Al Sharpton calls attention to the illegal alien invasion

| February 10, 2024

Calling the illegal alien issue an invasion is usually something associated with the right. However, even those associated with the left are mentioning an illegal alien invasion. Al Sharpton mentioned illegal migrants assaulting policemen in New York, and pondered how the voters could be brought to contacting their senators to get the border issue resolved.

From The Daily Wire:

“What is being done to get the public to really rise up in various states to say to their senators that they want to see the borders — the border issue resolved?” Sharpton asked Murphy.

“I mean, you’re getting migrants beating up policemen in the streets of New York,” Sharpton continued. “You are seeing an influx of migrants all over the country that, frankly, have people outraged.”

Sharpton asked whether there could be “some kind of public pressure” put on senators to the effect of, “Why are you allowing this to continue?”

“Because at the end of the day, senators have to deal with their voters,” Sharpton said.

“And at the same, in the bill you give money to Gaza, to civilians in Gaza, and Israel,” Sharpton said. “But the border, I mean, we’re looking every day at the invasion of migrants, and they are playing a time game with politics on this?”

Cities including New York City, Chicago, and Denver are struggling to metabolize an influx of hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants who have arrived since spring, 2022.

Texas has sent more than 100,000 migrants to sanctuary cities to ease the strain on border towns.

The Daily Wire provides additional information here.

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Al gives zero fucks about the police but… He doesn’t need his pool of supporters competing with new guys for the free shit. Plus immigrants that show up and start working the next day throw shade on them since they have been unable to find jobs since birth. The mamacitas with 6 Kids that still find the time to clean hotel rooms are especially troubling and throw the whole paradigm of being kept down out the window.

The same thing happened during the post Vietnam immigration wave. The Viet’s are all out of the slums and Al and his friends are still there. It got so bad they had to say that Asians are no longer eligible for minority status and had to start clipping wings. It’s bound to happen again.

A Proud Infidel®™

Speakin’ of said urban slums, I DARE anyone to find one that’s in a Republican-run district!


That’s easy money. Dallas, Ft Worth and Oklahoma City all have Republican mayors.

Although Johnson just converted to Republican in the last two years and there has been only one other short term R mayor in Dallas in 30 years. So practically still Democrat.

Ft Worth has been R for 15 years. Head down Forrest Hill Dr on the Southside around 10pm but button up first. I will say the poverty level is not nearly as bad as other cities of its size.

OKC is solidly R, you are going to want to stay out of the East side South of Memorial to the interstate. Unless you need some meth or crack badly.


The “migrants” are turning to prostitution. Pimps and Democrat politicians lovin’ it.

A Proud Infidel®™

Noooo waitwaitwait, ain’t all of them-thar “Sanctuary Cities” supposed to be all rainbows, group hugs and all that shit with lollipops sprouting from the gardens jus because they said so? HEY, it was also supposed to be that was AS SOON AS all of those bad “offensive” statues got removed, too! I love watching the liberals’ heads explode the moment the problems they inflict on others get boomeranged on them!


Sanctuary cities are paradise to the refuse of the world.

When you find paradise, paradise is lost.


E.g., San Fransh*thole


Trump only wanted 5 billion to finish the wall. How many billions is it costing us now? Who was the president in 2022? Ole Al stumped for pedo Joe, he owns this.


I asked Joe Biden who was president in 2022 and he said it was Gerald Ford. Then he got angry and yelled at Tucker Carlson. Then he apologized saying that he wasn’t supposed to call on Tucker first. Then he attempted to shamble off stage but fell down the steps. I asked if he were ok and he told me that he knew what the hell he was doing. Next thing I knew a Secret Service agent was jamming a needle in his neck whispering; “Sun is going down big guy, sun is going down….” They called me over to “talk” but I ran the other way. I recognized the guy from HRC’s old security detail. No way I’m getting Epstein’d.


The enemy of my enemy is Al Sharpton.

Hack Stone

So, the “Diversity is our strength” thing has been played out? Never knew that diversity had an expiration date.


What, Al Sharpton’s people aren’t getting enough welfare and food stamps? Do you mean the immigrants aren’t flocking to him to be their savior? If they were, this would be a different story.


Maybe the gang bangers. The rest said something about not wanting to live in another socialist hell hole and work their way out of it instead.

Skivvy Stacker

Never thought I’d hear Al “Tawana din’t Lie” Sharpton sounding like a Republican.
That loud crashing noise you just heard was me…falling off my bar stool and landing on the frozen lake of fire in hell.

Prior Service

He only sounds republican if you truncate the quote sufficiently. His “they’re playing a time game with this” at the end was the tell he was about to blame republicans (or maybe Whitey).


Who else would he blame. Can’t stray to far off the masters plantation.

Forest Bondurant

“I’ll have those nigg3rs voting Democrat for the next 200 years.” – Lyndon Baines Johnson (Democrat President)

Makes me sick.


PHUQUE HEEM! I believe that all of the hot air that this mofo has put out over the years is the true cause of “global warming”.

And, and by the ways, Race Hustler…pay your freaking taxes.


Thee Dems are using Republican opposition to that border “compromise” as justification for blaming the whole immigration mess on the Rs. They aren’t newly discovering the border mess, they are just figuring out a way to blame it all on Trump. Too late to list any other candidate than Biden now, and they feel this is the best way to attack what is widely perceived as one of Trump’s strengths.


Sharpton is wrong about D-rat senators when he says they have to “deal with their voters.” They care about the Progs who run their party. Otherwise, how can one explain their unanimous votes in compliance with the Party Line? The Party Progs want all these new recruits to the FSA.

Amateur Historian

I hate Sharpton, but an idiot broken clock is still right twice a day. But the states right now are the ones doing their best with the invasion by sending their NGs down to Texas. Federal D-rat politicians will never willingly try to fix the problem because doing so will be an admission that they were wrong. So, for now, it’ll be the states who will be trying to fix this, so long as the treasonous Feds stay off their back (they probably won’t).


The invasion is diluting the power of race hustlers like Sharpton. Hustlers like him won’t be have any leverage over politicians when they represent a minority that’s a quarter the size of the “hispanic” lobby. That scares the crap out of them because shaking down politicians and sometimes business leaders is what butters their bread.

Green Thumb

Big Al.

Always great news.

And whys are whese going to Mars, when whese gots problems here?



Sports commentor Stephen A Smith getting fed up with illegals getting free shit & American citizens getting kicked to the curb.
Black ESPN Host CONVERTS to AMERICAN FIRST Live On-Air ‘Trump Will WIN’ |Demands Joe Biden RESIGN🔥 (


People are finally walking up.

Green Thumb

You mean Stephen A “Racist” Smith?


Let’s make that trainload of ILLEGAL INVADERS the same as the subject of an old Savoy Brown Tune…IYKYK

comment image

Forest Bondurant

The MSM media calls them “undocumented Americans “. Suck it up AL!

As for the rest, heed the advise…


Green Thumb

Once you upend the major minority and have a new major minority, they get the lion’s share of the funding and money.

Fairly simple, actually.

Surprised it took him this long to sound off.


Now that emperor has no clothes….

Probably won’t make it to the voting booth.


Wait…so if you’re BLACK, you can beat up the police and be treated as a hero for ‘fighting the power’, but if you’re BROWN and beat up the police, we need to do something about it?


For some strange reason, The rainbow coalition is not so much.