New word, France leads the way!

| April 12, 2024


I propose a new word: we already have the thinly-veiled racist “Karen” (applied only to white women – apparently no other race has women who act like shrews… giggle-snort-guffaw from every married reader). But there should be another. Herewith the “Hyacinth”, named for Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced ‘Boo-kay’, of course) a brilliant character from a Brit show called “Keeping Up Appearances”. Hyacinth wants to be much higher in status than she is, and LIVES to be offended by anything that threatens that. All these folks offended by being called the gender they were born into, threatened by someone using their full name, hurt by the thought that whatever silly-ass fantasy they have is not necessarily agreed upon by most folks with 20-20 vision…Hyacinths.

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Moving on, France seems to be doing something intelligent. Yes, it’s in black and white, I said it and fully mean it. France.

Police receive hundreds of noise complaints about mooing cows every year from grumpy neighbors, mostly urbanites who moved to the rural countryside for peace and quiet, The Guardian reported.

“Those who move to the countryside cannot demand that country people who feed them change their way of life,” French Justice Minister Éric Dupond-Moretti said last year when the law was introduced to parliament.

Those disappointed with the sounds and smells of rural life can no longer take their neighbors to court over noises during the night if the work is legitimate.

At the annual Paris agricultural show in March, Dupond-Moretti noted that courts were being “clogged up” with disputes about cows mooing in the dead of night.

“What should be done? Sedate them? If you don’t like the countryside, you stay in the city, and if you go to the countryside you adapt to the countryside as it is already,” he said at the time.

From here on out, those who choose to live near, next to or above an existing farm, shop, bar or restaurant cannot complain about noises or other inconveniences.  NY Post

Even if there is a tinge of manure to it – tell me that ain’t a breath of fresh air?

Love to see corollaries to that here – people who buy next to existing airports, factories, ranges, highways such who complain about the smell or noise – you bought it like that, dude. Live with it or take your butt elsewhere. People on that golf course hit balls in your yard? Guy, you bought a place 150 yards from the tee opposite a water hazard on the other side – someone hits a ball in your yard…suck it up.

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Hack Stone

Back twenty some years ago, some lady who moved within the vicinity of Miramar Air Station wrote a letter to the editor (San Diego Union Tribune?) complaining about the noise and asking if the Marine Corps had nothing better to do than to fly over her house. So, you just know that a Marine would respond, and boy did he respond. In his printed response, he pretty much wrote “Yes, Karen is correct. Every morning when we receive our preflight briefings, we are instructed to specifically fly over her house in order to irritate her. Who would expect moving into a housing development adjacent to an active military air base that has been in existence since the 1940’s and the area was nothing but lemon groves would have aircraft noise.” And boy or boy, did that ever trigger the Karen’s. Anyone happen to have a link to that dustup?

Old tanker

One Summer in Ft Huachuca, there was a tank main gun and mg range for an Armor Bn with day AND night firing. The CG’s wife sent a letter to the post newspaper complaining about the noise of gunfire, on post, during the night. We got a good laugh about it.


I think the laast time anything with a large BOOM factor was fired on Huachuca was 1993. So there I am, fresh off the plane from Somalia, maybe home two hours. Testing out the new recliner, got a cold beer in my hand. My house at the time was not real far from east range. Suddenly, there’s an earth-shattering kaboom. Rattles the windows. SGT D quickly and quietly rolls into the corner, complete with beer. I was unaware that the AZNG was in town with their big guns. The now-former MRS D says “is this somehing I need to worry about?”


Marvin was unavailable for comments


Once upon a time in the early ’70s me and a few other vets were sitting at a cafeteria table at the college we were attending. Three or four of us were Vietnam vets, and one guy was a Navy guy who did Med cruises. Somebody happened to walk by and showed his virtuosity with “clackers”, a satanic but popular toy of the time. Instantly, three or four of us were underneath the table staring wide-eyed at each other thinking something like “Oh Shit, oh dear! Where is my weapon?!?!”. The Navy guy was still sitting on his chair asking plaintively “What’s going on?” I suppose we got some strange looks, but we didn’t really give a rat’s ass.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

I’m on the other side of that reality, where my home was where it was before the government built a lighted facility across the street for sporting events…we never cared about the lights, figured it was good for the kids…

Of course the small incursions never stop with government, so the geniuses decided that loud PA music DURING PRACTICES was an acceptable practice…and some of my neighbors aren’t fans…

Taking one of my old amps and playing opera at 10 for five hours during their practice sessions seems to have gotten the message across that noise can be a pain in the ass….suddenly they’re interested in being good neighbors…because they discovered I could be playing that opera music that loud during their evening games right up until 10pm…because fuck ’em that’s why.

Hack Stone

Did all of the players in the stadium stop and stare at the speakers like what happened in The Shawshank Redemption?

Veritas Omnia Vincit

They certainly were distracted, and annoyed….




When instructing folks in “accoustic shoe on other foot” I have used exotic music from places that use odd tones and combos. There is some really weird woodwind stuff from Japan. And elsewhere i forget, the chicks sing like crazed banshees. And the jackpot cassette for the Barracks Boombox Wars was….


Real, live cetaceans. Turned up to 11. On a crew-served ghettoblaster. Extra long tape.


(And similar whaleish vowel movements)

I won. “Don’t make me break out my whalesong. Turn your shit down.”


As The Lady of The House always speaks, one must have a country home with, a swimming pool, a sauna, and room for a pony. And only the finest sort can be invited to attend her exclusive candle light suppers.

I know of several places in about my general AO where the same families have had agri businesses since Rev War Land Grant days. Chicken houses, pig and or cattle operations (including dairy). As the rush of folks out of the cities draws high end subdivisions nearby, the farm boys have erected bill board sized signs,’splainin’ what sounds and smells one can expect when the build in the area. Have seen several lawsuits filed by the city folks trying to do away with what has been around since the late 1700s/early 1800s. The Judge told the city folks to go piss up a rope.


I lived on dairy farm for a few years.
The only time I ever heard a cow moo was when….you know.


Is it when you slip its hind legs into the front of your hip waders and get to fuckin’?

It is in my case.


This reminds me of people who buy homes near airports then bitch about the noise.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

This was many years ago, I don’t remember what became of the lawsuit, or the state of affairs today.
USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) used to fire a cannon at 12 noon daily.
Newly moved in yuppies complained about the noise and brought a lawsuit. I remember thinking “WTF! It was there first. Suck it up and get over it”


One cannon shot at one single time during the day?

Fuck ‘em. They’re just whiny douchnozzles.

Amateur Historian

Vive la France 🇫🇷

That is all.

Last edited 2 months ago by Amateur Historian

I never thought I would see a ‘ Keeping Up Appearances ‘ reference here 😁
If you are in the mood for British Sci Fi/Police Procedural, I highly suggest Life On Mars ( not the shitty US version, it blows goats for bus fare) and it’s set-in-the 80’s sequel Ashes To Ashes