Captain James Harney relieved as commander of Amphibious Squadron 5 after hit and run incident

| December 8, 2023

Captain James Harney was involved in a hit and run incident that resulted in a bodily injury. He was driving under the influence of alcohol at that time. Harney was arrested the day before Thanksgiving at the Naval Amphibious Base. Harney was subsequently relieved of his command of Amphibious Squadron 5 (PHIBRON 5). He held this position since June, 2023.

From The Coronado Times:

Capt. James Harney was relieved from his role as commander of Amphibious Squadron (PHIBRON) 5, the U.S. Navy announced on Dec. 1.

The Navy citied “a loss of confidence in Capt. Harney’s ability to perform his duties” as the reason the commodore was terminated.

His removal came a week after he was arrested in Coronado on felony charges of hit and run and driving under the influence of alcohol causing bodily injury. The Coronado Police Department did not release additional details.

Harney was arrested on Rendova Circle on Naval Amphibious Base at 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 22 — the day before Thanksgiving.

The commodore assumed command of PHIBRON 5 on June 2 of this year. He was commissioned as a naval officer in 1996 after attending the U.S. Naval Academy.

Throughout his career, Harney has executed deployments and missions in support of Operations Allied Force, the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia; Enduring Freedom, the U.S. military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan; Iraqi Freedom, the military’s withdrawal from Iraq; and Inherent Resolve, the country’s ongoing conflict against the Islamic State.

The Coronado Times has the rest of the story here.

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Yeah, he chose poorly.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Held command for less than six months…..
THAT’S gonna leave a mark…..on his records.
He may as well put in his resignation papers now, ’cause I don’t see him going anywhere, plus (as I gaze with bleary red eyes into my cracked and cloudy crystal ball…) being passed over twice.
This ain’t yer g’father’s, or even yer father’s Navy, where getting drunk and starting fights was seen as a rite of passage.

If all he had done was to get drunk and then get into a scrap at some bar, I would go in for the “boys will be boys” thing. Unfortunately this shitbag did far worse.


First duty is to render aid to the injured.


There’s lots of people out there but he only had one career.


May as well retire while the getting is good. To get to commander level, he probably has his 20 years in.

Hopefully he didn’t step on too many toes on the way up that are attached to the asses he has to kiss on the way down.


Just think if he could have held out a couple of more days he could have made 07.

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Guess they do not have Uber on base.


Coronado too. MA’s and base security crawling all over the place, so you know he was going to get pulled if he even showed the slightest signs of having too much to drink.


Somehow this reminds me of the officers mentioned in the Pearl Harbor thread.


I had a bde commander (O-6) get a DUI. At first glance, it looked like he got off lightly. He was single, the post commander made him move on-post to the designated bde commander’s house (almost next door to the post commander), was allowed to finish his command tour, no other punishment was publicly noted. However… his next assignment was at West Point as Chief of Staff. Essentially, the highest ranking shitty little jobs officer in the Army. Where he retired. He most likely would’ve retired with two stars. Nope. Career ender.

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What was the time frame?


He had about 90 days left in command, I’m not sure just how long he was at West Point. DUI was in SEP 04 IIRC.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Amphibious Squadron 5 (PHIBRON 5).???
isn’t COM used anymore as in COMPHIBRON 5. ?????

jeff LPH 3 63-66

We went through COMPHIBRON 3&4 between 1963-1966 if I remember. Admiral Mc Caine had a small alligator in a wood box that he came aboard our ship with while at pier 12 Norfolk NOB


Do not buy alcohol or porn, preferably not both, in uniform if you can help it. ‘Tis about the limit for such things.

Any more is Full Retard time and it’s costly.

That is all.


What about hookers? I did see a light Colonel try to buy a hooker in Tacoma, in uniform, driving a government van. Unfortunately for him she turned out to be a very good looking sheriff’s deputy.


Part of a sting operation? Or a side hustle?

Hack Stone

Hack Stone had a buddy (past tense, since he blocked Hack on Facebook for some reason) who worked down in Charleston. If you were arrested (but not convicted) for a DUI, he revoked your access to the base. Then, it happened. A lot of people in South Carolina were reveling in his bad judgment.


Cheap bastard, I think little of him. If he had offered her a hundred she might have gone along with it.


Seeing his photo, I understand why he’s paying for it.


Hack will be happy to know that the Captain was sent to pre-trial diversion because the bitch set him up.

He still has his TS SCI clearance despite the minor foray into human trafficking. If you have a boat needing repairs he works on the Fat Leonard payment plan.


“The bitch set me up!” – Marion Berry, Mayor and City Councilman, Washington DC. Dude didn’t let a minor thing like getting busted with a hooker and crack in a hotel room stop his political career. He got reelected as Mayor and then became a City Councilman after his time as Mayor. The balls on that guy… and the stupidity of the electorate. 🤣

A Proud Infidel®™

Especially the stupidity of the electorate, he played his Acme® Ghetto-Dude Card™ and got reelected.


Court-martial offense to hire such services now.
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A Proud Infidel®™


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


Instant dumbass…just add al-key-haul. Naval 0-6s don’t have drivers anymore? Can’t afford a taxi/uber? Full disclosure…I admit that when I use younger and much much much much more teh stoopid than I am now, I have driven under the influence…most of us have a time or more. You’d a thunk an 0-6 would know better, but here we are. Let’s see…career shot, facing jail time, loss of driver’s license, outrageous insurance rates (if you can even get insurance), very expensive civil suit, lawer fees, pissed off wife…need I go on?