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| December 4, 2023

Colt Paterson

Homeowner shoots, kills suspect during home invasion

by: Will Conybeare
The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating after a homeowner shot and killed a home invasion suspect.

Officers were first called to a home in the 11400 block of Swinton Avenue in Granada Hills around 5 a.m. Saturday morning on calls of a “hot prowl,” or a burglary in progress when the homeowner is present, law enforcement officials said.

“The officers’ preliminary investigation determined that approximately three to four armed males in their 20s entered the home with the intent to burglarize the location,” LAPD said on X, formerly Twitter, just after 1 p.m. Saturday afternoon. “A suspect pointed a weapon at the victim and while the suspects were inside the residence, the victim produced a firearm and a shooting occurred.”

One of the suspects was struck by gunfire and died at the scene, police said.
“We’ve been having burglaries every day in this neighborhood,” said Pat Walsh, a resident. “So I’m not surprised at all. It’s been a real problem. Residents here are fed up.”

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Butbut, was it a ‘targeted’ home invasion?


Gun Bunny and Old Tanker once again, of course.

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The possible “targeted invasion” ended up with one (1) targeted to DRT status, another one (1) possibly WRT, and a possible couple in the wind. When dirtbags are “targeting” you, make sure that they become your target.

Nutjobs gonna nutjob. Popo needs to work on their “targeting”.

Chyna teaching their kids STEM and handling crew served weapons. We’re teaching our future military which pronoun to use.

God created man…Sam Colt made ’em equal.


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OMG! No PT belts! No eyepro! No kevlar! No gloves!


Are the two females children or midgets?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

This Holster Model with a nine-inch barrel …”

Is that a pistol in your pocket?….Or are you just happy to see me?

That was Col. Colt’s first commercially available and production pistol. It was used in a successful gunfight against Comanches. A scene from the battle is engraved on the cylinders of Colt’s dragoon pistols.


I had a nicely worded comment drafted up about eight hours ago, but it seems like there was either a site glitch or operator error (probably the latter).

Anyway, those old Colts make me really appreciate weapons technology. When the Paterson came out it, like the later Henry Model 1860 (and its predecessors like the Volcanic) represented a leap forward in design and firepower. To think that the Model 1836 was contemporaneous with flintlock smoothbore pistols is just amazing. The days of the percussion cap black powder revolver yielded to smokeless cartridge revolvers, then to early semi-automatic pistols like the Almighty John Moses Browning’s own M1911. Despite what many may claim, though, even that was eclipsed on a practical level, leading to today’s drop-safe high-capacity pistols in major calibers from 9mm to 10mm and .45 ACP.

In the late-1830s, I’d want a Paterson. In the late 1870s, I’d take a Single-Action Army all day. In 1918, give me a 1911, and upgrade that to a 1911A1 if I found myself back in Europe circa 1944. Nowadays, while I like carrying wheelguns on occasion, I’ll take my Glock 17 or 45, with 17+1 ready to go, at least two spare mags, and a backup of some sort.


My Glock 17 is the main carry pistol, I really like it, especially when browsing around in snake areas. Otherwise, the Springfield 1911A1 is a favorite but is finicky about ammo.

Maybe it’s just me but I would not rely on the .45 as the first grab in a defense situation. Thinking about upgrading to a Kimber with a 4″ barrel. Then, there is that horribly beautiful Colt Python with the ventilated rib. Temptation can be a real bitch.


Hamas are bastards… just read this (see the 45-minute video assembled from Hamas and news sources if your must):