Wednesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| May 15, 2024

Just a normal, lesbian Girl Scouting camp

Kids should never learn which genitals their teachers like to touch

I saw it, now you have to too

Same thing happened to that actor in Chicago

In my days old ladies made cookies, they didn’t commit acts of terrorism against cornerstones of modern society

If all these people actually went and fought for Palestine, the war’d be over in a week

No surprises here

It’s Science!

She’ll kick it down extra hard if Willie Brown’s bed is behind the door

She seems lovely, and smart as hell

This is scary, but not in the way she intended

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How about one of these to clear out the protesters. Look like it would be pretty effective

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TikTok is a tool the communist use to indoctrinate kids against capitalism. It’s use to destroy the fabric of our society. That’s way FJB use it to connect with the delusional uneducated kids of this country to get votes. Uneducated=indoctrinated at public schools with socialist idealogy.


Medicine for the sick…

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22 LR is way cheaper, even with repeated applications.

I’d “totally miss” in this order: knees, balls, and after a smoke, head.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

My current EDC is 40S&W. Close enough?

Short and Weak? Pffft!

The internet keeps telling me 40 is dead.

Generally it’s same group of idiots that think M855 ball is woefully inadequate for anything but range time.

The Internet: bad opinions shouted at the top of one’s ignorant lungs ever since Al Gore blew his load on some punchcards and fed them thru a HAL 7094.
(wordy? Sure. Accurate? I no care.)


The sweetness of cheap price is gone long before the bitterness of no “Earth Shattering KA-BOOOM” sets in.


That SF teacher Marxist-evangelist should free herself(?) of some calories.

Just so it’s aware; I don’t wanna “colony” with the likes of you. The likelihood of you having enough discipline and skill to make it through a tough winter is clearly small. She don’t look like labor comes easy to’r.

Hungry people are dangerous people.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

That last posting bottle red-head threatening the pronoun violence, is one of many reasons that I; 1) carry everywhere (EVERYWHERE) and 2) hate interacting with most people.

A suitable response might be;
“Hi. If you try to attack me because you FEEL that I mis-gendered you, know that I don’t give a fuck about your mental illness. And that I will defend myself to your extinction, then walk away with no guilt and without calling any authorities. Thank you for coming and have a nice day”

Green Thumb



A couple of more swings of that hammer and Mr Burns was going to leave a scratch.


Plastic garments and accessories, with chineseisium steel tools formed with zero regards to NOx, SOx and fine particulate pollution.

But hey, don’t let logic get in the way of ‘virtue’… or something.

full disclosure: heavily invested in energy stonks, exploration, and uranium miners, short TSLA indirectly. (I have my reasons)


Disney will give that… Whatsit, a job not a ban.

RGR 4-78

Whatsit=ugly fake woman.