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| December 2, 2023

Mauser M18

Homeowner shot man trying to break inside Knightdale home
A homeowner on Wednesday shot a man trying to break inside his window, according to police.

By WRAL staff
A homeowner on Wednesday shot a man trying to break inside his home, according to police.

Around 11:20 p.m., officers with the Knightdale Police Department responded to a home in the 1300 block of Redwood Valley Lane, in the Langston Ridge neighborhood.

Juan Acevedo, 35, of Knightdale, was transported to WakeMed with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound.

Investigators said the homeowner shot Acevedo, who according to police was trying to break inside the home. According to police, the homeowner is a legal gun owner and gave “repeated verbal warnings” before firing his weapon at Acevedo.

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IMPD officer shoots, kills suspect during hostage situation in southwest Indy parking lot
According to IMPD, an officer shot and killed a person while responding to a disturbance in the cab of a semi in a McDonald’s parking lot.

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis police officer shot and killed a man who was reportedly holding a woman hostage inside the cab of a semi Thursday evening.

Officers responded to a 911 call around 7:20 p.m. reporting a disturbance in a parking lot near the McDonald’s restaurant in the 4900 block of Knights Way, near Interstate 69 and Interstate 465 on the southwest side. According to IMPD, officers at the scene spoke with the person who called 911, who pointed out the semi where the disturbance was occurring, saying they could hear a woman yelling for help.

According to IMPD Assistant Chief Chris Bailey, officers knocked on the semi and a man came out from behind a partition that divided the cab of the semi. The man sat in the driver’s seat for a moment, then retreated back behind the partition, where officers said they heard a woman scream.

Officers surrounded the truck and announced for those inside the cab to come out. Moments later, Bailey said officers broke the window of the cab to better see and hear what was going on inside.

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A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one.
Alexander Hamilton

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Juan picked the wrong one to break into. Too bad the armed homeowner didn’t deliver Juan one more shot.

“…cab of a semi…” Was it a Big Mac? Wanted it his way with a K WHopper? Trying to get a new Peter Built? Close shave, taking a razor blade to a gun fight.

Those that feel disgraced by the USA can just leave…and take your Masters with you. Delta is ready when you are.

Nice to see a reach out and touch Boom Stick that us (used to be) working folk can afford. I gots the price of one of them in walking around money.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Gun Bunny, that Mauser hunter $700 price was from 2019, 4 years ago. Wadda ya think it’s up to now.

Oh, and Cong of the Rats to yer WoT win. Rule in benevolence.
#1 was having trouble getting into the TAH/VG site that morning, so I was staying away.
#2 lots to do at work that kept me busy. Unlike some of you scallywag retirees, I don’t have all day to just sit on the net, I’m still expected to work and produce product.

Quick Foo of The Giggle showed MSRPs hovering around $1K for various calibers. Actual “on sale” prices were $749-$859 (PSA, Guns.com, etc) PSA showed numerous calibers “out of stock”. Beats the $6K-$10K range of some of the offerings from this past week.

Tanks!, Mate…the struggle is real on retirement. Got nothing to do and all day to get it done. Morning coffee includes catching up on the TAH overnight dispatches/posts…watching at my two (2) Barbaras (Billingsley & Hale). 10ish starts the FGS Hunt for Kid Squid (ht2 Ol’ Poe), dinner prep and enjoy til 1300 to catch Miss Kitty. Another quick FGS Hunt @ 1400, then it’s nap time until Wagon Train hits @ 1600. Coupla lap tops and a fruit fone allows me to monitor the net during commercials. Fur baby feeding just before dark 30 gets me to supper time. Misc chores, shower, and such gets me to 2200 for DS9 (Jadzia Dax…HONEY HUSH). One more puppy run takes me to another helping of Della Street @ 2330 – 0030. Rinse and repeat, daily. The struggle is real when I have escort or provision run duty. Those details are scheduled, usually, to fall between 1030 and 1300 hrs. My schedule…my rules!