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Nothing big and urgent that I can see today, so here are a few quickies.

First off, the House Veteran’s Affairs Committee held a hearing on the use of psychedelics like MDMA or psilocybin in treating trauma like PTS(D).

Researchers for the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, or MAPS, have studied the safety and effectiveness of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for post-traumatic stress disorder since 2004. The protocol calls for patients taking MDMA in the presence of a therapist, who then leads them through counseling. The treatment involves three eight-hour sessions.

In September, scientists published results of a recent clinical trial of MDMA-assisted therapy that showed 87% of patients had significant improvement in PTSD symptoms four months after treatment, and by the study’s end, 71% no longer met the diagnostic criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder.

I can hear it at VA now…”Next patient: Dave?”  “Dave’s not here, man”

And from JeffLPH  – seems the Army is going to add counter-drone training to Basic Training.

The shift is a result of the growing air threat from hypersonic and cruise missiles down to hobby quadcopters, which has placed a premium on air defense platforms and soldiers.

As the Army shifts its focus to large-scale combat, air defense battalions will integrate into the division, Gainey said. Each division will have a counter-drone battery manned by air defense soldiers. The Army plans to also issue handheld gear for smaller drones down to the squad level. Army Times

Guess we will see enlistment bonuses to skeet and trap shooters soon?

Eugene Vindman (brother to the colonel who helped to create the impeachment of Trump for talking to Ukraine President Zelensky – wonder if nowadays we could try Joe Biden similarly) is running for Congress as a Democrat to replace D – Virginia rep Abigail Spanberger. Military Times II

I’m sure this is unrelated, but one should read the aptly-named analysis of the government by P.J. O’Rourke entitled “A Parliament of Whores.”



In San Francisco, anti-Israeli protesters shut down all westbound lanes of the Bay Bridge yesterday morning.

All westbound lanes across the full span of the Bay Bridge have reopened after protesters shut down Interstate 80 traffic heading to San Francisco during the Thursday morning commute. The protesters stopped their cars on the bridge, east of Treasure Island, and threw their keys into the Bay before chaining themselves together and to the bridge, according to California Highway Patrol. KRON4

Apparently 30ish vehicles had to be towed, and over 250 officers had to be called out. Not exactly “one riot, one Ranger”…but I sure hope they check the ownership of all those vehicles before releasing anyone. I doubt even hardened protesters would say “sure, take my Subaru, it’s in a good cause” if they had alternatives like a stolen Hyundai available.

In Poland’s Carpathian Mountain area, an activist decided to prove – prove! – that logging in the area had driven the native bears out, and visited an ‘unoccupied’ bear den to demonstrate it. Seems the den was occupied, and the bear resented being disturbed:

The German was airlifted to hospital following the attack and was said to be in a serious but stable condition.

He had travelled (sic) to the bear’s den alongside another activist from the Wild Carpathians Initiative to check if the area had been affected by logging.

The pair had expected the lair to be empty but the animal pursued them through the woods. The activist stumbled and fell before being mauled.

Footage of the bear emerging to attack was captured by a camera set up to monitor the lair. It was shared online by Micha? Gzowski, a spokesman for the Polish forestry service, who described the incident as an “irony of fate”.

“Pseudo-ecologists were attacking foresters, mountain rescue and policemen, and now these people are saving their lives,” he said.  MSN

Violated one of the basic rules of bears: be sure you can run faster than the fella you’re with.  Wonder if we can talk the Poles into lending San Francisco any bears?

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Drones seem to be a game changer for modern combat. I recall playing Metal Gear Solid back in the ’90s, where one portion required you to use a remotely operated missile to disable an electrified floor: Nikita | Metal Gear Wiki | Fandom

Not quite what we consider a drone, but if you’d have asked me if something similar would be used in conflicts just 25 or so years later, I’d have laughed it off. By the time I got to PEO Soldier, we already had this: PEO Soldier | Portfolio – PM SMPT – Soldier Borne Sensor (SBS) (

The newly assigned personnel got a two-week crash course in all PEO Soldier products. I was Team IVAS, so dealt solely with that $22B project, but they thought it would be good for us to have a basic understanding of everything. The SBS seems like a neat reconnaissance tool, with NETT Warrior (Samsung phone-based) compatibility and plans (maybe already implemented) to integrate its operations into IVAS itself.

Vindman needs to just fade off. Spanberger is at least moderately attractive for a Congress critter. Having her as a potential Governor and Vindman as her potential replacement makes me glad I left that state.

And…protesters. I fortunately didn’t have to deal with the environmental deals in DC but so much. I was teleworking, and we had adequate notice, so I think I went in once that week but came down I-495 to avoid the I-395 and Federal District shenanigans. Our Reserve Metro PD coworker told us of their tactics of chaining themselves together through PVC pipe to make it difficult to cut locks and chains. The cars and keys off bridge thing seems like someone was thinking ahead. Nothing a D7 or two wouldn’t solve.


“Not quite what we consider a drone”

They are everywhere. Used to be just a few specific types
you just wrote off as passive morons happy to have someone
tell them what to do but nowadays it seems most of the people
you have to deal with on a daily basis fit the definition to a T.




I bet you won’t see any Bud Light product placement in that movie.

Green Thumb

“No longer met the diagnostic criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder” = no more “disability” check!

Curious how this turns out.

Dudes looking to catch a taxpayer-funded buzz leave with no more coins and are forced to get a job!

“But, hey man, the VA drugs made me so I cant work, man. Bum a smoke, by chance man?”


Just more examples of why I say you need to…Prepare…for what ever is gonna pop up next.

Somebody tripping their azz off…flying monkeys (insert any of the hordes of invaders we’ve seen over the last few years)…or uniformed domestic enemies…(“I could fill a hundred ditches…”)…Big Red, my ’06 F150 has pretty good high road clearance. I do wonder if the trailer hitch would get caught up in the chain and what would tear loose FIRST (nod 2 Tox). The hitch? The chain? The limbs of the protesters? Mr. Bear exercised his right of Castle Doctrine. Let sleeping bears sleep.


I bet his eyes were opened as big as the bears mouth when the bear growled.

On the plus side, the bear didn’t have to forage for food. It sounds like Uber eats has arrived in the wilderness.


After banging my knee on the hitch for last damn time I finally
pulled the ball mount out and re-inserted it upside down.
Now I just bang my shin.


I put mine on the shelf in the garage. I’ve walked into them in parking lots at home depot, grocery store, restaurants and its all I can do to keep from chucking it into the weeds or through the back window.

Anti seize the damn thing, it will slide in or out easily.


An inch is as good as a mile. Most hitches stick out at least six inches. That thing sticking out could easily be the difference between an unfortunate accident and a close call. Pull that thing out and stow it until it is needed as in actually pulling a trailer.


Pro tip: Don’t leash the dog to it while parked.
When you come back your brake lights and any
other electrically wired item will no longer work.


Don’t some cities in California have laws on the books about if you get caught street racing, they impound your car, and are nice enough to let you watch it being crushed? Could this law not be extended to folks who like to protest? When the protesters complain about it being unfair, the judge and law enforcement should be required to reply with… thou does protest too much.


I heard that Maricopa County AZ has such a law, with the added fun that they make you push the button on the crusher and watch your car get squished. I cannot verify the veracity of this rumor, but I wholeheartedly approve!


Too bad, so sad, but you still owe car payments, and your insurance will deny your claim. Pass the popcorn please.


I’ve got a Combat Action Ribbon question for the Navy and Marine folks on here.

What are the chances a navy enlisted guy could receive a CAR for “drug interdiction” operations in South or Central America?

Dude claims to have been awarded one, but the “paperwork got lost”.

I’m certain he’s full of shit, but I like to be thorough.