Military and veteran issues anticipated to be among topics for the upcoming presidential campaign

| January 5, 2024

Joe Biden is already leveraging his involvement with approving the PACT Act as well as his team’s outreach to those impacted by burn pits in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Additionally, Biden talked about his late son’s military service including how it impacted the Biden family. However, should military and veteran issues take major roles in the upcoming presidential election, the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021 can potentially impact Biden’s message.

From the military Times:

President Joe Biden, the expected Democratic nominee in the contest, already has signaled that veterans issues will be a significant theme in his re-election pitch. On Veterans Day 2023, his team debuted a new ad focusing on his administration’s outreach to victims of the toxic smoke from military burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The commander-in-chief also has made military families a key point of outreach efforts through the Joining Forces campaign.

On the campaign trail and in office, Biden has frequently spoken about the military service of his late son, Beau, and the impact of his overseas deployments on the entire Biden family.

The chaotic withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan in August 2021, however, has been a key line of attack for congressional Republicans against Biden over the past two years, and will likely be a military theme for whichever GOP candidate emerges as Biden’s November opponent.

The Military Times has additional information here, as well as the specifics on Joe Biden’s campaign advertisement.

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FJB… even more so for campaigning on the back of the servicemen and women he’s spent years shitting on..


I don’t think Pedo Joe wants to dive too deep into Veterans/Military if the burn pits is all you got. That shouldn’t be a political issue. What is a problem under Sniffy McDiapers aside from the Afghan disaster is the woke virus, gender & trans politics, CRT, and get-the-jab-or-get-out to name a few.

Green Thumb



Veterans Issues?

Like using VA resources for illegal criminal invaders?


The US military can’t recruit anymore despite massive signing bonuses and lowering of standards…

But vote for pedo Joe.


It’s easy, “Lote” Biden. That’s the best way to guarantee the military’s purpose, and also to decrease unemployment. Hear me out…

By mid-year we’re already at war somewhere, but the 5.2% pay increase combined with enlistment and reenlistment bonuses and reduced end strength goals has helped the military meet FY24 numbers, giving a last-minute boost to his campaign.

After next year’s Inauguration, losses pick up, recruiting goes back down for multiple reasons, and internal instability is worse than ever. Warhawks in Congress pass a bill requiring a two-year term of public service for everyone aged 18 or older. There will be exemptions, of course: the elderly, disabled, Veterans, students, and those who work in “mission essential” jobs. Otherwise, you’ll be given notice to report to the local auditorium, where you’ll be assessed for fitness and aptitude. Many will then be ordered to report for military service, while others will be given safer stateside jobs.

Unemployment is near zero, at least initially. The military is burgeoning with young men and women serving in positions commensurate with their societal value. White Alpha males are mostly assigned to the Mobile Infantry and deployed after an abbreviated 6-week Basic Training. Diverse LBGT types are given preference for promotion and assigned to desk jobs. Some of those who didn’t “make the cut” for military service are assigned as civilian trainers for the new and improved military. Unit training schedules must be constantly changed because anti-White training must be completed. Sorry, sir, you have to cancel that range you scheduled six months ago.

Hey, it could happen at the rate we’re going.

Last edited 3 months ago by fm2176

Typo, that should read “aged 18 or older”. “118 or older” implies that Biden himself would be the only eligible public servant.


I fixed that just to make a point. Typos happen so don’t sweat it; we all knew what you meant.
Some typos are so apt they become lexicon. Ask any lawer here if this is not the case.


Thought uou said typos were mandatory?


Your typos, not mine.


Just carve me off a slice of the orast beef.


Tanks for fixing hte typo!

Old tanker

I’m thinking that below flag rank or promotable to flag rank, the vast majority of Vets have had enough of the dementia in chief. Of course the flag rank folks know that the only way the “woke” ones will get promoted is by sucking up to the dementia.


So I need to thank Biden for PACT? Because I’m still trying to figure out how without even looking at my back, my chest, listening to my lungs or taking pictures, scans or x-rays, The VA doctor was able to determine that I had nothing wrong with my lungs. That’s like a whole next level skill set there.

Last edited 3 months ago by 5JC

Yes, you need to thank Biden for the PACT act. If his son hadn’t contracted brain cancer from burn pits and died in Iraq,
we wouldn’t be benefitting from his loss.


You forgot the sarc tag.


It’s what Joe would have you believe. Who am I to contradict the p resident?


Meanwhile, North Korea’s getting froggy again:


Ya mis-spelled re-selection campaign. If the past 3 years have not shown that We, The People cannot depend on (a) The Soap Box (lip service given by career politicians of the uniparty) (b) The Ballot Box (stolen (s)election proven) (c) Jury Box (The Modern Day Gestapo is alive and doing well), then We, The People are flat not paying attention. There is only one box left that will save We, The People…and that, my friends, is the Cartridge Box.



You first.

In my opinion, the jury box hasn’t been that great but the bench has been working out just fine. We should know a lot more in the next couple of weeks though.


I tend to agree, but I do prefer to keep all the options open and I never show my cards. Would that this tactic be conveyed to our steely-eyed SecState Anthony Blinking (sic) in his international endeavors.


Better to have and not need than the reverse.


…I am a pessimistic soul at heart, and I am rapidly coming to believe that if Biden is re-elected, by 2026 you’ll start seeing ‘saying the quiet part out loud’ about two things:

1) Ending TRICARE for retirees and all dependents
2) Indexing Social Security and military retirement/disability – that is; your SSA payments will be reduced by however much you’re getting in retirement/disability or the other way ’round.

I hope to hell I’m wrong, but I got a bad, bad feeling.

A Proud Infidel®™

Biden also once advocated using the VA Medical system to treat ILLEGAL ALIENS whom he has proven he and his political ilk value more than Veterans as well as all US Citizens.

Fuck. Joe. Biden.


I don’t know, I’m kind of in favor of using the VA on immigrants. Make them priority 12. They should get their initial appointment in about 3 years. What’s Congress realizes how s***** VA care is maybe they will do something about it.


Immigrants? Hell no – CONGRESS!

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Speaking as an old guy myself, maybe it’s time these septuagenarians, or in Joe’s case octogenarian, stepped aside for some new blood that might actually have a vision for a future they’ll actually be here to inhabit while us old fucks will be long dead…

I tend to agree with Ms. Haley’s assessment that the most privileged nursing home in the nation exists in our capitol…

Every generation has its moment and then its time to move on…it is time for the Silent generation to actually become silent in the world of politics and we Boomers aren’t far behind.

Pass the torch to a younger group and us older folks should sit back and enjoy our final years.

Hack Stone

Does he ever discuss Hunter Biden’s long and distinguished career in the Naval Reserve as a Public Affairs Officer?


If he recalls it, he pretends it didn’t happen.