Mixed news. Or is it?

| February 12, 2024

Further to Ed’s column, the radical left is truly eating its own young. Or the worm has turned…I know there is a cliche that applies.

“Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, you are a war criminal!” a man shouted as the former secretary of state walked onto a lecture hall stage at Columbia University in New York City.

The former first lady then tried to begin her speech about conflict-related sexual violence, noting, “Yelling doesn’t solve the problem,” when she was interrupted by a second protester.

She tried to talk over the protester but then gave up as more appeared to join in, saying, “OK, we’re going to stop a minute. You know what, why don’t all of you just interrupt me so that you won’t be interrupting our panelists so that we don’t have this kind of disruption when we have people who are real experts in this area.”

She added, “People are free to protest, but they are not free to disrupt events or classes and that is going to be the standards that we follow here and going forward.”  Fox News

Remember when cancel culture was hounding conservative speakers off campuses? Disrupting their speeches, etc? Surely I am not the only one seeing the irony.

But, on the side of sanity, I am seeing some signs of intelligent life across the pond:

We’ve seen Europe doing what they can, again and again, to make their citizens miserable. Zero emissions zones in cities, taxing based on vehicle WEIGHT instead of mileage or emissions, so heavier EVs can pay almost $20 an hour to park in Paris. Elektrek  Shutting down electric plants in the middle of winter with no backups because they are ‘dirty’. Restrictions on farmers and their equipment, and even advocating eating insects instead of animal protein. Restricting pesticides , thereby ensuring lower food production.  

Protesting farmers descended on the heart of the European Union on Thursday as leaders across the bloc held a crucial meeting at which they agreed new funding for Ukraine.

Demonstrators rolled into Brussels in their tractors in the early morning hours before gathering outside the European Parliament where the summit was being held, blaring horns, hurling eggs and sparking fires. CNN

“They’re drowning us with all these regulations,” he said. “They need to ease up on all the directives and bureaucracy. We can’t compete with other countries when things are like this. We’re … drowning.” Guardian

Well, it’s working and the EU is backing down.

The response to the protest was immediate: The EU’s executive commission announced plans to shield farmers from cheaper products exported from wartime Ukraine and to allow farmers to use some land they had been required to keep fallow for environmental reasons.

The plans, which still need approval from member states and the European Parliament, amounted to a sudden and symbolic concession.

In Paris, which is preparing to host the 2024 Summer Olympics, farmers are dismantling roadblocks and other barricades after the government promised more than 400 million euros ($436 million) in additional financial support. Newsday

Worth following up…the farmers are challenging the zealots and winning. Makes me hope there is some sanity over there after all…


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We need some of that sanity doled out here. I wonder what our “betters” would think if a few hundred “honey wagons” and support tankers to reload those honey wagons were to descend on DC or state capitals and redistribute the same crap they’re giving us.

It is all biodegradable, renewable and green so it wouldn’t really be an environmental issue one could argue.


I lived on dairy farm for a few years back in the 70’s and helped
with the chores to supplement my rent.
We had two kinds of manure spreaders, both pulled by a large
Deere tractor. One of them was a 1200 gallon tank with folding
outriggers lined with nozzles that would spray liquid manure.
The other one was a long narrow trailer with sides and a shit
slinger fed by a continuous belt.
I would love drive either in a DC parade.


The tank model is what the farmers here, and people stuck behind them, affectionately call honey wagons.

There is a somewhat large dairy operation not far from me that has a rather large supply of “ammo” for either.

The tank models outriggers can be shut off in any combination of left, right or center spray patterns. A company called dultmier can supply different nozzles for desired coverage and spray patterns. Pumps too, for desired output.


The farmers and ranchers I grew up around called that “liquid sunshine”.


In some cities no one would notice.


They may even say the smell of spring is in the air.


Not only am I in favor of the chickens coming home the roost, but I hope they poop all over them.


C/mon guys….you with me on this? No wonder Billdo cheated on her!!



I wonder if Bill told her this?


LMAO. She sure is!

USMC Steve

That skeery looking beast would be enough to turn you fag.


There are two sets of laws.

And democrat marxist “leaders” will not be treated like the little people.


That Bitch is the epitome of pure evil. May the Barbed C*ck of Satan torment her for all Eternity as her worthless soul burns in the hottest fires of Hell.

Lib/Greenie Logic…”Why do we need farmers, we can just buy our food at the grocery store.”

You may recall that it was a group of farmers that threw off the yoke of an oppressive grubermint back in the 1700s. Time for history to repeat itself.



I doubt that Satan would be able to draw wood once he looked at that evil thing.


Even satan draws the line at incest and rumor is she’s his sister.


Why do we need [doers], we can just buy our [products] at the […] store.

Ultimately there’s the problem. Our basis of measuring stick, chiefly the currency, is so badly broken at this point that these spasms-cum-schisms will continue.

Waves of unchecked/uncheckable inflation, disinflation, perhaps deflation enroute?

There are too many; with hands extended, dependent on subsidized ‘jobs’, businesses that turn no ‘profit’ in higher interest rate environments, etcetcetc., for this to resolve positively.

I hope I’m wrong but you know what’s said of hope not being a strategy…

“Prepare” by growing potatoes, or whatever staple crop ya can. And your D.O.P.E.!


comment image?w=636&h=617


Stoner 63 ?


Also noted, it was nice of the Philistine to bring his sword to the fight…

Battlefield pick-ups: they’s Biblical!


Brought a big knife to a rock fight… and lost.


More than likely not…
comment image


90% of the population of early Americans were farmers or lived on farms. Now 80% of Americans live in ant farms.

Prior Service

Much as I dislike Hillary, I’d rather have her than O’Biden. At least her foreign policy is much more realistic than his. (Still absolutely wrong on a spectrum, but not as bad.)
On the shouting down, I can’t stand their thuggish, immature, shout-down behaviors. I really hope the right never adopts that tactic. It doesn’t matter your stance or position, if people have brought you in to speak, you should be given the opportunity without constraint. Those that can’t follow this should just be pulled out of the event.

Slow Joe

So, slow down the car going over the cliff rather than stopping and reversing course…

Prior Service

Sure, I would agree with you, that’s all having her as prez would do. But on an objective spectrum of bad, her foreign policy is slightly less bad than his (other than that whole element of “what’s in it for me?”) I’m definitely not for either of them and as a human I dislike her even more than him so it evens out. But if any of the usual suspects are up for replacing him, I’d take her before Bernie, Kamala, Gavin, etc. (Would have to keep the sound off for four years though.). On the other hand I’d take, and vote for, even the most (R)INO candidate you could produce before any D. My fear is we get burned by another “never-(insert candidate)” and too many pouters take their vote and go home. (Aka did I want Romney? No. But I’d rather have had him than Obumbles.) And if—somehow—Haley was the candidate, the (R) will get my vote (as opposed to her)….

USMC Steve

She is no more physically or mentally capable than he is. Remember when she crapped out and the Secret Service had to toss her bodily into their APC like a sack of meat? Or when the balloons dropped onto the stage they were on and she vapor locked?


I think you fail to understand just how evil she is. You would be better off with Palpatine than HRC.

Prior Service

I caveated my comments like twenty different ways. I like nothing about her. But her foreign policy is less bad than is Biden’s. I’ve been watching her since she was first “lady” of Arkansas. I know how evil she is.


If it were in the US we would say Middle America has spoken! The Right and the Left extremes can punish themselves all they want, but when you break the middle the whole thing falls apart.

Good for Europe, hard to believe they are more sensical than we are! What have we become?


WEF/EU elitists have no sense:
comment image

USMC Steve

Someone needs to remind that asshole that anyone can be gotten to when they present a large enough threat.


When someone decides that the sacrifice is worth it, we’ll read his obituary with great satisfaction. Ernst Stavro Blofeld looking motherfucker.

A Proud Infidel®™

I SO look forward to reading his obituary!!!


“People are free to protest, but they are not free to disrupt events or classes and that is going to be the standards that we follow here and going forward.”

So when did this fucking change occur?

Rhetorical. We know when it occurred. The second she stepped in front of the mic and opened her carpet cleaner.



According to this article, it seems they fear Trump being reelected, so they baked impeachment (again) into the cake.


The Uniparty is alive and well. We’re gonna need more lampposts.


Never Make itt through the house.


We’d like to think that it wouldn’t, but the house is eat up with uniparty people too.


Lamp posts, gallows, trees…whatever it takes.


Rope or chains, a trailer hitch and a 400 horsepower jukebox on wheels is another option should all lampposts or trees be unavailable to hold just 1 more.

Maybe toss in a dukes of Hazzard style slide around a corner or a ditch jump for good measure.

USMC Steve

Nah, feet first into a woodchipper.

USMC Steve

Given all the people that she had murdered, I would assume it takes some guts to piss this maniac off.