Grand jury decides to not charge a man who fatally shot a robber

| January 6, 2024

A video shows a man, Eric Eugene Washington, 30, walking around showing what appears to be a firearm. He goes around taking money. One of the customers was armed, waited for the opportunity to act, then quickly positioned himself. He fired into Washington. The robber fell to the floor. This did not stop additional rounds from being fired. This case was referred to a grand jury, which declined to forward charges for this event. Washington’s mother said that she didn’t condone her son’s behavior, she talked about her son’s promise to be the best man he could be and wondered why excessive shots were fired.

From the Daily Wire:

The “no bill” decision means at least nine of 12 randomly selected residents who made up the panel determined probable cause did not exist, “effectively clearing the individual of criminal wrongdoing,” according to the district attorney. “This process ensures that members of the community, rather than the District Attorney’s Office, determine the appropriate outcome in all homicides in Harris County,” added the statement, which was posted to X by a writer for The Texan.

The incident happened inside The Ranchito #4 at around 11:30 p.m. on January 5, 2023. Witnesses told officers that a masked black man wearing all black clothing, a black ski mask, and black gloves walked into the restaurant, waving what appeared to be a firearm at customers while demanding their money, according to Houston police.

While the alleged robber, later identified as Washington, was walking around the restaurant taking money from patrons, one customer sitting in a booth with another person quickly stood up as soon as Washington passed by and pulled out a gun, as seen in surveillance video.

The armed patron shot Washington, who collapsed on the ground. The customer, who was reported to be 46 years old at the time, continued to fire as he walked up to Washington, took his gun, and then fired one more round toward Washington. At least nine shots could be heard in the footage.

The Daily Wire has additional information here.

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Hack Stone

No idea why Momma was upset about the insurance round(s). It’s not as if he was going to get more deader.


Seems the best man he could be was dead.



Shit it down, you win the internet today, my fried!


Don’t keep shooting til you know he’s dead…keep shooting til HE knows he’s dead.

Carry concealed…Every.Where.You.Go!


Cop: Why did you shoot him 17 times?
Citizen: Because that’s what was in my magazine!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Good. Considering some of these Soros bought-and-paid-for Att’y Generals, it’s about time the citizens wrested some power back.
Bet’cha TPTB ain’t gonna let that happen again.

That final shot may not have been necessary, but I’m sure it was oh-so-satisfying.

And KHOU is back in action.

A Proud Infidel®™

At least there wasn’t a “He-din’-do nuffin-wrong!” being screeched, that goblin discovered what FAFO is, maybe the word will get out to other would-be goblins?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

When I had to do firearms quals every 2 1/5 years, we were told to keep shooting until the threat was stopped. The perp on the deck could have still been moving and after all the rounds went down range, a head shot most likely took care of any movement.


The restaurant is always a two-man job at a minimum. Somebody does crowd control and the other person does collection. It’s better to have three or four. This is what happens when the Houston public education system fails.


Common core math strikes again!

Last edited 3 months ago by fm2176

They would have been dead as f****** fried chicken If Jules hadn’t been going through some s***.


True. Anyone carrying a “Bad Mother F-er” wallet is not someone you want to rob. 💵 Pulp Fiction | ‘BMF Wallet’ (HD) – Samuel L. Jackson, Tim Roth | MIRAMAX (

I was in high school when Pulp Fiction released and watched it no fewer than five times in theaters. You, back when we could afford a movie ticket (I think the last movie I saw in theaters was one of the X-Men movies in the IMAX in Times Square nearly 10 years ago). I had the soundtrack and made mix tapes for my friends using some of the sound clips followed by punk, techno, or hip-hop music.

Good times, and Tarantino always managed to work in some words that would see him canceled in today’s culture, while also being casting many of the same actors across his movies. Haven’t watched anything really since Kill Bill, though.


A good reason not to empty your magazine into the first target. If you can’t finish the job with two or three rounds per target, best not to carry at all.


It’s Houston, but still Texas. Which is a good thing.

Good chance the grand jury outcome would’ve been a lot different if it was anywhere close to DC, NY, Portland, or San Francisco.

Last edited 3 months ago by QMC
AT1 ret

He’s a Panda.
he eats, shoots, and leaves….


Like Panda Express…in a box


This DA is going to do very well in Texas, he seems to understand the law.


The brazenness with which criminals act is absurd to us normal people. Of course, it’s not helped by soft-on-crime DAs and judges and by the influences they have around them. In the criminal’s mind, especially if they have a gun, they have The Power and will do as they please, especially if they are a minority. After all, we’re inundated with successful-looking people on national platforms talking about things like reparations, systemic racism, and a biased CRJ system. If I were an impressionable Black teen living in a blighted neighborhood, I might begin to think that I have the right to take from others. Mom has MSNBC on 24/7 and I’ve seen everyone from the President, to Congress, to college professors, lawyers, activists, media personalities, celebrities, and so on say that people like me are underprivileged due to the actions of a racist country and that we not only deserve better, but should be forgiven if we make the occasional mistake–like having already committed 15 would-be felonies before age 18 and then attacking that rich White couple for their car and jewelry for my 18th birthday.

I say good on the shooter. He was threatened with what appeared to be a gun and used deadly force in response. The problem with bringing a gun to a robbery is that no one knows your intent. Are you simply taking money and valuables? Or do you plan something more nefarious like the Wendy’s massacre – Wikipedia or the San Ysidro McDonald’s massacre – Wikipedia?

Last edited 3 months ago by fm2176
Skivvy Stacker

That guy got lucky.
Usually sending extra shots into a mope who’s already down is NOT a good idea. Self defense law doesn’t generally favor you if you perform any “proof reading”.


Concur. Perp is down, threat is eliminated, your next shot crosses the line from self defense to murder.


Agree, but only from a legal stand point.


Kinda my point!


And we determine that in a split second, how?


I didn’t say in a split second. If you do like this guy did, with time to walk over to the perp and shoot him more, you’re no longer defending yourself.

Slow Joe

That was like a year ago, right?
It says 6 JAN 2023, not 2024.


The shooting was in 2023.
The Grand Jury clearance was tis month, one year later.


It was well covered in the media at the time. All killings with a firearm go to the grand jury in Texas. Practically all defensive uses that do not involve the police get no bill.

The usual suspects were pushing for murder charges because of the last shot and the defender leaving. So far as my opinion this is FAFO.

Not sure what they keep calling Washington a thief, since he was committing armed robbery at the time. He also pled guilty to a lessor charge when he was facing capital murder charges. So yes, the world is a lot better off without him.


That is because the moronic media doesn’t use the correct terms for many crimes, like calling an unoccupied home burglary a robbery. Robbery is always theft by force and requires the presence of a victim.


There was a post about it here right after the shooting occurred. And many of us commented about it.


Harris County has been waking up from “woke” DAs and getting rid of some of them.
Plus, in the Hispanic community there is a lot of sentiment in favor of the shooter. The video was very clear. Few people begrudge him the “extra” rounds – especially considering the adrenaline rush and widespread anger at these crooks running free.
IMHO the DAs office knows that to prosecute the shooter would be to make a folk heroe of him and endanger the DAs re-election. I suspect that the evidence presented to the Grand Jury was presented in such a way as to encourage this finding.

pookysgirl, WC wife

The Ranchito #4

Man, I miss Texas.


When you’re able to come home, you know you’ll be welcome back.
Tex-Mex and BBQ will be on the welcome feast menu, along with your choice of St. Arnold’s or Shiner.

pookysgirl, WC wife

We were stationed there for three years, and the only thing I didn’t like was the unchanging weather. (Y’all know there’s more than one season, right?) I explained Texas to the relatives back home as “a bigger version of Iowa, with a bit of a drawl.”

Oh well, Iowa is where family is and where the USAF dumped our stuff. We’ve got you beat on pork chop sizes, though. What the heck do you feed those poor pigs, a handful of grass a day?!

Amateur Historian

Dirtbag is DRT and Grand Jury actually decides to not press charges. Pretty good day.

Old tanker

I’m a bit surprised personally. I thought they would have brought some charge to the shooter. Not because he fired on a felon in commission of a felony but because after he stopped the felon, took the felon’s weapon, determined it was fake (actually threw it across the room), returned back and fired a coup de grace shot. The threat had obviously been neutralized before that bit of activity. The original video had all that captured and was viewed multiple times. It has since been removed.

It’s great to be all rah rah the bad guy is gone now, but you can’t disturb the scene, compromise evidence and or destroy evidence (returning the stolen money and throwing the gun away from the thief and where it came to a stop when he was shot). Then leave the scene and not report your involvement until the Police find out who you are.

I was fine with what the shooter did up until he performed those actions.

Of course the next stage is going to be the civil suit by the family.


From the looks of the shooter’s beat-up pickup, I doubt they will make much of a recovery. Sue a beggar, collect a louse.

Slow Joe

I see your points.

However, by this time, 2024, I don’t give a damn about any of that. Dead perv, good shoot. That’s all I care.

Believe me, I am perfectly aware that not giving a damn is a symptom of societal decay, I understand how important the rule of law is, but those other kids dressed in black under the donkey flag started this.

I hope the multiple lessons from this have been learned. Not holding my breath though.