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| February 28, 2024


3 charged with attempted murder, aggravated residential burglary following Sunday morning shooting

Three suspects have been identified in a robbery incident in Mountain Home leading to two individuals getting shot. Twenty-one-year-old Dylan Decker of Norfork, 20-year-old David Brace of Flippin and 18-year-old Tyler Yount are each facing felony counts of first-degree attempt to commit murder and aggravated residential burglary. Decker also faces a felony count of possession of firearms by certain persons, and he and Brace are being held in the Baxter County Detention Center. Yount is one of the two being treated for gunshot wounds.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Mountain Home officers received a call just before 6:30 Sunday morning of a shooting at a residence on East 16th Street. They arrived and made contact with a male on his bed holding his abdomen and stating he had been shot. The victim stated he didn’t know who shot him, and the intruders were wearing ski masks. The male also claimed he returned gun fire. He was rushed to emergency surgery, and he was scheduled for a follow-up procedure Monday.

Baxter Health also contacted dispatch and advised a white male arrived to the emergency room with a gunshot wound. Officers arrived and identified the male as Yount. He was interviewed by investigators while waiting on a flight to Springfield and reportedly admitted to entering the residence with the intent of robbing the victim of his drugs. Yount also claimed Decker was with him, and he didn’t know the identity of the other suspect but stated he was in a wheelchair.

Yount reportedly stated he kicked the door twice during the incident and went in with his pistol in his waistband. He turned to the bedroom and confronted the victim, who fired his pistol and struck Yount twice. Yount admitted to shooting the victim, fleeing the residence and being transported to the hospital. At last update, he is in stable condition at Cox Medical Center South.

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If one can forgive the website designer, the pics of Mssrs. Decker and Brace meet expectations.

Homeowner shoots burglary suspect during attempted car break-in on East Side

SAN ANTONIO – A man is hospitalized after police say he was shot by a homeowner while attempting to break into a car.

The shooting happened around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday off Caribou Creek near Farm-to-Market 78 and Woodlake Parkway on the East Side.

The homeowner told police that he saw two people trying to break into his car. He confronted both of them and opened fire.

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They chose poorly.



Thanks again gentlemen.

Send lawyers guns and money.
Warren Zevon

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AW1 Rod

It’s probably a lot safer to stand at an intersection with a cardboard sign than it is to rob someone, if you’re struggling for money.


These dumbasses have found themselves up the creek and in a new home. The victim selection skilz learning curve is hard.

Warren, embrace the love of commas.

The Original “Iron Butterfly”…that doesn’t take nearly 20 minutes to finish. I like me some stuff from the far east…Tagalongs, Samoas…oh…wait…

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Prayers for a speedy and complete recovery for the homeowner of the first story.
And DUDE! Get a better front door! “….kicked the door twice ….”
As for the perps, they’d best buy some deep cushion kneepads, they’re going to need them as the newest (soon-to-be) employees of the BTJT Prison Deli, “Home of the Man-Meat Sammich, smothered in underwear & Man-Meat-Mayo”.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

As for the butterfly knife, I’d most likely cut myself deep if I were to try some of those fancy flip tricks I’ve seen others perform. Soooo…..thanks, but no thanks.


This ain’t a feel good.

Following an internal affairs investigation, Meriden police said Ganter did violate the department’s rules of conduct.”?

You be the judge:

Off-duty Meriden police officer allegedly assaulted a driver in Rocky Hill (NBCCTdotcom)
Allegedly‘ my ass.