Iran Claims South Pole

| February 15, 2024

Iran declares Antarctica its property in direct challenge to Biden, global treaty

Iranian Navy commander announces planned military base in South Pole
By Benjamin Weinthal

JERUSALEM — Iran’s Navy commander announced in a televised broadcast last fall that the regime owns Antarctica and will build a military operation in the South Pole.

“We have property rights in the South Pole. We have plan to raise our flag there and carry out military and scientific work,” Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Shahram Irani said in late September, according to a translation by the Washington D.C.-based Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Iran’s naval saber-rattling is drawing new attention in response to the Iranian-backed militias that murdered three U.S. soldiers in Jordan last month.

Fox News Digital asked a U.S. State Department spokesperson if the recent American unfreezing of $6 billion in Iranian funds held in Qatar could be used by Iran to set up a base in Antarctica.

“No. Iran’s funds held in Qatar may not be used for any activities in Antarctica,” the spokesperson said. “Those funds can only be used to purchase humanitarian goods, meaning food, medicine, medical devices and agricultural products.”

Fox News

White House National Security Advisor John Kirby has avowed not a single dinar of the 6 Billion USD will go to Iran. Instead it will go to administration approved vendors to buy humanitarian and medical assistance for Iran. I am filled with confidence in the vetting process and oversight our current administration will provide. Sadly money is a fungible commodity- this frees up billions in Iran’s oil profits to fund terror proxies. Or make ridiculous threats of expansion.

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Hack Stone

Waiting for those Iranian GI’s to come back to Tehran with their new brides. Never saw a penguin wearing a veil.


Every bride is most beautiful on their wedding day.


Ever see Nadler do the penguin walk?

Jerrold Nadler shits himself live : r/trump (

Amateur Historian

😆 🤣 😂

Green Thumb

Kinda cold there as well.


I triple dog dare them to build a base there.


Straight to the triple-dog dare. What an incredible breach of protocol!


Go big or go home and pics or it never happened. If Iran wants to be a world player they need to throw away a good hundred billion dollars on a worthless prestige project.


Would this be Iran’s version of Siberia? Where dissidents and political enemies get sent to?

Slow Joe

No balls

Amateur Historian

Probably because their nuts would freeze off if they actually tried.


I think they should live stream it.

Do they have their own Kurtamalah Russellamaldadingdong?

Old tanker

It’s simply amazing how freeing up that 6 billion in funds didn’t cause a change in iran’s activities. I’m so glad president dementia gave them back that money to promote peace in the region. Now iran can go convert the penguins to islam in Antarctica.


I don’t think they’d have a chance to convert this penguin

Slow Joe

Wait…penguin is code word for monks?!


Blues Brothers visit The Penguin

Last edited 4 months ago by Eggs

Not monks, nuns… the ones in my grade school had a SCARY similarity to the one in the Blues Brothers

Slow Joe

Monks, nuns.
Same thing…


I grew up Catholic and it has always been
my understanding that Monks were male
and Nuns were female. Could go either
way in todays DEI world.
In any case, I would rather face a Monk
with an AK than face a Nun with a ruler.


Was raised Lutheran. It’s like being catholic but without the guilt.

Old tanker

You must be in the confused about gender population then.

Slow Joe

Can you imagine if Iran had the military power we have? They would try to conquer the world.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“What are we going to do tonight?”
“The same thing we do every night. Try to conquer the world!”

This is a very brainy comment!

I liked that cartoon.


There’s a theory that Pinky was actually the smarter of the two. He only played dumb in order to “accidentally” foil Brain’s plans to take over the world.

Forest Bondurant

John Kirby is a moron.



Well, McCain was a dim bulb himself, so he’d know.


Were it not for being a POW, passed over and booted for wrecking enough aircraft?


Admiral Byrd chuckles from the grave.


Never gonna work, camels do not do so good in the snow.


Not impossible but, true, clearly not the best:
comment image

Last edited 4 months ago by Anonymous
jeff LPH 3 63-66

Was that picture taken on a Wednesday????

Slow Joe

Hahaha…I understood that.


“No. Iran’s funds held in Qatar may not be used for any activities in Antarctica,” the spokesperson said. “Those funds can only be used to purchase humanitarian goods, meaning food, medicine, medical devices and agricultural products.”

Which leads me to the question: Are they really that stupid, or do they think we are?

If you give them money for food, medicine, medical devices and agricultural products, that means they no longer have to spend their own money for those things.

Which means the money they would have spent on those things is now freed up to spend on other things.

Like…say…a base in Antarctica maybe?

I have a very difficult time believing that something so obvious to a person like me…a nobody with a public school high school diploma and community college associate’s degree…would be impossible for a high ranking government official who probably went to private schools and an ivy league college to figure out.

Which means they think we’re too stupid to figure it out.

The scary thing is that he might actually be right in a general sense.

I once heard something a bit sobering that I’d never considered before: You know how stupid the average person can be? Half the population is stupider than that.

Damn we’re screwed.



President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I really don’t see a problem.
Iran: hot & dry. Technology: Seventh century, bought from the Russians, or stolen. Nothing advanced (cold based) of their own.
Antarctica: cold & dry. Unforgiving of any errors or lapses in judgement.
Let the Iranians try to build a settlement in Antarctica. They’ll waste millions, if not billions of the “unfrozen” (irony, anyone?) money, kill or injure (frostbite and cold injuries) a bunch of their own. They’ll most likely have to buy the cold survival technology from Russia—that is, if they haven’t pissed Russia off first. Then, if the Russians DO sell them cold tech stuff, it will be either outdated, obsolete, and/or broken. And all sold at new off-the-shelf prices.
As for trying to set up any kind of a missile or weapons base there…..any of y’all ever participate in a cold weather exercise? Remember the shit ya had to go through to keep things working (rifles, mortars, cannons, etc)?
That would be on a “hot and sunny” day in Antarctica.

Let the Iranians waste their money on a frozen hole. They’re used to it with their women (rimshot, ducks, runs).

Last edited 4 months ago by President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Come on IRI, dream big!
Venus isn’t all that much morer far away and is more suitable for your type of tech, operational environment knowledge base.

Besides,she’s literally strewn with black rocks for you to dance ’round.

I’ll send you some seed money and vienna sausages for the trip!

Prior Service

Target selection is pretty easy when your enemy only dresses in black robes against a white background. Just sayin’.


Or smoke coming from warming fires


Mad Mullahs are just mad ’cause they heard about all the seals that were in Antarctica. Maybe the mullahs thought it was SEALs?

Sooo…just declaring to the world that one is laying claim to something makes it yours? Cool! I hereby lay claim on the affections of OAM! Suck it, Chimpy…she’s MINE! Now…if I could just get 6 very very large, I might can make that happen.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Seals were great watching them perform on the Ed Sullivan TV show

Hack Stone

Will the Iranian military be providing the deployed GI’s “comfort goats” in order to combat essential services?


Sled goats.


Some things are best left under the ice.




Hey radheads, it’s all white in the pictures. But that ain’t sand.


I bet it’s difficult to capture and fuck a wet penguin.


You don’t even want to know. Completely changes the meaning of “cold packing”.

Hack Stone

I’ll take that bet.


Maybe they finally got access to all those Conspiracy Theory sites and found this one
Thinking they can lay claim to all that alien technology and ports of trade!


In a gif:
comment image

Hack Stone

A strip club outside the front gate of an Antarctic military installation. They’ll be featuring Pole Dancing.


Their lips will freeze to the poles.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone sees what you did there. Well played, sir, well played.




That would be worse than what happened to Ralphie’s pal on that double dog dare.

AW1 Rod

This is hysterical! Almost as entertaining as listening to Baghdad Bob’s daily reports during Desert Storm!

I doubt Iran’s brown water Navy has many ice breakers in its inventory.


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The Pirates Cove

John Seabee

Having been there twice, I think the towel head is simply a phuctard.