Teen assaults elderly Army veteran, steals his car

| April 18, 2024

Ernie Aimone, 81, had just delivered pizza to one of his employer’s customers. On his way back to his car, a kid rushed towards him while demanding the keys. The kid wasn’t alone. One of those that closed in against Aimone punched him in the face. Aimone fell down and played dead. The perpetrators took his vehicle and drove off.

From Fox News:

Ernie Aimone, 81, said he has never feared for his life in his 40 years of delivering pizzas in Chicago — until last Wednesday, when he was robbed by teen carjackers on his route.

“I had just finished delivering a pizza and I was walking back to my car and somebody behind me was yelling ‘gimme the keys, gimme the keys’ and ran at me real fast from behind,” Aimone told Fox News Digital.

One of the attackers punched him in the face — a “glancing blow,” the former Army sergeant said — and he “laid down and made them think that I was unconscious” while they took off with his 2015 Hyundai Sante Fe.

Aimone said he was just two blocks away from his home and rushed there to call his boss.

“He was all frantic, saying ‘They got my car, They got my car. They’ve got food in it from the delivery,'” Aimone’s boss at Joe’s on Higgins, Frank Demonte, said. “I said ‘Whoa, I don’t care about the food, are you OK?'”

Hours after the 9:30 p.m. carjacking, state police saw Aimone’s car on an expressway, according to an incident report obtained by Fox News Digital — but the driver wouldn’t pull over.

Fox News has additional information here.

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The driver of a stolen car wouldn’t pull over? Shocked I am. Since there are no longer repercussions for committing crimes like robbery and Grand theft Auto in Chicago, expect some crazy ass liberal to movr to your town soon and starting those kind of policies.


They wouldn’t last 24 hours in my town and would most likely
be found by a hunter the next Fall.


If they’re found by a hunter the next Fall, someone poorly executed the second of the “S’s”. 🤣


We have lots of hungry carnivores so all that would
be found is some clothing and perhaps a skull.


The people go under the rocks.

Green Thumb

After a hearty handshake and a warm cup of soup.


That takes me back!🤣

A Proud Infidel®™

They wouldn’t even be found in my neck of the woods, too many people around here own excavator machinery.


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He was “entitled” to the car. He didn’t steal it, it’s just a version of squatting.


We have had squatter’s rights forever. It didn’t become a big deal until Black Rock became the largest owner of private homes in the United States. They’re getting their ass handed to them by the squatters, so now they want to change the law. Liberals only want to liberal when it doesn’t affect them.


As has been said:
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Yeah, well fuck all the Kristal’s. Irving should’ve pulled out.


Fucking auto correct. *Kristol*



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What is a grit?


Broken record here,
but post the link to youtube dot com, not youtu dot be.
This expands to full view here.


And if you defend yourself…

Dat b rayciss

Old tanker

That bastion of blue politics and liberalism, chicago, more affectionately called sh*tcago.


From one of the pictures in the article: “Ernie Aimone is pictured beside his daughter, right, his boss Frank Demonte, second from left, Demonte’s wife Gina, and president of the Gladstone Chamber of Commerce Dan Ciolino, far left.”

“Aimone”, “Demonte”, “Ciolino”.

Any bets on the miscreants committing suicide by concrete shoes in an undisclosed body of water in an undisclosed location? Errr, I mean disappearing without a trace…

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Lake Michigan is right there.


Don’t forget about the wetlands on the southeast side and Northwest Indiana. Or all those forest preserves in the western suburbs. Also, the Outfit has been known to bury muh-fuggers in cornfields:


Yes, that is the actual person that Pesci’s character in “Casino” was based on.


Only the name got changed, not how he ended up:
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These lads just needed a ride to choir practice. And it was their turn to bring the refreshments.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I remember reading an article a few years ago about a cruise ship tour group in St Thomas being held up by 2 knife wielding perps, and when one of them came up to one of the senior tourists, the next thing you knew, the senior got hold of the knife and killed the perp and his partner in crime hauled ass. Turns out that the senior was a WW2 Marine Corps vet who fought on the Pacifics islands. Vet says that his Marine fighting kicked in without thinking and he took care of business. No charges were filed. When our ship paid liberty call visits a few time there, the island didn’t have a crime rate like they had then.


I 100% recall that story. He literally choked the dude to death, something like what happened not too long ago in the New York Subway. I believe he was in his late to mid ’60s

Note in New York City event The Marine, much younger, got charged with murder.


Jefferson Park was one of the last two or three neighborhoods in Chicago where it was relatively safe to raise a family. Was. Almost exclusively single-family homes with a few multi-unit buildings along the major streets, almost all of which turned condo years ago.

About three years ago, there was a big bruhaha about putting in a high-rise mixed-income apartment building on Milwaukee Avenue across the street from the “L” and bus station, just down the street from the new 16th District police station. The neighborhood objected as there was literally no parking around the site, and the multiple zoning changes that were required for this development were…questionable. The sweetheart deals were pushed through as it was important to infuse “mixed income” residents who deserve to live in a relatively crime-free neighborhood. At the time of the initial neighborhood objections, no one knew it was to be mixed income, it was merely a density and parking issue.

The social justice warriors turned it into a race thing. If you happened to be a cop, firefighter or city worker that was among those objecting to the lack of parking and further congestion this would bring and you were of the Caucasian variety, your thoughts, comments and conversations from social media were brought to your attention at headquarters or by your department manager. I wish I was making that up.

Nationwide people may remember hearing about the 16th Precinct police station. That is where the poor, unfortunates just looking for a better life were sleeping, preventing citizens from coming into the police station during the day and making the immediate area dangerous with nightly, and daily, muggings, assaults, carjackings, and rapes. Which of course do not make the news but are well known and discussed by area residents and businesses – just not on social media, if you work for the city and want to keep your job.


And another victim driver learns the hard way.

IF you use your “personal” vehicle for doing business,
such as Uber, or deliveries, and don’t insure it for this,
the insurance company is not paying,
IF you crash on your own,
IF you cause a crash with others, or
IF you get carjacked.

Get the correct insurance,
unless you can absorb the loss,
and pay cash for your repairs or replacement vehicle.


Surprise, surprise, Sgt. Carter! This happened in Shotcago aka Chiraq. But hey, murders are slightly down under this new mayor, but carjackings have doubled. So, progress!!


97 people have so far raised over $60k of the $75k gofundme target organized by the Gladstone Chamber of Commerce (northwest part of Chicago) for him beginning this past Wednesday.


Public hanging after the arrest. Enough is enough.