Bogus flag, bogus vet

| February 28, 2024

A vet named Michael Greenwalt donated an American flag to the Antioch, CA  Historical Society Museum nine years back.

It began with a gesture meant to commemorate the end of the Vietnam War, as Michael Greenawalt, a 60-year-old Army veteran, donated what was believed to be one of the last American flags to leave Vietnam, to the Antioch Historical Society Museum. This flag, a potent symbol of American history and the sacrifices of those who served, was intended to fill a void in the museum’s military exhibits, particularly concerning the Vietnam War.

Greenwalt told a rousing tale:

He was one of the last American troops to leave Vietnam, he said, and brought the flag that kept him company during combat home with him.

“He told a story that he had the flag around his neck when he left and got out of there. It was one of the last flags to leave Vietnam”  –  Bill Fraga, former Antioch Historical Museam volunteer and veteran.  Mercury News

Fraga didn’t think to question it, given Greenwalt’s status with the local American

Got a fair amount of attention at the time, evidently.

The Vietnam Veterans Appreciation Barbecue, held in conjunction with the flag’s donation, brought together around 120 individuals, including Medal of Honor recipient Ty Carter, veterans, and community members.

However, the narrative surrounding the flag began to unravel as investigations revealed that Greenawalt, despite his claims, likely never served in Vietnam. Military records indicated he was stationed in Germany during the Vietnam War, casting doubt on the authenticity of his story and the flag’s provenance.

Given that Marines were the last to leave, probably red flags should have been raised at the time – but in such a chaotic event details slip through the cracks. The museum is removing the flag from exhibition.

(American Legion… sigh). What an ultramaroon.



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Read about this clown yesterday. What a POS.



AAAAnd ….. he’s a true Walt!

His favorite song? “Walting Matilda.”


Walt the fuck is wrong with this asshat

Forest Bondurant

Maybe he served in the Vietnamese part of Germany?


He did.

He served in the back room of a Vietnamese brothel down by Hauptbahnhoff in Frankfurt. He replayed it 50 years later at the BBQ. He provided the buns and they brought the bratwurst.



Bravo, 5JC.



No sauerkraut? How uncivilized!


Another GREAT one from SFC D!!



How could the Krauts be sauer after partaking of those buns?


Used to be a really good Chinese restaurant in Darmstadt, just outside of Kelley Barracks run by a Vietnamese family. Maybe he had lunch there.


From the 2015 East Bay Times article reference the American Flag and Michael Thomas Greenwalt’s military service:

“Greenawalt served in a special operations unit attached to the Army’s Special Forces from 1972 to 1975. He joined the service while living in Riverside in Southern California and brought the American flag with him to Vietnam.”

From the 26 February 2024 Combat Infantryman’s Association article:

“Military records obtained by this newspaper show the flag-bearing former U.S. Army sergeant, Michael Thomas Greenawalt, was in fact stationed in Germany, working as a desk clerk during the Vietnam War.”

“J.R. Wilson, founder of the Delta Veterans Group, whose group benefited from the fundraiser barbecue, remembers being surprised by the late-minute flag donation and later questioning Greenawalt’s war story.”

“Wilson finds it upsetting to think about the stars and badges on the American Legion honor guard uniform Greenawalt wore back then. They signified a senior jumpmaster with two gold stars during combat, a combat infantry badge and pathfinder torch badge symbolizing flight and airborne capabilities and a Vietnam campaign ribbon, among other badges.”

“He added that nearly half of Greenawalt’s uniform badges seen in photos from a past newspaper article appeared to be unearned.”

Here is one photo of Michael Thomas Greenbelt at the event wearing his “bling-bling”…


And this is why, f*** the American legion.




Michael Thomas Greenawalt made the story about HIM (“LOOK AT ME!!!”) instead of focusing on our beloved flag.


Here is another photo of Michael Thomas Greenawalt (last name corrected…we mispelled his surname) wearing his “bling bling”…

Gee, his “uniform” with his “bling-bling” looks similiar to another former Army Soldier who served from the late 60s to the mid 1970s (Kilt, Infantry Blue Cord, Qualification Badges such as the Bullwinkle Badge) who also has depicted himself as Combat Arms, but in reality, served in a Combat Support or Combat Service Support role during his time with the US Army.

Guess Michael Thomas Greenawalt failed to brush up on his military history since “historical records that say the U.S. Marines — not Army troops — were the last combat soldiers to evacuate the embassy by helicopter on April 30, 1975.”

Another Embellisher/Liar with low self esteem issues.🙄


Excuse me but Greenwalt is an Americanized form of German and Jewish (Ashkenazic) Grünwald. Why is he wearing a kilt? I don’t remember ethnic Germans or anyone of the Jewish faith dressing in a “traditional kilt”. This guy is faking family history too.


He’s just a dress aficionado.

Either that, or wants a breeze to facilitate an ‘oops’ so as to bear his shame to the world, all 3/4 of an inch.


Yet another Viet of the Nam POSer who was “one of the last American troops to leave Vietnam”.

— SIGH —

Wow. That final helicopter to depart from the U.S. Embassy in Saigon must have had several hundred guys aboard it. I wonder if “Big Mike” was hanging from one of the skids as it flew him away to safety?

Any indications that there’s a motorcycle and a leather vest covered in POSer bling involved anywhere in this reeking, steaming hot mess?

It’ll be VERY disappointing if there isn’t…


Mick, Michael Thomas Greenawalt DOES post a picture of a Motorcycle on one of his Facebook accounts…😆😂🤣😅



There just had to be a motorcycle involved in this.

It’s as if it’s in the POSer SOP.


Now all he needs is the bling vest and a support mutt.


Going to have to hurry, he is starting to lock down his several accounts.

Hack Stone

If you are referring to this photo, most people mistakenly believe that was the roof of the US Embassy in Saigon. It was actually a building not within the confines of Embassy grounds, an apartment building occupied by US Government employees. This is the dead giveaway of every guy claiming to be in the iconic photo of evacuating on the roof of the embassy in Saigon, Viet of The Nam.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

My former ship was involved in the US Embassy in Saigon and one in another country in the area which I forgot which the name of. I was separated in Nov. of 1966 and didn’t go to SE Asia.


Yeah, yeah, I see him in that picture. Sure, he’s the fourth one from the top deck on the ladder. C’mon people. What a fucking douche-nozzle he is.


There has to be a service dog somewhere.


Might not be a dog…
comment image

Major Tuddy

Hanging from the skids? Wouldn’t the helicopter pilot notice that?

Also, at that altitude and those speeds, wouldn’t he fall off?


Of course they were Marines, as they were and still are responsible for embassy security .


I took a screenshot of the photo and it appears that aside from the CIB and many other ribbons – I’m pretty sure a Purple Heart ribbon is also on his chest. Like many of you who grace these pages, I EARNED my CIB and Purple Heart.

I absolutely despise these lowlife scumbags.

Hey, Greenbelt!!! GO TO HELL!!

Green Thumb

I like this guy!


Thank you!!


Purple Heart, no.
Bronze Star, yes.


I got my Bronze Star w/V, on May 8, 1968. I’m still paying for my Purple Heart today.

Green Thumb

I imagine Phil Monkress has ridden those handlebars….


MarineDad61 is really gonna enjoy this article! (A sincere comment).


Good morning.
I can think of some new uses for that kilt.
And that dongle thingy hanging in front, too.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.



Green Thumb

Extra Turd.


Michael Thomas Greenawalt goes by “Big Mike” on his Facebook account…

First thing you see on his Facebook account is a picture of him wearing his “uniform” with his Kilt and “Bling Bling…”

He also claims on his Facebook that he graduated from Frankfort American High School in 1973…which means he was born in late 1954 or in 1955…



Within his Facebook account, there is a clearer photo of him wearing his “Bling Bling” to include the Combat Infantry Badge (CIB)….Will try another way to post that picture.

CIB…Claims to have graduated from High School in 1973..Was 60 years old in the 2015 article, which means he was born in late 1954 or 1955…


Or a slow learner.


This must be him.
A previous older account.
Perhaps he has other / newer accounts on the Book of the Fake?

Only 1 post here since 2016.
Phony bling on full display, for quite awhile…
11 years!


At least 6 (SIX) pages on the Book of the Fake.
Let the fun begin.

Happy hunting!


Harley – check!


Is there also a snazzy leather vest covered in POSer bling?

Tiger stripe camouflage doo-rag?

Dumbass-looking, white-framed, wrap-around, mirror-lens sunglasses?

How about a service dog for that PTS of the D?

And hopefully there is no vulnerable, gullible, unsuspecting wife/girlfriend involved in any of this who has been duped into believing that Big Mike is her “war hero”.

Green Thumb

You missed the motorcycle.

But I imagine it is parked at All-Points Logistics.

Green Thumb

“Big Mike” takes it in the ass.


He very much confessed when he stated that “if you want a safe night’s, sleep to sleep with a combat vet”. Only one way to know that.

Last edited 4 months ago by 5JC

From one of his Facebook accounts.

Looks as if this photo was posted in 2013.

He has been lying for a very long time…


From one of his Facebook accounts.

This is from 2015.

As stated, looks as if he has been lying for a very, very long time…


From another Facebook account (looks as if he may 2 or more accounts).

This one is from 2019. Trying to figure out the rank he is wearing.



A posting from one of his Facebook accounts….


He also posted on his Facebook account in 2012 that “PTSD is winning the battle today.”



PTS of the D is winning the battle today’
Fuck you.

If I ever found myself behind this asshole on some metal stairs…


Here you go, my canine brother:


Precisely what I had in mind.

Thanks for the lolz and (now stolen) meme!

Hack Stone

What he meant to write is that the STD is winning the battle.

RGR 4-78



Chirpies…from being a birdbrain…also a case of goneinarear.


Don’t forget, Michael Greenawalt of Antioch California is an anal wart.

Hey Michael Greenawalt, is that libel?

I would hate to have Michael Greenawalt of Antioch’s lawer sue me for suggesting Michael Greenawalt is a mass of virus-infected cells in someone’s rectum.

That’d be weird, right Michael Greenawalt?


Naw, that is a statement of opinion, which is never defamatory.


I have witness statements and experts that will attest that Michael Greenawalt of Antioch California is more anal wart than human.

If the court would like to set a precedent that a ‘mostly anal wart’-type can go around and do human activities, that’s on them. For the rest of us that aren’t Michael Greenawalt of Antioch California I think it diminishes what it means to be human.

It is time for Michael Greenawalt to seek the warm embrace of truth and bathe in the topical ointment of discovery!


Does his PTSD require treatment with booze and wimmen?

RGR 4-78

Not really, he just needs a manmaxipad with stayput rivets.


Hey! Don’t underestimate the curative properties of Party Likker and loose womerns!🤣


Dammit. He’s got a NDSM. The brotherhood is not amused. The sisterhood ain’t happy either.


Man, fuck this guy…


In this photo, it appears he is wearing the Vietnam Service Medal, the RVN Vietnam Campaign Medal with Date Bar, the Vietnam Cross Of Gallentry, the Army Service Ribbon (don’t think he is entitled to that ribbon) the Bronze Star, ARCOMs,
Pathfinder, CIB, Bullwinkle Badge, Master Parachutist…and as SFC D pointed out, the NDSM.

Michael Thomas Greenawalt was born in May 1955. Claims he graduated from High School in 1973.

No way he was Boots on The Ground in Vietnam (Bronze Star Medal, CIB).


IF he DID graduate from Frankfort High School in 1973 and that High School was in Frankfurt, Germany, wonder if he was a Military Brat…?


Just as we suspected.

His Father, Basil Thomas Greenawalt, served in the US Air Force during Korea and Vietnam:

“Red was born 06/02/30 in Titusville, PA. He served in the U.S. Air Force for 21 years with a rank of Master Sgt. Red is survived by….2 Sons, Michael T. Greenawalt, Walnut Creek, CA…


What is more interesting is that his Father’s Air Force records shows service from 4 September 1952 to 30 September 1969.

Am thinking his Dad may have served from 1948 to 1969. A newspaper clipping on his Dad’s wedding to his Mom, dated January 1953, stated his Father was an E6/SSG stationed in Buffalo, New York.

Which now goes back to Michael Thomas Greenawalt claims if graduating from Frankfurt American High School in 1973. Perhaps his Dad worked for DoD in Germany in 1973.

Which goes back to the articles stating he served from 1972 to 1975…unless 1972 was his Delayed Entry Date…


Pissing on two legacies at once.


I agree. He would had had to fly to Vietnam when he was 16 or 17. In 1970 or 1971, the Army began a policy of no more teenagers shipped to the war.

Green Thumb


I am this ghey….


Rank is E7. High enough to be respectable, low enough to not be worthy of checking on. It is where you would expect the majority of soldiers to be after 20 yearsl.


I see the phony bastard has also awarded himself master jump master and pathfinder.


Is it just me, or is getting more bling in retirement? /sarc


Real Viet of the Nam vets are getting rare as we all age.
Seems there is a never ending supply of phonies and the
present generation can’t do the math so it looks like the
fakers can still fool people.
I predict the last Viet of the Nam vet will live to be
150 yrs old and no one will question it.

Cept TAH


Home-made coyote sporran? Looks like the Black Watch (Campbell) tartan.

Wanna bet his kilt hem is below his knees, his hosetops are right at the knee (being hidden by the kilt hem), and that his garter flashes are not on line with his shin bone?

Those who know, know what I’m saying.

And if you don’t know, here’s a British Army video (enable subtitles so you can understand his patter).


“…he had the flag around his neck …” What he needs around his neck is a cravat…or maybe an ascot…made of hemp with a thirteen knot instead of a four in hand.


Being a 73 HS grad myself there is no way he rates any of that bling. It was just too late in the war. Another 73 grad and fellow DS wore the green VN campaign ribbon (the green one) for his service in the Navy on station in VN circa 1974. I believe he was assisting the pull out. I’d be very interested to know how he rates two gold stars on his jump wings.


All US Army combat units had been withdrawn by early 1973.


Except for highly classified combat halo jumps, in Vietnam there was only one combat jump, the one carried out by the 173rd ABN Brigade.

Green Thumb

Michael Greenawalt may be a bullshit artist that never served in Vietnam, but he is definitely employed at All-Points Logistics.

Phil Monkress would never let that type of talent fall by the wayside.

One might even want to check the flagpole out front at their (All-Points Logistics) HQ in Merritt Island, Florida.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

American Legion….
First red flag right there.


You ain’t lying. I went to a post meeting last week and this broad in our post (prior post commander and current district delegate) made me have to call her out on some bullshit. It wasn’t military related, but she was trying to tell me that when she was growing up, her family spoke 3rd century Castilian Spanish. To which I replied, no such thing. Back then, people in that region spoke Latin. Then she tried to tell me that her family had lived in what is now New Mexico since 1419. Now, considering that Columbus didn’t sail the ocean blue until 1492…I obviously called bullshit. Makes me wonder what other bullshit she puts out there.

RGR 4-78

It’s the math that always gets them. 😉


Well, math, history, and common sense. I even tried to give her an out on both of them. Regarding the Castilian Spanish, I said, “Are you sure you don’t mean 13th century?” When she insisted that it was 3rd century, I pointed out that what is now Spain was the Roman province of Hispania at that time, meaning that the locals would speak some dialect of Vulgar Latin which would EVENTUALLY develop into Spanish a few hundred years later, but wouldn’t be considered Spanish by ANY stretch of the imagination. With regards to the New Mexico comment, I said, “Are you sure you don’t mean 1519?” When she insisted on 1419, I pointed out that Spain didn’t exist as a country at that time since during that era, the Iberian peninsula consisted of multiple kingdoms and principalities, some Christian and some Muslim. And I further pointed out that Spanish colonization of the Americas only happened after 1492, when the Kingdoms of Castile and Leon were united by marriage, completed the Reconquista, and the Moors were given the boot. She still kept insisting that she was right, so I called it a night. I have a low tolerance for bullshit and stupidity and she pegged both of those meters.


As my late brother would say, “That’s right, cloud the issue with the truth!”


Watch what may happen, i.e. Michael Thomas Greenawalt’s explanation on some of Bling Bling.

He may claim he is wearing all those medals/ribbons, badges in “honor of”…a deceased relative…

It’s possible. We have seen it before.

What an insult to TAH members who WERE Boots on the Ground in Vietnam…or to our TAH members who received Combat awards, i.e. PH, CIB, BSM, etc. or to our Gold Star Family Members..

Michael Thomas Greenawalt defintinely has a brain hiccup, personality disorder, low self esteem, narcissism..

He made that event all about him, NOT our beloved USA Old Glory.


I’m thinking that this case may have a strong potential to hopefully attract a Sock Puppet or two.

Hack Stone

His name shall forever echo throughout Kelly’s Canyon.



Good Ole Alaskan Bob…

Mick, in a way, we do hope some Sock Puppets DO show up…

We need SOMETHING to sharpen our claws…

Sock Puppets were Good Ole Days…🫡

Always still wonder if good ole Forgin Frank STILL believes he has a Bronze Star Medal and Purple Heart…

And now wondering if Baby Killer, Phony Vietnam POW Michael Killam posed as the 1st SEAC, Joe Gainey…🤭

Green Thumb

I imagine Alaska Bob is still holed up in some roadside bar drinking up the donation money.

Hack Stone

“Help me find the keys to my Harley and we can ride out of here.”

Alaska Bob



He’s still in Kelly’s “canyon”!


We stand corrected on Michael Thomas Greenawalt wearing the Army Service Ribbon (ASR).

Looks as if MAY have served from 1972 to 1985.

Just don’t know if his service was all Active Duty, to include the timeframe of 1981.

“For those service-members who completed initial entry training prior to 1981, the Army Service Ribbon is retroactively awarded, provided the service-member was still on active duty after 1981.”

So he MAY be “entitled” to wear the ASR.

He was born in May 1955. Perhaps he dropped out of High School in 1972 (he said he joined from Riverside, CA in 1972) went active, then served in Germany…and completed his High School Education via GED thru courses taken at Frankfurt High School, with completion in 1973.

Additionally, his Dad retired from the Air Force in 1969 and his parents got a divorce in 1970 in Riverside, which makes me now wonder about his Facebook claim of graduating from Frankfurt American High School in 1973.


Well, this is interesting…

Oh his LINKEDIN page, he now says he he received his High School diploma from Frankfurt American in 1972, NOT 1973 as he stated in one of his many Facebook accounts:

He also states he speaks German….🤔

He currently is an ER Tech…and also claims to have been an EMT with Westside Ambulance since January 1983…

Which now makes me wonder about his 1972-1985 military service..

Sounds again he may have come on active duty in 1972 (dropped out of High School(, received his GED in 1973 in Germany, seved 3/4 years active and may have gone Reserve or National Guard in California.

Last edited 4 months ago by ninja

“He also states he speaks German…”

Anyone who served in Germany speaks German……






Despite living in Germany as an Army Brat, taking German from Junior High to High School, taking German in College, can barely converse in German.

Can still read it…depending on what part of Germany an individual comes from, can understand what they are saying (can understand more from Southern Germans versus Northern Germans)..

Same with all other languages we learned based on where we lived as either Military Brats or Soldiers serving overseas….French, Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, Thai, Tagalog, Dari, etc etc

So, we are guessing you and Claw and rgr769 and poetrooper (where are you, Poe) and others can speak Vietnamese..😉

And SFC D can speak Dari/Pashtu…and OIF vets (There are lots of TAH members who served in that AOR) can speak Arabic…☺️

And our KoB can speak Deutsch…and of course, SOUTHERN…😆😂🤣😅

We think, 26Limabeans, you may be from Lobster Country…if so, have to admit, had a very hard time understanding one of our Drill SGT who came from that State…😉😎


Forgot Italian and Korean…😉😎

We have lost count…


Herr Dumkopt ist ein scheiss meister…Or in Southern American…Mister Dumbass is a Master of all things fecal.







“you may be from Lobster Country”

Born and raised with a Boston accent.
Still have trouble understanding Lobstah talk.
Best advice is to just agree and say ayuh,
adjust your hat and maybe kick a little dirt.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone speaks Japanese.

“Baby, you’re the ichiest!”

That is what is known as The Hack Stone International Date Line.


Eine bier, bitte!


“Bier, bitte!” at least.




Okay, I’ve identified the tartan he’s wearing, Clan “Dunlap”….

Cuz his belly dunlapped over his belt.



Dennis - not chevy

The Mrs was after me to get the whole suit; the kilt, sporran, jacket, sweater, socks, shoes, knife, sash, etc, until she found out how much it costs and how ugly my tribe’s tartan is. I will never ceased to be amazed at how much the phonies invest in their lies.

Hack Stone

Look at all of the posers throwing their girlfriends child support payments away on buying uniforms, medals, badges and other bling to give some credibility to their fantasies. We are looking at you, William Derek Church.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone’s roommate when he was at 2nd Maintenance Battalion, Fat Murph, decided to spontaneously take up the bagpipes with zero training when he was later stationed in Hawaii. Hack Stone ran into Fat Murph during Desert Shield, he mentioned about playing bagpipes with the Honolulu Police Department Marching Band, and showed Hack photos of him with wearing a kilt and carrying his bagpipes. Unfortunately (or fortunately) Hack never did get to hear Fat Murph perform, but the reviews by those who had survived his performance confirmed he was just as successful at playing the bagpipes as he was in maintaining Marine Corps weight standards.

Dennis - not chevy

The only time bagpipes are of indispensable value is at night when one’s clock has broken. Play the pipes and you will surely hear, “Oo the bleedin ell is playing at pipes at 3’ruddy o’clock in bloomin mornin?”


So, he played bagpipes AT people?


Probably used them for enhanced interrogation techniques while he was working at the PD.

Dennis - not chevy

‘might work. I remember many a dark and stormy night when the wind was bellowing and the lightning was flashing and the thunder was rolling through the hills. This is when my sainted Grandmother would crank-up the “hi-fi” and play recordings of bag pipe music. After a minute or two, I would have confessed to the Lindbergh kidnapping regardless of it happening years before I was born.

Thunder and bag pipes; and my wife wonders why I’m the way I am.

Amateur Historian


USMC Steve

9th MEB covered the final withdrawal and suffered the final two casualties in that war, when two Marines were hit by a rocket that last morning. Same outfit was the first ground forces to deploy to Vietnam on 8 March 1965.


Thought about Jonn Lilyea, since 33 years ago today, 28 February 1991, Desert Storm came to an end.

You, too, MarineDad61.

We were not Boots On The Ground in Kuwait during Desert Shield/Desert Storm.

And neither was Ole Les Brown from Elko, Nevada.

Just as Ole Michael Thomas Greenawalt was in Germany in April 1975 versus Saigon, Ole Les Brown was in Germany, probably enjoying the beer and food, 3 Hots and A Cot, versus eating, sleeping, working in a Sandbox on 28 February 1991.

Greenawalt and Brown both should have been proud for serving our Country as US Army Soldiers.

But they were not. It is obvious they both were ashamed of what they did.

Ole Les went to his grave with his lies. Most likely, Furry Kilt Clan Mikey will end up the same way as well others who never will admit to their wrongdoing, but will wear God and Jesus on their sleeves.

A Salute To Jonn and MarineDad61. Am sure there are other TAH members who were in the Sandbox on 28 February 1991. Alot if us were behind the scenes on Desert Storm/Desert Shield…We salute you as well.

Heck, we salute everyone who served that day!

33 years…Where has time gone? So hard to believe it will be coming up 22 years when we invaded Iraq in March 2022…Just seem as if it happened yesterday!

Rest In Peace, SFC Lilyea. Never Forget


Sonofabitch, when did I get old. On 28 FEB 1991, SGT D was running a TRC-170 relay site between Riyadh and KKMC.

Sure do miss you, Jonn.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone was in one of the first groups into Saudi for Desert Shield. But Hack was only in country until the end of October 1990. One Thursday afternoon the 1st Sergeant came across Hack in the compound and asked him what he was doing Friday morning. Hack replied “Probably waiting for a radio to fix.” Magic 8-Ball said not likely. He told Hack that he would be flying back to the States for Radio Technician Course starting Monday in 29 Stumps. That’s right, this joker was going to Top Soldering Gun. Checked into MCCES early Saturday afternoon, and they already started fucking with him. “Why are are you in Desert Cammies?” I told him “Because I just came from Saudi Arabia.” And he said “What do you mean that you just came from Saudi Arabia?” And Hack Stone said “I was in Saudi Arabia Thursday night, I flew out Friday morning, landed in Dover on Friday night, and flew out of Philadelphia this morning, I landed at the Ontario Airport, I here I am. I just came from Saudi Arabia.” I really hate MCCES.


Ah while SFC D was running tropo in the hot ass desert SPC 5JC, not unlike Hack Stone, had already been to SA and then his team was sent back. We missed the shooting part of the war to do Corp support from Kelly Barracks. So much beer, so little time.

Sadly, I wasn’t so lucky when the GWOT came around. Instead I got to spend two years of my life playing whack a mole with Jesh Al Mahdi and then ISI (later ISIS).


Thank You, SFC D, Hack and 5JC for sharing!

We still wonder what ever became of this guy, Patrick Bryant Dowdee, who claimed to have been a Desert Storm POW as well as receiving 3 Purple Hearts, 2 Silver Stars, 2 Bronze Star Medals, the DSSM, retired as an O6, was at the Pentagon on 9-11…

You can listen to him here:

This was posted in 2020 during COVID..Don’t know if TAH Admin ever received a FOIA on him…

Green Thumb

He is probably taking it up the ass (willingly) in some far, remote location deep behind enemy lines…..

Slow Joe

I always wondered why JAM and ISI could not get along. I mean, Shia and Sunni are the same crappy thing. They all make love to donkeys and drink male goat milk.

Last edited 4 months ago by Slow Joe

Same reason the Irish couldn’t get along for 400 years.


The Irish get along great. It’s the fookin British that are the problem.

Dennis - not chevy

Britain, an island made of coal, and they have had to import it. Of course the sun never set on the British Empire; they had to stay up all night to figure out how bollix things up so thoroughly.

Green Thumb

JAM militia were some mean motherfuckers.


Real sickos, oh yes. The stories I could tell. It wasn’t so much that they did such things but that they were proud of them. And not so much the things they did or tried to do to us; but to their own people that was disturbing.

I can see a point to fighting a foreign power that has invaded your country when your political goals don’t align, but to prey on the weak and helpless they way they did, well one understands why summary execution is sometimes a thing.

Green Thumb



ninja, Thanks. Several other Gulf War Veterans here, based on years long occasional back and forth convos and comments. This is 1 of my redacted war pics. Volunteer support role from my unit, 8 guys, 4 deuces, handed over to an MP unit convoy for 5 days, a convoy from Saudi into Iraq on day 3, to deliver fresh supplies to EPW camps in Iraq, then spend the next 5 days trundling EPWs south from Iraq and Kuwait into Saudi. 1 case of MREs for each of us. Yes, we ran out. 1 case of bottle water for each of us. Those held up. I brought a secret stash of toilet paper, so we were gold. Not so gold for the EPWs riding in our deuces, who liked to piss on their own shoes and floor. —- Fun fact about these pics —- Summer 1991, (over 100) overseas photos developed. I took all the photos to a PA computer BBS summer picnic, and the local BBS sysop said he could get them SCANNED into GIF files (GIF was the original compressed file size graphic file type) (flatbed scanners were $2000 in 1991). So I gave my BBS sysop 19 of my new photos, and wrote captions for the future GIF graphics. Little did I know, the sysop was good friends with the owner of McHenry BBS, in the midwest, 1 of the largest R and X smut boards at the time. McHenry BBS was patriotic, and did all this for FREE. Accepted the mail, scanned to 640×480 GIF, mailed the photos back to PA, and PAID for the long distance (dial up at 2400 baud) to upload these 19 GIF files to the sysop of the PA BBS. All the McHenry BBS R and X smut pics of the day had this same spectral border. Some of these 19 (about 10) ended up on shareware/freeware CD-ROMs throughout the 90s. I even met one date/gf on AOL from my name on the CD-ROM pics. (She seemed great, until I learned she was doctor shopping to continue her 2 sons as Ritalin… Read more »

Last edited 4 months ago by MarineDad61

Oh oh,
Spacing / edit failure.
Ends with “Ritalin eaters. Ugh.”


Sgt Eggs was at King Fahd, probably working on packing up helicopter stuff.

Last edited 4 months ago by Eggs
President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Should wrap him in that flag, douse it in a flammable, and set it on fire.

I wonder if the flag he donated was made in China.