will he have, and how will the attack & recovery affect his quality of life? A little stiffer, a little slower, less range of movement, I’m sure.
Best to you, Mr Burke

“A little stiffer, a little slower, less range of movement, I’m sure.”

Just like being mauled by life.


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The Pirates Cove


My guess is the poster doesn’t like women. And that women don’t like him


The Bear prefers the woman too…

comment image


Of course, there was an animated video on YouTube a while back that was similar, but done as a joke:


Although, to be honest…