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| March 16, 2024

Mom of Chiefs Shooting Suspect Starts GoFundMe to Get Him Through This ‘Tragic Time’

The New York Post reported the mother of Kansas City Chiefs parade shooting suspect Lyndell Mays has launched a GoFundMe for him, stressing that she wants to help him get through this “tragic time.”

Breitbart News noted that two adults were charged Tuesday in connection with the February 15, 2024, Chiefs parade shooting. Mays was one of the two, and Dominic Miller was the other.

The Associated Press pointed out that there was a dispute and Jackson County prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said that following the dispute, Mays allegedly “pulled his handgun first almost immediately.”

According to the Post, Mays’ mother, Teneal Burnside, launched a GoFundMe for Mays, which she has now deleted.

But while the GoFundMe was up it included a photo of Mays in the hospital with gunshot wounds and text which said, “He is in the ICU fighting for a recovery from several surgeries from going to the Chiefs’ Super Bowl celebration with his older sister.”

It also said, “Getting shot multiple times at a time that was [meant] to bring so much joy to so many has [brought] pain and sadness to all that was attending.”

The charges Mays currently faces include second-degree murder.

Source; Breitbart

Colorado burglary suspect arrested while on the toilet: ‘In the line of doody’

A Colorado suspect was caught in a rather compromising position – on the toilet – when he was arrested by officers last week.

The suspect, who was charged with second-degree burglary, was caught with his pants down when he was apprehended by Lakewood Police early on Thursday. The authorities were responding to a burglary alarm sounding off.

“When a verified burglary alarm went off, [a]gents quickly got to the scene and utilized a drone to look for a suspect,” the Lakewood Police Department explained in a Facebook post.

“While we see a lot of things in the line of doody, we had no clue what awaited us this time!”

Video posted by the department shows serious-faced officers with firearms breaking the bathroom door open.

The officers commanded the suspect to put his hands up – while he was sitting on the toilet with his underpants down.

“I’m on the s––tter, bud,” the suspect said while raising his hands in the air.

The suspect complied with the arrest. He was taken to a detention facility soon after.

“Overall great teamwork by our Patrol and Drone Teams,” the police department wrote on social media.

No information about the burglary or suspect has been released by the department.

Source; Fox News

Married Missouri Principal Admits He Hired Hitman to Kill Teacher He Impregnated

A former Missouri middle school principal pleaded guilty to charges related to a murder-for-hire plot he orchestrated against a woman, with whom he was having an affair, after she became pregnant.

Cornelius Green, the married principal of Carr Lane Visual Performing Arts School in St. Louis, admitted to paying a friend $2,500 to kill Jocelyn Peters and “their unborn child,” reports the Daily Mail.

Peters, a 30-year-old teacher at the nearby Mann Elementary school, was 27 weeks along in her pregnancy when Green’s childhood friend, Phillip Cutler, allegedly entered her apartment with keys provided by Green and shot her in the head on March 24, 2016.

An indictment obtained by NBC News alleges that Cutler killed Peters as she laid in bed, using a “potato as a silencer to muffle the sound of the shot.”

Court documents viewed by First Alert 4 say Green was romantically involved with multiple other women as well.

Later that day, Green “went to Peters’ apartment and called 911 to report she was shot,” the local outlet reported.

The former principal’s plea agreement states that Green also admitted that the $2,500 he paid Cutler was stolen from his school.

“Green expects to be sentenced to life in prison for murder-for-hire and conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire,” People reported. “If he is sentenced to life, state prosecutors will drop murder charges against him, for which he could have faced the death penalty.”

Cutler was also charged for his involvement, with his trial to begin on March 11.

Soon after Peters was discovered dead, Mann Elementary School principal Nicole Conaway dedicated a memorial garden in the teacher’s honor.

“She was someone who cared deeply about children, not only about their learning, but about who they were in making them into better people,” Conaway told Fox 2 Now at the time.

“I know that our family wasn’t the only person in St. Louis that loved my daughter,” Peters mother, Lacey Peters, said at the dedication ceremony for the garden.

Source; Breitbart

US Air Force employee charged with disclosing classified information on dating website

A civilian U.S. Air Force employee has been charged with disclosing classified defense information to a woman he met on a foreign online dating platform, the Justice Department said on Monday.

David Franklin Slater, 63, was taken into custody in Nebraska on Friday on a three-count federal indictment. He was expected to make an initial court appearance on Tuesday.

The indictment accuses Slater of giving classified material by email and online messages about the Russia-Ukraine war to someone claiming to be a woman living in Ukraine.

That person, who called Slater her “secret agent” and “secret informant love,” was not identified by name in the indictment.

Slater, who retired as a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army before joining the Air Force as a civilian employee, was assigned to U.S. Strategic Command at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, the Justice Department said.

If he is convicted at trial, Slater faces up to 10 years in federal prison on each of the three counts in the indictment.

Source; Reuters

Florida officer arrested for child pornography after first day on job

This story abounds with stupid. Standards have obviously dropped considerably.

A newly sworn-in police officer in Florida was arrested for child pornography after his first day on the job.

The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office said 19-year-old Kai Cromer was sworn in as a deputy on Monday, and by that night, a search warrant had been issued for his phone.

In a media briefing shared with Scripps News, Sheriff Eric Flowers said Cromer had been on call at a high school when “a brave young female came forward” and alerted police that the officer had been contacting her via Snapchat, asking for naked and topless photos.

She told police “she felt very uncomfortable just even seeing him on campus,” Flowers said.

The sheriff said an investigation began immediately.

The police department reviewed over 100 GB of data and arrested him on one count of possession of child pornography.

“Kai Cromer is no longer an employee of the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office,” Flowers said Tuesday. “Our captain terminated him while he was in our cell.”

Flowers said a total of four victims have come forward, who are “very concerned for their safety.” They said Cromer had requested explicit photos and videos via Snapchat.

“He was telling people, ‘I’m going to be law enforcement, I’m very powerful.’ He was forcing these girls, they said they were very uncomfortable with the entire circumstance, and they felt they had no choice but to do these things, and that’s just completely unacceptable,” Flowers said.

Flowers issued a plea for anyone who has spoken with Cromer via his Snapchat account, @KaiCromer, to come forward: “We need to talk to you.”

He said there are also other victims they are aware of.

“We are confident that there will be other charges,” Flowers said.

Police said they usually do not release law enforcement mug shots but Flowers wanted to hold up Cromer’s for the public to see, in case they may have been a victim or have additional information.

Flowers said he was proud of the victims who came forward and assured any others that they will be protected and their information will remain confidential.

Cromer is being held on a $15,000 bond.

Source; Scripps

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Why was the 19-year-old made a sheriff’s deputy? Seems too crazy young to me.

Everybody will be greatly to relieved to know that Mr Mays is doing much better. His jaw is still wired shut which means that he just can’t tell his side of the story right now. But soon he will be completely exonerated and when that happens you will know that your donations were for a worthy cause.

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>> [using a “potato as a silencer to muffle the sound of the shot.”]

Does a potato silencer actually work?

Raw potato seems hard.
Boiled potato?
Baked potato?
How about a ziploc bag of mashed potatoes?


Big Mac with extra fries.

Old tanker

Maybe a box of instant potatoes???


A family sized bag of chips contains many potatoes. So by my logic, it would make the best silencer 🙄
How much do you want to bet that this MENSA member used a revolver?


Well, he was hiring a hit man on a principles salary, and who knows how much a silencer would have cut into the hit man’s profit.


It works if you want to turn somebody’s brain into mashed potatoes. Pretty much anything you put over a barrel it’s going to make it quieter.


Something’s burning…and I don’t think it’s love (Apologies to KR & the 1st (ht2 CW) Edition). It IS teh stoopid!


After raising $100, Lyndell May’s Mother took down her son’s GOFUNDME site on 21 February 2024 out of fear of retribution. She created the fundraiser before he was charged with Second Degree Murder.

“GoFundMe for Kansas City Shooting Suspect Taken Down”

“Mays family accept that he should face charges relating to possession of a weapon and shooting into a crowd but hit out at prosecutors for charging him with murder.”

‘He didn’t murder that lady. The bullet of the other guy killed her. Why has he been charged with that?,’ his sister added.”

“My brother is a homeboy, he’s not in the streets. He stays in the house with his girlfriend and cuddles. He is not a bad person.”

“His father added: ‘What was he supposed to do with those guys coming up to him with semi-automatic weapons.”

‘It wasn’t his gun that killed the woman. We aren’t safe, the hate they’ve been giving the other guy, that was innocent, he was receiving death threats.”

‘What do you think we are going to get. It’s a nightmare.”

‘Our son is not that kind of guy, he’s a kindhearted guy who got caught up in a bad situation. He got scared because of those guns.”

“He knew they had guns, what was he supposed to do did they just want him to get shot down dead. He didn’t even shoot first.”

“Police have confirmed that May’s gun was not the weapon which killed DJ Lisa Lopez-Galvan, but say he pulled out his firearm first.”


Honesty would’ve been better: My son is a f*cking idiot, please money to help with the resulting medical bills.

Last edited 2 months ago by Anonymous

He should be wearing a face mask while in the hospital.
A tightly fitting pillow would do just fine.


I was thinking his mom should be asking for money to take him to your country so he could be euthanized. In fact, I would donate for all of them but the burglar to meet that fate.


Strange that home boy there is always getting caught up in violent confrontations on the streets.

Last edited 2 months ago by 5JC

We used to call it “SOCMOB”.

Standing on corner, minding own business.



They had to shoot it out; there was some “mean muggin” going on.


I guess these ladies never heard of the felony murder rule.


Retards, retards everywhere…

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comment image


Tells me 403 forbidden.


webp sucks syphilitic bull dookie


So much stupid this week.

Mr. May’s pulls gun first, almost get head shot off. I’m sure it was a lucky shot because, you know, gangsta hold. Like in the movies.

“I’m on the shitter, bud”. Please tell me those words will be used against him when he goes to court.

Missouri principal does not seem to be enjoying his happy ending now.

Couldn’t the retired colonel just have sent dick pics instead?

A 19 year old candidate for testing the auto shut off feature on a wood chipper? How hard up are they for sheriff candidates, and who does the background checks on potential candidates.

Army-Air Force Guy

I say fire the guy or gal who conducted the law enforcement psych interview on the junior cop/perv.


St. Louis?
My disbelief intensifies! (one metric shitton of /s)

How does someone in such a position throw everything away like that for a’little strange? If you’re going to be a dirtbag, just be a fucking dirt bag!

I hope Cornelius’ first year is full of c*ckmeat samitchs and random assaults. Then on day 366, the shank ruins him to finality.



My disbelief is based upon his mugshot; how any woman would get it on with that cretinous looking, ugly mofo is beyond me.


There’s a cup for every saucer.


Pete Buttgieg’s spouse has kids “pledge allegience to the rainbow”:

Last edited 2 months ago by Anonymous

P*do paradise camp? Is he a camp “leader?”


What a collection of criminal cretins. Bet you can’t find an IQ above 85 with regard to any of these scumbags.


I bet the total IQ for all involved doesn’t add up to 85.


A late one… Lance Armstrong claims PTS of D from being exposed as a cheater:

A Proud Infidel®™

No, just plain no.


Breitbart has disintegrated into a state that’s not so much different than AP.

The writers are really good, same as they have always been. There’s just a pallor, an “uncleanness”, that is not at all like Andrew was.

I guess that someone is making some money. They sort of fell away from my interests.

There was some guy’s picture that was prominently featured that just didn’t seem to belong there.

Maybe it just seems more like grocery store check out tabloid?

Whatever, better that they exist and thrive than otherwise.

Haha, sometimes I feel like I have “read the internet” and there’s not much left to see.