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| April 3, 2024

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McPherson Resident Shoots Intruder

By Todd Pittenger
An intruder was shot as he was trying to enter a home in McPherson early Easter morning.

According to the McPherson Police Depaartment, Sunday at 3:29 AM officers responded to a shooting which occured in the 400 Block of East Avenue A.

According to McPherson Police Chief Mikel Golden, a 41 year old male was at home when he heard someone trying to get into his residence. The homeowner went to the door with his firearm. The male suspect attempted to enter the residence and the homeowner fired his weapon one time, hitting the suspect in the abdomen.

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Man fatally shot after forcing entry into east-side home, police say
The man who fired the shots is not considered a suspect at this time, according to police.

Author: Luke Whitney, Andrea Carden
SAN ANTONIO — A man in his late 50s was shot and killed at a home on the east side of town, according to police.

San Antonio Police responded to a home on the 3300 block of Martin Luther King Drive, a few blocks from I-10, around 9 p.m. Saturday for reports of a shooting in progress.

When officers arrived at the location, they found a 59-year-old man who had been shot a few feet from the front door of the home. First responders tried to save him but he was pronounced dead from a gunshot wound to his stomach at the scene.

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Thanks again, gentlemen.

He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.
Thomas Paine

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China getting ready for something?

Last edited 3 months ago by Sapper3307
President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

After the earthquake, I don’t think that “map” or the training will do the CCP any good.


China has been training to attack the Presidential office building, or as this meme is calling it “palace”, as part of war plans since Chiang Kai Shek fled.

They have always been “planning this”.

And this desert mock-up has been there since at least 2014.

These kinds of obvious invasion training sites are as much a signal to Taiwan not to declare independence as they are preparation for invasion.

Although Xi is a psychopath malignant narcissist that wants to reimplement Maoism, the Chinese military is functionally not much more capable of invading Taiwan as it was in 2014.

There is overwhelming evidence that the PLA is a siphoned husk after years of corruption and mismanagement.

Xi is potentially stupid enough to order and invasion anyway, but if he does China will likely collapse under the effort.

They are already on the brink of social collapse as it is. And their two military age generations are being crushed under the massive weight of aging generations that far outnumber them due to decades of one child policies.

Add to that the older generations have no retirement saving or wealth due to massive corruption scandals involving both the banking and real estate markets. So younger generations are struggling to care for their parents as their parents age out of the labor market.

China does not have free healthcare either. Many children are resorting to desperate acts to find money to pay for their parents health needs. Radical acts.

Add to that the fact that even younger generations that were building wealth are now being squeezed by collapsing housing values and the implementation of a social credit worthiness system that makes them easily exploited by employers and government officials out of fear of having their social credit rating drop and be essentially unemployable and social outcasts.

China was on a trajectory to become a regional hegemon by 2050 and our nearest peer superpower.

Xi derailed that trajectory.

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First guy might of been ok if he was wearing a bunny suit.

That aerial view of the city with the knife wielding dead guy
reminds of Hiroshima for some reason.


A trifecta of FA&FO. Gut shot…you know that’s gotta smart…and leave a mark. Dumbass with the knife could also qualify for the SPoTW Thread.

Testify, Mr. Paine. We must all guard each other from oppression. Live Free…Die Well.

That shorely be a drop dead gorgeous example of the designs of HMS JMB (HBHN). Now let’s say it together…”Our Beloved AW1Ed loves The Gun Bunny and wants him to be happy!”

Combination escort duty and giving a presentation to a Bevy of Beauties in the Little Big Town today. I will make a spirited attempt to behave myself.


Oh boy. Another USAF Airman pulls a stunt at the White House.
BONUS – “Inspired” by February’s Airman, the human torch.



Bet he eats while he’s at home each day. If he was serious about those poor rapists and murderers, er, Palestinians, he’d just douse himself with gas and light himself up.


Yea, this putz. He’s going to have to step up his game if he wants people to think he’s as committed as candle-boy.