Crypto-Clown Guilty

| November 4, 2023

Trust me

He was called the J.P. Morgan of crypto, the next Warren Buffett. He was reinventing money itself!

He cultivated high-profile people and programs. Star quarterback Tom Brady and then-wife supermodel Gisele Bündchen became ambassadors for his FTX crypto exchange and reportedly received equity in the company as compensation. In June 2021, the company announced a deal with MLB that placed the FTX logo on all umpires’ uniforms.

“FTX has an industry-leading brand, endorsed by some of the most trustworthy public figures, including Tom Brady, MLB, Gisele Bundchen, Stephen Curry, and the Miami Heat” a sales pitch boasted.

No one asked the obvious, how was he so successful when everyone else in the market was hemorrhaging money?

Easy, fraud.

Sam Bankman-Fried: What’s next for FTX founder, friends, and family of crypto fraudster?

by Barnini Chakraborty, Senior Investigations Reporter

Three of FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried’s closest friends helped federal prosecutors put the final nail in his coffin in one of the largest fraud trials in the country’s history.

Now that the former crypto king has been found guilty of seven federal charges stemming from the stunning collapse of his cryptocurrency exchange and affiliated hedge fund, what’s in store for the former friends who helped bring him down? How much time is Bankman-Fried looking at behind bars, and what’s next for him as well as his parents, who are tangled in the mess?

When will Bankman-Fried be sentenced?

U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan set Bankman-Fried’s sentencing for March 28, 2024.

How much prison time will Bankman-Fried get?

While most white-collar criminals end up receiving only a fraction of the prison time allowed under federal law, prosecutors may argue that Bankman-Fried should get the max, 110 years, because his crimes affected thousands of people and he showed very little remorse at his trial.

Washington Examiner

Not so rosey for Mr. Bankman-Fried now that the Adderall has worn off. Mom and Dad are quite the pair too. Both of the tenured Stanford law professors have been named in a lawsuit that claims they received a $10M cash gift and Bahamas property worth $16.4M. Both are also accused they knew directly or “ignored bright red flags” that their son and his partners were “orchestrating a vast fraudulent scheme.”

Joseph Bankman specializes in tax law, while Barbara Fried is an expert in legal ethics.

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Green Thumb


Green Thumb

I also love how his friends turned on him.



Fraud so big even the feds couldn’t ignore it.

One more revenue stream Joe won’t be getting.


If it leads back to Joe, we’ll never hear of it.


If only he’d partnered up with Hunter and the Big Guy…


If only he had gone to Signal School.
He could have gotten a Crypto clearance.


Damn right. I was a32G20. Now thats crypto.


I’m having trouble with a KG-27, any ideas?


Have you tried your KAK wheel?


No, I worked on kw26. Maybe smack it.


“Percussive maintenance”.


Fried is fried.

What is the over/under before he meets his maker.

RGR 4-78

Depends on how much of Hillary’s money he lost. (s)


Mom is an “expert” in “legal ethics”? Yeah…the democrat version of legal ethics, which is no ethics at all.


As long as she sounds “credible” that’s all that matters.


Shitbag parents = shitbag kid… no surprise there…


Funny how the 10s of millions he “donated” to democrats has not been returned nor prosecuted for receiving stolen goods.


It’s not criminal when “D”‘s do it..

Army-Air Force Guy

The Oregon Democratic Party said they were going to “donate” it to the charity of their own choosing.


94 cents of every dollar go to “overhead”…
comment image


Good. Say “Hi!” to Bubba for everyone you bilked, bitch.
comment image

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They’ll be squeezing his manboobs while they do the stroke and bore on his tailpipe.


Follow the fraud out and the common denominator is a “D” by their names, or at least 95 percent of the names.


Another reason why we will never hear of it, and he will most likely die in prison. Just remember, Epstein didn’t kill himself.


Spot on.. and where’s Epsteins client list???

A Proud Infidel®™

Well, will he get a light sentence at some “Club Fed”, or will he go someplace where his ass will literally get straightened out?


Same cell, same guards, and same security system that Ol’ Jeffery had…and like Ol’ Jeffery, his “friends” will leave him hanging.

Wonder if Ms Gisele needs any comforting for her loss?


A hunting/fishing dog, too. Hunts for squirrels and beavers…fishing for red snappers.


Legal pundits are speculating the judge will sentence him to 25 to 35 years.


That’s a damn shame. I read somewhere that if the judge gave him the max, he’d get somewhere around 100 years.


The max is actually 110 years. But with no priors and because he donated millions to D-rats and their orgs that helped FJB get those 81 million votes, Banky will get substantially less time.


Yep, as long as “the big guy” got his 10%, he’ll get off light..


He donated at least $3 million for the Dims in Vermont.


I like it when you Google his name, and the auto suggestion labels him “American scammer and conman”. To think: he founded FTX at age 27 and rapidly made (as opposed to earned) 10x more money than all of us on these pages and our families combined will see in a lifetime, now at 31 he’s a convicted felon facing up to 110 years in federal prison.

“Joseph Bankman specializes in tax law, while Barbara Fried is an expert in legal ethics.”

It sounds like his parents need to face some consequences beyond just a civil suit. They should be investigated to determine if they had knowledge of their son’s activities and criminally charged as accessories. At the very least, Stanford should suspend them and make a determination on whether or not to fire these two professors who were either complicit in, or somehow ignorant of, an unethical felon who is so close to them.


There’s something about people that consider themselves to be the smartest one in the room…

Slow Joe

“Joseph Bankman specializes in tax law, while Barbara Fried is an expert in legal ethics.”

So, the parents hyphenated their last names, Bankman-Fried, instead of the mother taking the last name of the father?
No more clear sign of rabid leftism than this.
Funny how they still place the male last name first in the hyphenation.


I read something about how they never married in protest of the lack of legal gay marriage when they hooked up. So, they hyphenated the kids’ last names. You can tell a Millenial by the hyphens.


Major donor and money mover amongst many big time Dem politicians and operatives.

This guy needs to be in front of a camera every week stating, “ My name is SBF. I am not suicidal in any shape or form and do not want to kill myself.”


How much prison time will Bankman-Fried get? Does it matter? Odds are, FJB will pardon him somewhere down the road.


Either that or he will suicide himself with a paper sheet.