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Consider the case of Ian Fry, if you will… if that sounded “Twilight Zone”-ish, it was intended to be.

A primary school PE teacher who claimed he lost his career after being accused of sexual misconduct by a female former colleague is suing her for libel.

Claiming to be a ‘whistleblower,’ Ms Agilah-Hood alleged Mr Fry had been put on ‘gardening leave’ in a former job after accusations of ‘sexual misconduct’ by female members of staff.

She claims to be a whistleblower and seems to think she is protecting students and women in general from this black-hearted evil doer. And it worked… his contract was not renewed and he is basically unable to get a job. One small fly in the ointment:

Ms Agilah-Hood admitted in her email that she had ‘zero evidence’, but Mr Fry says that, despite it being ‘no more than gossip’, it has irretrievably ruined his reputation and career.

The court heard that Mr Fry and Ms Agilah-Hood were formerly colleagues at a school where Mr Fry had worked before taking up his role at Worcester’s Northwick Manor Primary School.

During that time, he coached the county championship-winning school football team and in 2021 went on to publish a book about his experience battling cancer.

Ms Agilah-Hood, who describes herself online as ‘a mixed race, queer, neurodivergent visual artist, creative practitioner and performer’, sent her email to his headteacher during lockdown in March 2021.

‘At the trial, the defendant submitted that it was her honest opinion that the claimant posed a risk to women.

‘She realised as she said in the email that she had ‘zero’ evidence to back up her concerns, but she believed they were facts. Daily Mail

So her evidence was… nothing. And for that she ruined his career? Luckily, in this case the judge decided in his favor and his suit against the ‘whistleblower’ will continue to a full trial. I know which side I am rooting for. And it ain’t the nose-ringed one.

And shifting to Lloyds, the massive financial folks, we have even more dumbassery. Lloyds has released a new guide to language which is almost mindboggling.

“Widows” too must go. Apparently the term is “unnecessarily vivid” and may “trigger unwarranted personal memories of trauma and upsetting situations”.

They suggest using the term “separated”, presumably equating  “we need some time apart” to “he’s DEAD, Jim”.  I am sure to the widows it’s all the same.

Of course, there’s a problem with the cancellation of this word in particular, notably that Lloyds owns Scottish Widows – a 209-year-old life insurance and pensions firm that manages almost £200 billion in assets – yet we’re still waiting to hear whether the company is to be renamed “Scottish Separatists”.

It gets better. The phrase a “headless chicken” – linked to a traditional farm practice of killing a chicken by beheading it, after which it would continue running around for a moment – has been banned, alongside “sold down the river” (historical US slavery connections) and “penetration testing”.

Calm down, lads, that last refers to IT testing, you don’t need to volunteer. But it sounds creepy, so it’s gotta go. Along with “guinea pig”:

In a new “inclusive language” guide issued to its 57,000 employees, the banking group has zeroed in on these tiny mammals, insisting they are recognised as the patent threat to our mental health that they are. Apparently just using the words “guinea pig” in an office setting could be triggering for some, invoking, as they do, images of cruel laboratory experiments.

Only here’s the thing: the woke generations it’s presumably aimed at and pandering to are statistically the least happy in history. Even in their blinkered states and vacuum-sealed bliss bubbles, they are more anxious, depressed, work-shy and dysfunction-prone than any other. So this negativity-washing isn’t just failing but is proving itself to be overwhelmingly counter-productive.  The Telegraph

Couldn’t have said it better than the lady who wrote the op-ed, Celia Walden.

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Guess we’ll have to go back to using the less common term Cavy or Cuy to refer to those small furry animals that our kids have as pets. Next thing you know they will ban the word cat because it could colloquially be referring to a soft furry thing.


How many Guinness and Jameson boiler makers would someone have to do to even begin thinking “I’d hit that”? Like the old tootsie pop commercials, the world may never know.


Even IDC SARC would run, screaming…NOOOOOOO…from that skanky skrunt. Good on the Judge for seeing thru her lies. As related here in the past, I, too, have been a victim of a lying, self centered, Clintonesque Bitch. Coulda had very serious ramifications for me if my Judge had not of seen the same. Took nine (9) months and a pile of USDs, but Justice DID prevail and I have lived very well, indeed, while The BITCH is still mired in lonely self pity.

IDGAF about your “feelings”. Neither will the barbarians as they rape you to death. Get over yourselves…nobody gets out alive and you, too, will someday face the Ultimate Judge.


Hank “Saw The Light” long before Jake did.

Prior Service

I guess I will start sending emails and texts with no words in them so as to not cause undue distress. I assume I can still post freely here?

Green Thumb

Shit up top happens more than one thinks in academia.

Particularly against all of the PTSD, gun crazed Veterans that actually have an opinion.

Hack Stone

Hard to believe that just 80 years ago the UK was instrumental in defeating the Nazis. Hack would say “They came a long way, baby”, but that might trigger some anxiety amongst the Adorable Deplorables.


This is long gone:

A Proud Infidel®™

She looks like she’s nuttier than ten thousand buckets of squirrel shit!

Anna Puma

More nuts than a loaf of banana bread.


I will never look at banana nut bread the same ever again. Thanks Anna.

Mike B

“A mixed race, queer, neurodivergent visual artist, creative practitioner and performer”…I had to look half the words up and in the end I was still confused as to what she is other than a “Kangarillapig”.

Oh and Kangarillapig is a term I picked up from the Brits for describing a ugly ass woman. They were TDY, TAD or whatever term you wish to use to our Reserve base, and we all spent a few weeks enjoying beers everyday.

USAF Retired


I learned a new word today. Most appreciated!


I couldn’t help but notice that she had exactly the same evidence that E Jean Carroll had.