Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| April 2, 2024

Just as the Founders intended

A big, veiny triumphant fucker

I am 100% certain that these guys are 100% full of shit

Let’s fast forward to 2028, headline is “Shock rise in teenage pregnancies”

The Mayor of Baltimore is racist as fuck

This normalization of pedophilia is…disturbing

Oi, ya gots a loicense for them memes, bruv?

I don’t think this is Disney approved

On this holiest of holy days, let’s ignore Christ and think about all the trannies


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Is it RAAAYYCIST to be a whyte dood and thinks that child molesters should face draconian punishment? If so, then I’m guilty as charged.

We’re gonna need more feral hogs.

Major Tuddy

Woodchipper go BRRRRR.


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Prior Service

That “fat” kid is either freaking crazy or the best actor I’ve ever seen. How can he maintain that composure as he says he identifies as fat bodied and asked for a vote? I love how the tolerant fat queer lady throws him out of the group. I guess some things are just un-identifiable…..


It’s the strangest thing, I identify as 6’7″ but they still won’t draft me into the NBA.


It’s well known you have to be 6’8″.


Well, those nominal “FBI Agents” in the video about the meme’s drove up and departed in a silver Nissan Rogue with Oklahoma License plate: “TPP 958”.

Maybe an older model (2018 or so?), maybe a rental car.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to learn who the registered owner is. Anyone?


Did they run out of government vehicles to pass around for the efffbeeeyes? Maybe they shouldn’t have sent all their money to Ukraine, New York or Georgia attorneys generals.

Rental car, or we will pay you mileage if you use your own vehicle?

Green Thumb

That FBI one is disturbing.

Would not show ID’s.

A couple of bitches. Aside, they should be relieved for incompetence.

Forest Bondurant

To my understanding, people are not legally obligated to open the door or speak to them. If they have a warrant, let them serve it. If they refuse to leave, they can be told through the door that they’re trespassing and the interaction can be recorded. Then call local LE and ask for an officer be dispatched to remove them from the property.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Or, i was thinking, “You won’t ID yourselves? Then you’re trespassers trying to break into my house. Here’s my gun to defend myself. I fear for my life.”
“Hello sheriff? Could you sent a deputy around plus an ambulance? I just had three people try to break into my house and I shot them in self defense. Thx.”

Forest Bondurant

Yeah, and most 9-1-1 don’t like it when the caller hangs up when describing what’s happening.


Why did she a) go outside to talk to them (yeah, I heard her say the dog or dogs were wound up), and b) why did she not ask them to leave after not producing ID when she asked for it. Did they show their ID”s while she was preoccupied trying to corral the pup, or trying to get it to be quiet?

And then they asked her if she knew of others spreading memes.

Go do your own investigation fed boi.


Not actual FBI agents. IMO. I don’t know if its a skit or what, but those are NOT Bureau agents acting in official capacity. You can look online to see what an actual FBI ID & badge looks like. Any LEO, local or Feds, will have a business card to give you. There not looking for “information” without a way to make contact.
I’ve seen guys in my old neighborhood saying they were local deputy sheriffs. No badges, ID’s, and no business cards just jeans and polo shirt. They were asking about security cameras, and if there were any B&E’s recently. I asked them too may questions, so they left. I saw them later in another area walking my dog. They were either casing the area or trying to sell security cameras.
Be careful out because there…


Also, I have never seen a federal agent driving a Nissan Rouge. If I had to guess they were probably bail agents looking for someone.


Don’t know if this was a skit or real. That said, I find it interesting this Islabonazi-yes she can half qualify for that club-is whining about her rights as an American. The posts in question, and lots and lots of others, call for American military to all be returned home “safe and tightly sealed in a box”. Also calls for the death of Jews.

Not justified if it is the FBI just found it…hypocritical. “American” calling for the death of those with whom it disagrees.


Dark suits, clean-shaven, menacing… get with the program, Will Smith can do it:
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The WP did some follow through. FBI gave the standard “no comment” which means “look at us we are stupid”. Apparently it was her support of Palestinians that got everyone worked up.


Major Tuddy

We already have resources for non-offending pedophiles who wish to stay that way; hormone blockers, chemical castration, and accountability partners have been proven to work. Thing is, the wokies want to make pedophilia normal. Pardon me, but 🤬 THAT. You never see Narcotics Anonymous normalizing drug abuse or creating an Addict Pride flag. That is because addiction is sick and shameful, just like pedophilia is sick and shameful. If Narcotics Anonymous can treat addiction without normalization of stoner wasteoid behavior, then we can do the same with pedophilia without normalizing chomo behavior.

‘What we have here is a daily reprieve based on the maintenance of our spiritual condition.’ Bill W.


The black gal in the Disney (approved?) video would probably never let a white guy ride her in that position while simultaneously spanking her rear, saying “giddy up”, but she will let woody do it? I feel deprived. Rayyycisss.

Maybe it has somethg to do with his name 😏


She wanted a friend in her.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Suuiire, David Stagg is a safe person……just as soon as he finishes his “air dance” while wearing a hemp necktie.



Their “mission creep”.



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Let’s hear it for gov’t run healthcare like the VA… European hospital aborts wrong baby after misidentifying patient (proggie bureaucrats promise to compensate her):

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Even Australia has Karen’s. Karma baby.



Who knew that a retired 1 term Florida State rep and a two term state rep from Utah spoke for the GOP? Neither of whom actually made the statement.

MSNBC, I can’t accuse of violating journalistic integrity when you never had any to begin with. It would be like calling a hooker, a slut. A big step up and maybe even a point of pride.


The kids with the Toy Story crew, DON’T HAVE A CHANCE!!