Deprivation Wednesday

| May 15, 2024


Well, we all deal with it in different ways. I will admit, though, that I have rarely seen folks who are selflessly sacrificing their health and well-being in a ‘good’ cause – well, WHINE so much.

Students at Princeton University protesting Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza have called an end to their hunger strike after just 10 days.

“Due to health concerns of the 13 strikers who fasted for 10 days, the first hunger strike wave ended, and the second wave has begun,” it wrote in a post shared on Instagram.

I am sure Mahatma Ghandi is chuckling to himself. 10 whole days?  What else ya got? Nothin’?

Students at the university are not the only ones who went without food since an encampment formed on the campus to protest Israel’s military campaign to eradicate Hamas, as faculty apparently participated in a 24-hour hunger strike.

And the selfless faculty. 24 hours? That’s not a hunger strike, that’s a DIET plan.

Ads you can imagine, comments are somewhat less than supportive:

“I am commencing a hunger strike between now and breakfast. Estimated duration of hunger strike: 10 hours. Join me. Be strong,”

“I do 3/4 of a Princeton faculty hunger strike EVERY DAY!”  Fox News

Think the protesters of the ’60s were sterner stuff? How about Dick Gregory, the first real socially integrated black stand-up comic turned political activist? (For you youngsters, he paved the way for Richard Pryor and the rest.)

Hunger strikes were a frequent activist tool for Gregory. He told Juan Williams on Talk of the Nation that he went without solid food for two and a half years to protest the war in Vietnam.

At one point, he said he weighed 365 pounds. But he lost a lot of weight fasting to protest the war. “I went on a fast, 40 days of water. Forty days of fruit juice. Forty days of fruit. And then 40 days of water again,” Gregory told NPR.


Yeah, 10 days…

hotel california.jpg

But at least California has come up with a program for homeless alcoholics… free booze. $10,000,000 worth, apparently.

The “Managed Alcohol Program” operated by San Francisco’s Department of Public Health serves regimented doses of alcohol to voluntary participants with alcohol addiction in an effort to keep the homeless off the streets and relieve the city’s emergency services. Experts say the program can save or extend lives, but critics wonder if the government would be better off funding treatment and sobriety programs instead.

“By prescribing limited quantities of alcohol, the model aims to prevent potentially life-threatening effects of alcohol withdrawal, such as seizures and injuries.”

“Our goal at MAP is not to decrease the amount of alcohol that is consumed, or to taper someone towards abstinence, although both of these things have happened with clients in our program,” she said in the October presentation. “The goal is to mitigate the many health, legal and interpersonal harms associated with unsafe alcohol use.”

To be honest, there are some people you cannot wean, and medically  I guess keeping them from medically crashing  and burning is something. But $5,000,000 a year?  Cheap bourbon is what, $40 a gallon?

San Francisco health officials say the program has saved $1.7 million over six months in reduced hospital visits and police calls made by participants who previously heavily relied on emergency services.

Still, the program has also received criticism from none other than San Francisco Mayor London Breed, who said in February that harm reduction was “not reducing harm” but “making things far worse.”

Fox News

So they are saving $3.4 mill ($1.7 mill twice) by spending $5,000,000 a year.  That, to me, is California in a nutshell.

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Hack Stone

If California saves any more money, they will go broke. Oops, too late.


As a determined drinker, my go-to nowadays is bourbon. I’ve cut down substantially on both the alcohol and caffeine, while also mixing in some of that good high fructose corn syrup.

The last few years of my service, up until a few months ago, I was binging cheap blended whiskey and Diet Dr. Pepper. SF would do well getting in on the Military Special contract–a half-gallon of that stuff was about $13 in the DC area when I retired. By necessity, I had to switch to Seagram’s 7 upon retirement, but that still goes for under $20 a half-gallon most of the time. Now, it’s Beam and Williams, sitting roughly $25 a bottle. Sprite/7-Up, root beer, and ginger ale are all decent mixers.

Drinking and “fasting” became a bit of a specialty for me, so I should probably be doubly admired by CA-based pro-Palestine types. Not healthy, I don’t recommend it to anyone, and I know there are better ways to medicate, but for a while after retiring, I’d go days without eating. It was in solidarity with Palestine/Ukraine/The Old Republic/Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood due primarily to stress and constant nausea, along with a lack of appetite. Even now, I usually “fast” along the lines of the 3/4 plan. I’ll call my plan the split 95/100ths… In bed by 2100, wake by 0500 and depending on my schedule, grab food on the way to work or order something during my break, get home and usually eat a bowl of cereal just before bed. BAM! Two “meals”, under 2k calories, with a duration of 10-20 minutes a day. Festive faster fasting for protesting Palestine phatties. Just be sure to include pork in your post-fasting recovery plan. Or don’t…it is after all the “other white meat” and potentially racist.


Bacon, beer, and bourbon…the Breakfast of Champions!


I keep a couple of bottles of Military Special on hand for TEOTWAWKI and the occasional gag gift.

I don’t want to drink a bottle of that stuff knowing there will be a tomorrow.


I decided after getting treated for Leukemia, not to drink anymore. I never had more than one or two per week, so no big deal. I still go to the bars with friends. I just drink NA beer now, makes my drinking friends feel comfortable if I’m drinking with them. I see now there is a lot of secret alcoholics. It’s a problem in this country. California is definitely on the wrong track. Why don’t they just shoot the alcoholics instead of continuing to help them get booze to die slowly. It’s a matter of how quickly they’re going to die. Liver disease is a nasty death.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

I still have 3 of the beers from a six pack I bought last summer, something about an ice cold beer in July after sailing all day that goes down nicely…but after that I don’t drink the rest and usually end up tossing them….

When I’m out with folks who are drinking I will often get a seltzer with a lime and ice and folks think it’s some sort of clear alcohol and soda drink…

Seen too many folks destroy a career, a family, a marriage, and some lives drinking to be desirous of any indulgence on my part beyond some social drinking on rare occasions…

RGR 4-78

You control the drinking, or it controls you.


Lost a good friend to liver disease.
It is a nasty death.
We were there for him whenever he called, but his wife wasn’t.
Miss him.


I just got back from sharing an egg McMuffin with my dog and
all I could think of was Gaza.


Fun fun


You left out the part where the two Nigerian men tied her up and she loved every minute of it.


Stormy Daniels reminds of the hooker who didn’t know she’d been raped till the chick bounced.


At least they are promising to leave the country. Of course they all promise that.


Hunger strikes in shifts? Gotta keep up ones energy to protest.

USMC Steve

Aren’t those two terms mutually exclusive? Active duty and airman?

Hack Stone

Just looked up Senior Airman Lawrence Hebert in the Air Force GAL. His Teams status shows him away for 25 minutes. He must have stepped out to grab some pogey bait from the geedunk.

Meanwhile, Senior Airman Aaron Bushnell’s status shows “Presence Unknown – Free until 2:30 PM”.

That’s some funny shit right there.

RGR 4-78

Will Senior Airman Aaron “Napalm Nut” Bushnell be available after 1400 hrs. to participate in the Company cookout?

Hack Stone

He is tan, rested and ready.


Isn’t Bushnell TDY to Waco?

A Proud Infidel®️™️

If any of the little shits were “camped” anywhere near my AO, I’d go eat a big fat Bacon Cheeseburger right in front of them during their “fasts”, that or Meat Lovers’ Pizza, something guaranteed to piss the vegans off to high heaven!

Hack Stone

We need to host a Chili Feed to help raise awareness as to (see what Hack did there?) the plight of hunger strikers.

Army-Air Force Guy

Elko NV POW/MIA Association! Are you listening?! We need your help!


I’d go eat a big fat Bacon Cheeseburger right in front of them during their “fasts”, that or Meat Lovers’ Pizza, something guaranteed to piss the vegans off to high heaven!

Better – announce a BBQ cook-off in front of them as a counter-protest.

Green Thumb

Have a Drink on Me!


Well, well. Being hungry sucks. Not only are they dumb, they lack conviction. Virtue signaling without any real virtue.


They can eat a whole bag of dicks. Still calorie free!

Hack Stone

The cannibals of Papua New Guinea are going on a hunger strike to show solidarity with the victims in Gaza. No more Uncle Boseys until Palestine is free from the river to the sea.


I heard they gave up Bidens for lent.

Last edited 2 months ago by SFC D

Does anyone here really believe that these pampered pansies went 10 days without any food whatsoever? I don’t, because it is too easy for one of their comrades or fellow travelers to slip them an energy bar, especially inside a tent.

I remember guys at Ranger School trying to hide their Pogey Bait in their rucks before we were going out for our first multi-day patrol in the Mountain Phase. Little did they suspect that the instructors or evaluators would do a ruck inspection. One guy had a whole salami hidden beneath the waterproof bag we used to line our rucksacks. That got him a 75-point bad spot report.


The “hide the salami” jokes had to have been epic.


We didn’t see the humor, since some in the know were hoping for some salami. Share with your buddies or you will regret not doing so, when it comes to who carries the machine gun next.


Looks like the border jumping Middle Eastern terrorists are starting to make dry runs at military targets in the US. Should be one hell of a summer.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

They should have been “shot while resisting arrest”.

Skivvy Stacker

I went on a hunger strike the other night for about 8 hours. Drank nothing but bourbon, ate nothing but potato chips.


Gotta get the boys together and put on some scruffy clothes, tape a DD214 to our chests and drink for free on the state. Must do it on Thursday because that was beer and pizza while doing field day.

Army-Air Force Guy

What a bunch of twig boy lightweights. Maybe if they completely trash their university library and cause $750,000 worth of damage like they did at Portland State University, then they might actually get people aware of their cause!


Had this show up in the AO today.
FWIW Gov. Abbott was at some function nearby.
My unspoken response to the sign was “Neither will babies. Especially when they have dirty diapers.”

The locals just ignored (s)he/it.


It’s police officer memorial Day for police week.


I’m thinking possibly a get-out-the vote for a local run-off for state representative, and (s)he/it is upset because our Governor shuts down the terrorists antifa commies perverts useful idiots supporting Hamas.

MSG Eric

I’m happy to see he’s protesting hamas starving the people of Gaza. With the billions the leaders have stolen for their own coffers meant for the people living in Gaza, it’s definitely a shame they are letting their people starve, but it’s not surprising. It’s a tough life living in Qatar in million dollar mansions with armed security and all that.

I don’t think enough attention is paid by these dumbasses to the fact that hamas is the reason the walls are there, the reason people in Gaza are suffering, and the reason why Israel is going in to kill hamas off.

Though, I’m shocked Israel hasn’t sent their teams into Qatar to wipe out the leaders at this point. It would probably help make things end quicker, especially if they get those billions back to use for humanitarian aid in Gaza.