Remington Flees New York

| February 20, 2024

Remington 870

NY village ‘losing its soul’ as nation’s oldest gun manufacturer flees blue state for Georgia

Remington is the nation’s oldest gun manufacturer
By Emma Colton

The Remington gun factory nestled in New York’s Mohawk Valley is ready to shutter its doors and move to Georgia after more than 200 years in the Empire State.

“Two hundred and eight years of history. Gone, gone,” Ilion, New York, Mayor John P. Stephens told the New York Times. “Ilion is Remington. Remington is Ilion.”

Remington is the nation’s oldest gun manufacturer and told union officials late last year that company chiefs at RemArms, the current version of Remington Arms, made the decision to end its New York manufacturing come March. The remaining operations located in Ilion will move to Georgia, where company leaders say the firearms industry is supported and welcomed.

Residents of the New York village, which is located roughly 230 miles northwest of New York City, are bracing for the manufacturer to officially move, which some say will take part of the town’s identity with it.

Fox News

Town’s identity, really? It’s taking a tax paying business and local paychecks out of the state forever with no replacement. Remington has had its financial woes in the past, but the Sandy Hook civil suit and Cuomo’s Gun Industry Liability Law made New York untenable. Beretta fled the People’s Democratic Republic of Maryland and Smith & Wesson moved on from Massachusetts to Tennessee.  I see a trend.

What could be the next instance of the Law of Unintended Consequences to hit New York, real estate corporation flight? Stay tuned.

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Hack Stone

Maybe a New York Attorney General can file a lawsuit against the executives at Remington claiming their overvalued their assets on a loan twenty years ago and slap them with a $500,000,000 fine before they leave the state.


So how are they going to move without trucks?


I’m sure finding a truck or 3 OUT of New York would be no problem. If I was an Owner Operator, I would sign up for that, and haul for expenses (tolls, fuel). I’m sure other drivers/ companies would happily sign on as well.


Eventually marxists run out of other people’s money…

And blame white supremacy.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“White flight”


“unintentional consequences”…people keep using that phrase, but I do not think it applies. These consequences are are both intentional and celebrated by those who create them.


Yup. Gotta get those eebil gun manufacturers out of New York. For the children.


Just like Magpul left the peoples republic of colorado.. AFTER staging a HUGE giveaway of STANDARD capacity magazines.. they warned the dims they’d leave if they passed that dipshit law, but the dims didn’t believe them (since leftist assholes always promise to leave if a republican is elected, but never do), then screamed bloody murder when Magpul made good on their promise most riki-tik..

Proves they mot only hate America,, but that they’re also morons


Charter Arms as well.


I always forget about Charter but I think they’re still solidly in CT.

Good wheel guns for little scratch.


Other bit in moderation jail, I’ll continue:

Quietly, a storied Connecticut gun industry shrinks sharply –Middletown Press (2019)

Data provided by the [National Shooting Sports Foundation] shows [CT] lost 1,800 jobs in the industry between 2012 and 2018, down from 7,300 in 2012. The entire firearms industry’s economic impact in the state has declined from $1.8 billion in 2012 to $1.2 billion in 2018, the trade group’s data shows.

These people will burn it all down just to prove they’re “right”.

As much as you hate these people, it’s not enough.


More than three (3) linky attachments in a comment throws it into mod jail. Nothing personal from Admin, it’s a feature…not a bug.

(((They))) also want to prove that (((they))) can “Rule over the ashes!”

Build you trophy wife her doll house, then sell it for a large profit, then you and her GTFO of CT.


I’ll break’m up gooder next time.

Ain’t no way I’m competing against ninji in a link-off.


RGR 4-78

Build you trophy wife her doll house, then sell it for a large profit, then you and her GTFO of CT.”



My people conquered these lands, I’ll be damned if I get chased off by investment bankers and librarians.

I am stubborn and have a somewhat dire reason to maintain my surroundings: natural resources.
If the shit really does hit the fan the; fertile land, good growing season, trees up the a.., access to hydropower, etc. all contribute to this area requiring hardy individuals to sustain.

I believe I’m made of this stuff.

Historically, if you look at the areas with the most intelligent people, those able to act as a group and delay gratification, all those people where from certain latitudes and climate.

Cold kills. Gotta be smarterer than it.

Plus, wolves can be adaptable. But they’re a whole hellva lot easier to track in the snow.
If it unravels, they will be welcome here with open Arms.


Sorry, bud. Your people may have once conquered these lands, but they’ve now been conquered since.

Until rural New Yorkers are willing to set their feet in the ground, load their rifles, and say, “No further,” Albany will run roughshod over them because, comparatively, their votes mean nothing.

Sad, given that Hiawatha and the most natively American concepts of individual freedom that informed this great American experiment were built in the same region that is, today, kowtowing to tyranny.


I once asked a N Y Trooper at a service area if there were still any Indians around there. He thought for a moment and replied “Yeah, there are some but the Mohawks all moved off to Canada.” I said if we don’t get a handle on the border that would happen to us.
What was a trickle at the northern border is now a growing stream of invaders. The Swanton sector is setting records never seen before.


Sounds better than “We didn’t think.”


The remaining operations located in Ilion [New York] will move to Georgia, where company leaders say the firearms industry is supported and welcomed.

for now.

Georgia is Atlanta and Atlanta is New York Chity-South.

2020 should’ve woken everyone up to the fact the frontline is everyfkwhere.


“…for now.” Yep, and when The Tank Stacey takes over in another few years the State will be in even worse condition. Atlanta is not only Noo Yawk Shitty, South, it is also, Shitcongo(Chiraq), Detroit, Minneapolis, Seattle, SanFranShitsco, et;al. As you well know, the True Patriots have left the metro areas of ATL, Augusta, Albany, Columbus, Macon, and Savannah for the outlying areas. Folks still gotta go into the metro for some of the jobs, but they ain’t living there. Commutes have become a cast iron bitch for ’em tho.

I will give a heart Welcome South, Brother (WSB AM Motto from waaaaay back yonder) to Remington, just as we gave Daniel Defense when they moved into Pooler awhile back. Being as Remington is going to LaGrange, the employees may be able to avoid most of the hood rats and general trash coming out of ATL and/or Columbus. Don’t know if the new facilities have been built yet, I think they’re close cause this was originally announced back in 2021. Not only is Remington leaving their historical building behind, they are probably going to be, as Georgia was 160 years ago…non union. (see what I did there?) It will also be easier for us to re-arm our “Nancy Harts” with new weapons from a close by facility. Those Ladies knew the meaning of AND the need to…Prepare.

A Proud Infidel®™

Well, there goes more industry from Nooh Yawk State.


Dear New Yuck,


I may have to try one of those…five shots of booze? And a floater of 7-up? Yep, a sweet drink that will knock you on your ass. Sign me up!


Sweet baby Jesus that’s a little scary. Testing will commence at the Cantina on saturday.


Just to go into the wayback machine, prior to Civil War 1, most of the armaments industries were located in the north. This time around…


Messrs Griswold, Gunnison, Spiller, and Burr…Grin!


Pretty much.

Slow Joe

I don’t know.
I think Georgia is kind of purple these days.
I would have gone to Texas or Florida.


Hot-lanta? Probably quite proggie just ’cause of there.

Slow Joe

There is movie coming out in March about a new civil war.
It’s from a B movie company called A24.


Hard to imagine DeSantisland and Commiefornia on the same side of anything though.

Army-Air Force Guy

Now just get Colt outta CT and S&W revolver production out of Taxachusetts, then it’ll be all good.

USMC Steve

Were I a significant investor or businessperson in that state, I would publicly announce and immediately start divesting all holdings in NY and move my money and holdings elsewhere.


The LT in my unit in Germany who got off active duty and became a pornstar heavily invested in Florida real estate (not blow) so she’s making bank now.

RGR 4-78

That has got to be one hell of a story.


I, for one, really want to hear it!


They’ll come for Ka-bar, next.


We down South welcome the gun industry! We sure as hell ain’t perfect, but for the most part we don’t have Big City Leftists running things. Atlanta? New Orleans? Austin? All drowned out by the vast majority of the states they’re located in.

Remington, like so many other long-tenured gun manufacturers, is doing right by taking their business out of the states that attack their industry so maliciously. Kimber, long out of Yonkers, NY, now produces the bulk of their guns in Troy, AL. We still get a few of their M1911s made in Yonkers, but everything we get comes directly from Troy’s distribution center, with the bulk being made in AL. Funny to think that just maybe Browning was a clairvoyant. His M1911 as originally designed meets even the completely asinine NY law of having no more than seven rounds loaded in the mag. Guide to The New York Safe Act | S.C.O.P.E. – Shooters Committee On Political Education – Dedicated dedicated to preserving the 2nd amendment rights for the residents of New York State (

Coming from a Virginia lineage of 400 years, I never realized exactly how much that state infringes on our rights until I started selling guns in Louisiana. While it’s not the aforementioned seven-round limit, VA does restrict carry guns to 20 rounds. More than enough, you might say, especially if you’re an M1911 or even Glock aficionado. But we live in an age where you can buy a brand-new FN509 with a 24-round magazine. VA also restricts handgun purchases to one a month. Down here, we’ve sold as many as eight on the same 4473. Those little Heritage Rough Riders go like hotcakes around Black Friday, and you can go from zero to ten guns in less than $900.

Long story short, I expect the more Southern states to keep attracting pro-2A businesses. GA, TX, SC, AL, LA, etc. I don’t think we here in LA have attracted many outside companies, but we have Wise Arms, and their .300 Blackout is on sale for $699 at the moment. Tempting.