The bad old Clinton days are back

| April 23, 2024

Those who don’t follow gun issues may have missed the BATFE quietly redefined the meaning of a gun dealer, and their new policy has already claimed a victim.

Everyone knows there are gun DEALERS, who make their living from selling guns, and hobbyists who sell and buy guns for various non-commercial reasons: liquidating collections, updating, curiosity, whatever.  The controller folks hate that latter group – those are the folks who sell their personal property off the records and don’t have to register their every gun. Well, in the grand tradition of weaponizing  the government against the citizens it is supposed to serve,  BATFE issued a rule that redefines the term dealer based on the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (the 2022 post-Uvalde legislation. )

Previously, an individual only needed a federal license to sell firearms when engaged in “a course of trade or business “involving “repetitive” buying and reselling of firearms with the “principal objective” of “livelihood and profit.” The BSCA removed the “livelihood” element so that profit-seeking alone would fulfill the required objective of the sales.

Sell a gun for more than you paid for it?  You need to be a dealer and background check the sale. (And nowadays, if you sell a gun you have owned for any length of time, you are likely to get a profit from it.)

The ATF’s sprawling background check rule is the most glaring and sinister example of the havoc the BSCA has unleashed. In typical fashion, the anti-gun Biden Administration has treated the law as a mandate to pursue the firearm prohibition movement’s longstanding aspiration to ban private gun sales. Channeling sales through the network of federally licensed dealers ensures that there is a paper trail of privately owned guns.  Buckeye Firearms

So they can go after you for not running a sale on a private gun and you need to be a dealer…but wait: the Biden administration also stepped up enforcement of even minor infractions and has shut hundreds of licensees down. So they want anyone dealing with guns to be a dealer yet are shutting dealers down. Sounds like they are trying to kill a market with regulatory oversight to me.  But, heck, it’s all just a paper snafu, right? MSN

Welcome back to the new Janet Reno days. Remember her? The woman who was in overall charge of sniper Lon Horiuchi, Ruby Ridge  (where the feds shot an unarmed  pregnant woman) and the Branch Davidian siege?

“Bryan Malinowski was asleep but rose to the sound of the door crashing and located a firearm. His wife believed the noise must have been intruders and she fully believes her husband thought the same. He loaded a magazine into a pistol and emerged from the master bedroom into a hallway leading indirectly to the front entryway. He reached a corner in the hall and looked around it to see several unidentifiable figures already several steps inside his home,” Malinowski’s family said in the statement. “We do not know who shot first but it appears that Bryan shot approximately three times at a decidedly low angle, probably at the feet of the intruders who were roughly 30 feet away.”

“At this stage there is no publicly available evidence showing whether agents knocked on the door or announced their presence, adequately identifying themselves,” the statement reads. “Bryan’s wife Maer only heard loud banging immediately followed by the crash of the front door being forced open.”

Ten vehicles, no lights, no IDs, oddly no body cameras (in blatant violation of ATF protocols), doing a no-knock raid in the wee hours for a “crime” :

Malinowski’s attorney correctly noted that if he had been convicted of his crime, Malinowski would likely have received probation or even pre-trial diversion, not a prison sentence, but such speculation is moot. Malinowski will never have the opportunity to answer ATF’s accusations.  Buckeye Firarms II

What are these meatheads THINKING! The man managed an airport (ironically, Clinton Airport) so you know he would have been unarmed at work. They could stop him on the way to or from work….they would maybe ID themselves and/or worked with uniformed LEOs.  But no, they chose the least logical and most dangerous solution and killed a man – for a crime administratively created by the government.

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Hack Stone

Another case of Arkancide.


They also taped over the doorbell cam before they home invaded.

Hack Stone

Shades of the Jeffrey Epstein surveillance cameras?


Source, please?

Skivvy Stacker

When I said; “I wouldn’t fucking put it past them….the bastards…..”
And then continued with a string of profanity only a Marine Gunny, or Navy CPO could be proud of, and would probably paralyze an entire Ivy League College of snow flakes.


I wouldn’t put it past them, either. But if it’s a specific claim like taping over the doorbell cam, I’d hope there’s some evidence to support it.


Laws is laws and rules is rules… Ignorance does not equate to innocence.

At least, that what some bureaucrats sitting in their offices at AFT HQ are telling themselves. Malinowski should have submitted the second he saw people in his house. Home invasions aren’t really a thing, are they? There’s no chance that a group of criminally minded people would enter a home at 6am, tie up the homeowners and potentially take liberties with females in the household while stealing everything of value, before perhaps deciding to leave no witnesses.

They could have made an arrest while he was commuting, or even at the airport, but that would have been underwhelming. Funny, I recall reading about how many opportunities they had to peaceably pick up Koresh before they decided to go full frontal assault on the Waco compound. The thing is, they have the cool toys we could never be trusted to own and want to use them. Having a couple of agents wearing suits make a quiet arrest, or coordinating with the local PD to make a traffic stop and bring Malinowski in for questioning would have been anticlimactic. Instead, go rolling in deep during hours of darkness, breech the door, and prepare to defend yourself against a violent criminal. I mean, of course Malinowski was violent, he had a gun and might have initiated the shooting. He should have instinctively known that these were federal “LEOs”, and not some drugged-up thugs.

Makes me glad I’ve got a “no-sell” policy when it comes to guns. I also don’t really buy from private parties; I’m sure this rule will be used against buyers as well as sellers.


It’s almost like they wanted the guy dead. As an airport manager he probably knew about the comings and goings that the government didn’t want others to know about. Something on Hillary maybe?

Hack Stone

No, after hours arrivals of planes full of “newcomers” being delivered to America’s heartland.

Old tanker

The lawyers who have the Armed Attorneys you tube channel did a video about this. In addition to being held responsible for “dealing without a license” in a sale, they (aft) can also trace the original owner of the firearm and hold you responsible if someone uses it in a crime 3 “owners” down the line, because you sold it…

Hack Stone

Can they hold a car dealership criminally liable if the cut is used in a felony? What about the clothing store that sold the suspect a North Face jacket? If that grocery store didn’t sell him those bagels, he wouldn’t have the stamina to commit the crime. We ca go all day with this.




Maine just passed sweeping gun control measures.
Private sales now require a background check, waiting period
and bump stocks are banned.
Also private citizens gathering for “militia” training is banned.

Govnah Janet Mills is a Janet Reno clone.


While I agree with your assessment that there were much better times to “stop in and see him…and his wife”, and this did not have to become a shoot out.
I fail to equate the two examples with this crime. Ruby Ridge was a tragedy by all accounts. Waco was a complete ClusterF by the folks that planned it, and ended in tragedy. From the evidence it had a definite reason to occur (several former “Branch Davidians” had escaped and asked the government in assistance in helping them get their children out).
In the Arkansas case, this was the poster boy for people who flaunt the law! I will reiterate though, that they definitely could have chosen a better time to stop in and talk to him. This guy regularly attended multiple gun shows, and displayed wears (multiple styles of guns: Rifles, AR-pistols, pistols, etc). All of which he legally purchased from a registered dealer. He then purposely sold them, without ever even opening let alone using them, for profit to anyone that was willing to pay premium prices for not having to do a background check. The folks that were witnesses in his case, were all felons from other states, to include FBI Agents (cannot testify as to their status) whom he bragged to about not having to worry about it.

While there is no reason to change the law to stop this kind of thing from happening. He was breaking the law. I think this example needs to be looked into as to how we can close up loop holes, if this was considered legal. This guy was buying multiple guns at a time, and reselling them. The least they can do is get him on lying on the ATF 4473 that they were for him not resale. What should probably change is a law that saws if you knowingly sell guns to felons who are unable to posses firearms. Instead they write new laws that try to make those of us who abide by the laws into felons!


I haven’t done much digging when it comes to Malinowski, mainly reading and watching what the algorithm recommends, which of course is mostly biased “Bad ATF!” stuff.

There’s a big difference between me deciding to sell one of my Mosin-Nagants for a profit and me buying guns new-in-box and selling them. I paid between $20 and $100 each for the seven or so I’ve owned, but recently saw a 91/30 come in from another store that cost nearly $500. So, if I needed the money, and wanted to sell, it would be a no-brainer to make 5-10x what I paid for them. But, I’ve owned all of mine for years now and don’t intend to sell them. Now, if I started buying Taurus G3c pistols at $250 per, then selling them for $400, no background check needed, then yeah, I’ve violated some laws that existed prior to this ruling. I’ll truthfully answer 21.a. every time I buy a gun for myself with the intent of gifting it to one of my kids, but I draw the line at buying a gun “for myself” with the intent of immediately selling it to a stranger.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Gone are the days where one could go into a dept store and buy a Brit enfield right out of the large box on the floor for like less than 30 bucks or buy mail order handguns from pop mechanics/pop science. see high school kids come onto a bus with a .22 rifle transporting it to a range or their High School basement range. Some Long Island NY High Schools had indoor ranges until the asbestos panic started and the ranges were removed.


I never experienced the joy of the glory days of Bannerman and such but have heard of surplus selling for pennies on the dollar. Of course, when you factor in wages versus cost, it’s offset a bit, but those $100 SKS’ in the ’90s, when I made $9/hr., were still cheaper than the SKS I paid $600 for last year making $19/hr.


Well, no one lately has accused the FEEBs of acting in a sensible manner.


They wanted an altercation. No other explanation.


Aim center-mass, and practice your Mozambique drill. When stupid puts you in an untenable situation, make stupid pay for it.

This applies to both jackbooted thugs and the conventional kind.


You’re next.



Very reminiscent of this work by some of Pima County’s finest, led by sheriff Clarence Doofnik:


It exists there, it’s just hidden under the rotting log that was once the Tree of Liberty.

There are still a few healthy saplings.


I had the honour of meeting Randy Weaver at a gun show many years back.
He struck me as a very calm and humble man.
He has passed now. Hopefully Randy has reunited with Vicki, Sam and Striker.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Read and implement the first chapter of Mike Vandebough’s “Absolved”





As others have said, they could easily have picked up this employed person on the way to or from work on a traffic stop.

Florida has banned no knock raids for the reason of innocent citizens getting into shootouts with home invading cops.
looks like Arkansas should be the same thing.

AW1 Rod

The ATF thugs WANTED this to happen. That way, they could feel like tough guys, all dressed up in their Super Tough Guy battle rattle. I’ll bet they’re really proud of themselves, too. I’d ask how they can look at themselves in the mirror, but they’re all soulless empty husks, so it’s easy.

The ATF and FBI have become nothing more than government sanctioned hit squads.