Alexander Vindman’s brother to run for Congress

| November 18, 2023

Yevgeny “Eugene” Vindman, Alexander Vindman’s brother, is planning on running for a congressional seat to replace the incumbent, who plans to run for Virginia governor. Like his brother, Eugene Vindman is a veteran. He considers it important to tackle “Republican” extremism while also showing that a government could work for the people vice be the source of chaos.

From The Army Times:

Yevgeny “Eugene” Vindman, one of the twin Army officers targeted by former President Donald Trump for their roles in his impeachment scandal, is launching a Democratic congressional bid that could put him on the same ballot as the former commander-in-chief.

In an interview with Military Times, the 48-year old retired Army colonel said he’s ready for that fight.

“After 25 years in the Army, there are few things that scare me, and a fight with Trump backers is not one of them,” Vindman said. “Being able to tackle [Republican] extremism is going to be important, and so is providing a contrast of government that works for people versus chaos.”

Vindman, a Ukrainian immigrant, served as deputy legal advisor for the National Security Council under Trump. Both he and his brother, Alexander, were forced into the public spotlight after Alexander testified before Congress about phone calls between Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy that ultimately led to the U.S. president’s first impeachment trial.

Eugene Vindman was a behind-the-scenes advisor for his brother during those proceedings, and like his brother was eventually forced out of that role by the Trump administration as retaliation. He has been active in advocacy work for U.S. support to Ukraine in recent years.

Vindman said that continued alliance with Ukraine will be a campaign talking point in his bid to replace Rep. Abigail Spanberger, D-Va., who announced Monday that she will leave Congress next year and launch her own bid to become governor of Virginia in 2025.

The Army Times has the rest of the story here.

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Old tanker

That little exercise in stupidity is going to be interesting to watch as it unfolds. I personally have no idea how “blue” Virginia is. I am wondering why the only mention of a candidate for that office is the dem. Is he going to “run” unopposed?


If we’re talking about NoVA, then that imbecile is a shoe in.

Annexing Arlington and Fairfax County off to Washington, DC would do wonders for bringing sanity to the rest of the state.


Prince William County isn’t much better, and even Stafford is rapidly becoming NOVA, South Edition. The Occoquan is the barrier, for now. I always found it humorous that the I-95 South VA Welcome Center is just across the Rappahannock, near Fredericksburg.

Having grown up in and around Richmond, I don’t recognize the place anymore. Maybe it’s the lack of statues on Monument Avenue? Or perhaps the Downtown area my mom used to work in, and we’d do Christmas shopping at Woolworth’s, Thalhimer’s, and Miller and Rhoads in becoming just an expansion of VCU? Having lived for four years each in Alexandria and Stafford, stationed on Forts McNair, Belvoir, and Myer for a total of eight years, I have little tolerance for the area. The majority of people north of the James aren’t Virginians. The North Anna, Rappahannock, and Quantico Creek represent boundaries for me. Once I crossed the Occoquan, I knew I was in a different world, and the Potomac, well, that’s foreign territory.


NYC can send their ”sanctuary city” illegal aliens there.


F that guy.


Don’t forget his brother too.


Agreed!! Fuck him, fuck his brother, fuck his whole fucking family! He’s a political operative wearing a uniform. I mean the whole Ukraine bullshit was cover for The Biden Crime Family’s operation in Ukraine. Lots of DC “elites” had their kids working in Ukraine which is whole huge clusterfuck that a 100K or so people killed and laundered millions through corrupt government and FTX back into the pockets of the fucking scumbags that started this goddamn abomination. In summary: Fuck him, fuck his brother, fuck his whole fucking family!


Don’t hold back, HT3, you’re among friends here. Tell us how you really feel.


And the horse he rode in on.

Green Thumb



I will add:



You left out traitor. Treason is practically a requirement to the far left for hero worship. That or shooting at the police.


Disgusting fatbody…


Mama Vindman must be so proud of her sons. And their wives.


comment image

A Proud Infidel®™

Fuck the both of them as well as the bloodline that spawned those two.



Slow Joe

How the fuck that little weasel made it to Colonel?


He did it the old-fashioned way. Sucking dick.


Well, close to 40% of LTCs make it to bird colonel.


His O-6 board results were delayed 5 months.

You know that it was because the feckless JAG leaders had to be sure that he made O-6.

So much politics were involved in that.


Wait a minute, Vindman and others on the left are doing their best to assume the identity of Nazis, and he wants to fight “Republican extremism”? Somewhere in a small corner of a very hot underground chamber, Adolf and Heinrich are laughing their asses off watching the left demonstrate that they are, indeed, the successors of Hitler and Himmler.


It takes a colossal cocksucker like him to try to outdo the flaming crazy whore Abigail Spanberger. She belonged under a mental institution.

pookysgirl, WC wife

That whole family sounds nuts and completely unfamiliar with the concept of “chain of command.” (And I don’t mean the Jayne Cobb kind.)

Hack Stone

So removing a commissioned military officer who is undermining the President’s policies is a bad thing? I recall a certain Army General relieved for making “disparaging” comments, that were entirely accurate, about Vice President Joe Biden.

A Proud Infidel®™

A few years ago, another General was relieved for making comments about B. Hussein 0bama to some left-wing rag reporter.

Hack Stone

The only way he can get some traction as a Democrat candidate is to supplement his income with a side gig in the adult entertainment industry.

A Proud Infidel®™

Day-um, that’s kind of interesting, AS TO the treatment one gets in a BDSM session, a man can get married, then fold the towels wrong on purpose and get that shit for FREE!

Army-Air Force Huy

OR-1 has always been a heavy Dem district, unfortunately Bonamici isn’t losing her seat anytime soon.


Subversive Vindmans. All enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC. Book’em Dan-O!


Funny that the good of the country and his district is not first and foremost on his docket. It’s wanting to have at it with Trump supporters. He’ll go far in the democrat political world.

A Proud Infidel®™

Back in 1930’s and ’40’s Germany the “Public Enemy” was Jewish People, these days it’s “MAGA Republicans” and everyone else who dissents with the DNC and the mess media’s political agenda, sound familiar? Let’s not forget how the lefties were screeching for the non-vaxxers to be quarantined in camps.

Last edited 7 months ago by A Proud Infidel®™

VLLC, my brother.



I’m surprised that Commie-Tsar hasn’t showed up to defend his hero…

Army-Air Force Guy

Kinda like Candyman, use the name ‘Trump’ three times in your post and he will appear 😁.


He is still on his knees for Vindman, can’t reach his keyboard.

A Proud Infidel®™

TRUMP 2024! Let’s see if that conjures him.


Fuck that…Presidente Milei!