AI must be bias free, Kamala sez. And Russian AA gets some

| April 2, 2024


VP Harris says we need to make sure that government-used AI is bias free.

Each agency by December must have a set of concrete safeguards that guide everything from facial recognition screenings at airports to AI tools that help control the electric grid or determine mortgages and home insurance.

I’m so confused… does this mean that highly desirable affirmative action has to be restored? Or banned?

While Biden’s broader order also attempts to safeguard the more advanced commercial AI systems made by leading technology companies, such as those powering generative AI chatbots, Thursday’s directive will also affect AI tools that government agencies have been using for years to help with decisions about immigration, housing, child welfare and a range of other services.

As an example, Harris said, “If the Veterans Administration wants to use AI in VA hospitals to help doctors diagnose patients, they would first have to demonstrate that AI does not produce racially biased diagnoses.”

She obviously knows different docs than the majority I’ve met – most think their colleagues are suspect at best, and using AI for a critical diagnosis? They’d rather drive a Yugo.

Agencies that can’t apply the safeguards “must cease using the AI system, unless agency leadership justifies why doing so would increase risks to safety or rights overall or would create an unacceptable impediment to critical agency operations,” according to a White House announcement.

Error message 666: “User has exceeded permitted number of non-white facial recognition requests, please reset in 18 hours”.

Ya just can’t win. Be a star student, go into the military, become a fighter pilot…that sounds pretty good, right? Unless…

Russian Armed Forces downed one of their own Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jets over Crimea on Thursday, Ukrainian officials claim.

Ukraine’s Navy spokesman Dmytro Pletenchuk said on Ukrainian television that “We confirm that this aircraft belonged to the Russian Federation and that it was destroyed by their own forces.”

“They were on alert, on combat readiness,” he added. “The human factor was at work — one of the operators was eager to get a medal and didn’t bother to find out whose plane it was.”

The Moscow-installed leader of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhayev, confirmed that a Russian warplane had “crashed” off the Crimean coast without naming the cause and that the pilot had ejected safely and “was picked up by rescue services.”  Business Insider

“aaah, gavno” seems likely to have been used. Anyone know Russian for “oops” ?


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A Proud Infidel®™

Damned if the Russkies aren’t just a little more than paranoid? Maybe we need to sit back and let then whack themselves?


There is no such thing as unbiased, especially if there is connection to the government. All their DEI, CRT, Pro-trans, and anti-Christian ideology will be baked into anything they produce. The private sector is not better. Remember Google’s black Vikings & Waffen SS?

Hack Stone

Pepperidge Farm remembers. Pepperidge Farm also remembers Kamala Harris calling Joe Biden a racist and a rapist during the primaries, but she still joined him on the ticket. Maybe she checked with Whoopi Goldberg who told her that Joe Biden wasn’t a “racist racist” or a rapist rapist”.


Weather predictions used to be made by humans and were
based on scientific analysis of factual, on the ground data.
Am I the only one that has noticed forecasts are now wrong
100% of the time and change by the minute instead of hours?
The term “meteorologist” will soon disappear as AI takes over.


You can bet that TPTB will be using AI to generate more control of We, The People. The whyte working tax slaves are to be replaced with new slaves imported thru the border.

Little quick on trigger there, Ivan? IIRC, the Ruskkies were having that same problem in Clancy’s Red Storm Rising How to book.

TSA… *spits* More control over We The People.

A Proud Infidel®™

TSA: Thugs Sexually Assaulting, Thieves, Shitheads & Assholes, …


BTW…Check This Out..

Deserves a TAH post on its own….

Another Attention Seeking “LOOK AT ME!” individual…

Does ANYONE care what this Airman does during while he is on leave?

“Airman On Hunger Strike At White House Over Gaza Support”

“Inspired by a U.S. airman who set himself on fire in front of an Israeli embassy in protest of the war in Gaza, an Air Force member has begun what he says will be a long-term hunger strike in front of the White House while taking leave from service.”

“On Easter Sunday, Senior Airman Larry Hebert, 26, began a hunger strike in front of the White House to highlight the chronic starvation in the Gaza strip brought on by the war between Hamas and Israel…”

“Reached by Task & Purpose, Hebert said “I’m going to continue the strike until I physically cannot or until we obtain a permanent ceasefire and enough food to feed all of Gaza. I’ve been on leave for two weeks and have plenty more.” However, Hebert also said he’s already spoken to officials in his command and knows he “probably won’t be getting any sort of extension.”




“Hebert is standing outside of the White House this week with a sign that reads “Active duty airman refuses to eat while Gaza starves,” though he is not wearing a military uniform. He plans to do the same in front of Congress next week, and to be outside from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day during his hunger strike. His strike will include zero food, water and small amounts of juice, he said.”

“According to Hebert, he is originally from New Hampshire and has been in the Air Force for six years. He said he currently works as an avionics technician assigned to Naval Station Rota, Spain. The NAVSTA base provides cargo, fuel and logistics support to military units in the region and supports U.S. and NATO ships with three active piers.”

“At Rota, Hebert said, “I’m seeing all the cargo that comes through from the States and is coming overseas and going to Israel and they’re just massive, massive missiles that are going to be used on mostly civilians. So there’s a direct role there. We don’t have to send these weapons.”

“Hebert told Task & Purpose he may seek a reassignment from his role working with Israel-bound weapons, possibly as a conscientious objector. Air Force officials confirmed to Task & Purpose that Hebert joined in 2018 and is a senior airman assigned to Rota as an avionics specialist.”

“According to Department of Defense policies, American service members are prohibited from participating in off-post demonstrations if they are on-duty, in a foreign country, or if the activities constitute a breach of law and order or violence is likely to result.”


I am sure there will no shortage of avionics techs willing to fill the upcoming position opening in Rota 😎


UCMJ action under Article 134, conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline? Bringing discredit to the armed forces? Personally, the little douchebag can starve as long as he’s on leave. Better leave that shit at the Capitol when he returns, though.

Forest Bondurant

Instead of teaching DEI, proper pronoun usage, and how to be a nice little activist, maybe the Air Force should have spent more time with Senior Airman Hebert on what it meant when he repeated: “I [Name] do solemnly swear (or affirm), that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So Help me God (optional).”

RGR 4-78

His strike will include zero food, water and small amounts of juice”

After a few days of that he will be primed and ready for his colonoscopy.


Do they still use a big ol pineapple when doing colonoscopies? Not asking for a friend.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone is inclined to heading over the White House this afternoon with a basket of barbecue and chow down in front of him. Why doesn’t he go on a hunger strike to bring attention to the hostages that Hamas has been holding since early October?

By the way, Hack Stone checked the Air Force GAL about an hour ago, and Aaron Bushnell still has an active email account. Big Air Force won’t formally separate him until he completes that allotment form for the Combined Federal Campaign. 100% participation is 100% participation, we don’t care if you are dead.

A Proud Infidel®™

I wonder just how that snowflake’s First Line Leader feels about now along with the rest of his CoC?


Not that it matters, but this dude doesn’t look very bright.

Hack Stone

He should host a chili feed to raise awareness of the plight in Gaza. 🥴

Green Thumb

Maybe we could see if AI also thought the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) is a turd?


If someone could use AI to replace the guy standing behind him
with Ronald McDonald that would be great.
I can see it now on Boomers Sunday.


I agree, he should get a transfer to a more suitable post. Might I suggest Leavenworth??


Call me cynical, but unless he sets himself on fire (and better than the last Darwin Award-winnin’ f*cktard) I’m not just impressed by his dipsh*ttery.

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Prior Service

“Ivan, you shot down one of our boys again.”
“If he flies, he dies.” (Yes, shamelessly paraphrasing lines from Rocky IV.)

Forest Bondurant

Kamala Harris speaking about artificial intelligence sounds about right.

A Proud Infidel®™

Kamala Harris speaks about Artificial Intelligence while she herself is chock full of Natural Stupidity!!!


Kamalatoe could use an immediate and extensive download of artificial intelligence, as she had zero natural intelligence.

Green Thumb

I wonder if AI can determine gender?

Forest Bondurant

Uh oh…

The term “artificially inequitable” and a manufactured dumb-ass definition of it is going to get traction now that you asked.

(Not a jab at you GT – just an observation.)

Green Thumb

Had to toss it out there!




Does anybody really know what Kamala sez? Does anybody really care?

RGR 4-78

Creepy Joe and Camle Toe, the most articulate orators of our times.


So now I am expected to entrust what is left of my health to a computer program written by someone with no medical training or experience, and the important part is that it is not “biased”?


“If the Veterans Administration wants to use AI in VA hospitals to help doctors diagnose patients, they would first have to demonstrate that AI does not produce racially biased diagnoses.”

SWEET! Maybe I can get sickle cell now!!