Israelis kill 500 – but they didn’t

| October 20, 2023

The media has been full of headlines about the Israelis murdering hundreds of innocents at a Gaza hospital. Many Muslim countries are getting in on the act, including Iran – the only potentially nuclear-armed outsider mad-dog in the vicinity. Threatening escalation, region-wide demonstrations against Israel, even US Congresscritter Muslim apologists like Omar getting in the act.

The Hamas-run health ministry initially claimed that between 200 and 300 people had been killed in what they said was an Israeli airstrike. They added that “hundreds are still buried under the rubble”.

An official later told Al Jazeera that the death toll was closer to 500.

Two clues – the rapid escalation of casualties and claiming it was an Israeli airstrike. This is one of the most scrutinized air-spaces going, and neutral observers can tell if the Israelis launched a big strike. They didn’t. So whoo did?

Footage of what appears to be an explosion at the hospital emerged from Al Jazeera Mubasher later on in the evening. A second video from an Al Jazeera live feed showed the same incident.

That was geolocated, which involves comparing the background in the video with satellite images to corroborate the location, by GeoConfirmed, an outfit that works alongside the Centre for Information Resilience and Bellingcat, an investigative outlet that itself works with international espionage agencies.

The location was around the Al-Ahli Arabi Baptist Hospital in Gaza City. The exact location of the fire was zeroed down to the southeast side of Palestine Square.

It was also timestamped by the live feed.

When you are narked by Al-Jazeera…

Both that and another Al Jazeera live feed showed a rocket being fired in the air and appearing to break up into two pieces, after which it hit what the geolocators believe is the Ahli Arab hospital.

So we know that this was part of an ongoing missile barrage, whose launch was claimed by Palestine Islamic Jihad (PIJ).  Now on to the 500 claimed casualties:

Early this morning, the Israeli Air Force posted a video using drone footage of the aftermath of the explosion at the hospital.

It appeared to show that the explosion had taken place in the car park outside the hospital. It also indicated that there had been little to no structural damage to the actual hospital.

Further analysis of the two scenes, supplemented by on the ground footage posted by Mr al Masri to Instagram, showed that “only 3 cars show any clear sign of kinnetic/structural damage” (sic).  CNN

There is little to no damage to the hospital itself. I count less than 20 damaged cars…so somehow it seems the Palestinians crammed 25 people into each parked car?  Sure weren’t killed by building damage.

Think, as the old “Mythbusters” show used to say, this one is “busted.”


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Hamas, and others groups in the area, use the protective status of certain buildings for C2 Nodes or as wespons depot.

And remember, the Sarajevo market attack, which got NATO to bomb the Serbs, was later determined to be a mortar round from a muslim area.

You would think there would investigation. Would be easy enough to determine. So far, nope.


It’s almost as if lying to the Infidel is the MO of muslim terrorists..


Screaming headline proven to be wrong …

Correction, if any, can be found in small print in the middle of page 17

A Proud Infidel®™

They’ll print the correction somewhere on the back page of the Bloom County Herald below the Tide Tables for Iowa.

Forest Bondurant

Sickening how all the U.S. media outlets have droned on the last 3-5 years about “misinformation” but were quick to report this story and blame the Israelis for 4 straight days.

They may as well reported the attack was caused by conservatives, claiming they attacked the site at 1AM shouting “This is MAGA country!”


Repeat the cult mantra:
“It’s okay when we do it! It’s okay when we do it! It’s okay when we do it!”


I think that that congresscritter who married her brother blamed “X, where misinformation runs rampant” after she had posted misinformation herself.


The bodies of hubdreds of dead Journalistic Integrities were found buried under the rubble of yet another ass-media/Jihad-industrial-complex propaganda lie.

Tragic, and totally avoidable, mass suicide.

A Proud Infidel®™

Which is the dirtier whorehouse these days, Government or the Media?


Hard to say.

Slow Joe

Everything the Pals do is propaganda.

Remember the funerary service when the dead guy being carried got up and ran away?


It’s morally wrong to tell the truth to infidels here.

Army-Air Force Guy

As Hawkeye Pierce once said, “He got better.”


If Israel wanted to flatten the hospital, it would be rubble.

’nuff said


Yup. If they wanted it gone, it would be. Proof enough.


See, this is why we need a ministry of Truth. If we had that, the Israelis would still be responsible for it.


Well, we had the scary-looking but oddly attractive Disinformation Czar, who’s tenure was less than a month: Nina Jankowicz – Wikipedia


Never mind, don’t zoom in on the official photo on the link. I see the nose wrinkles and the fine chin hairs now, read that she was a member of a Wizard Rock band, and I think she might really be a witch….


“When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.”

It is one of the cruel realities of war that innocents are hurt and killed. IMHO, the way to minimize that is to rapidly go all-out against the aggressor in overwhelming violence and accept the fact that some bystanders will be killed, but make it a secondary objective to minimize that.

YMMV. I’m just an armchair general and don’t know nuttin’


Reminds me of a scene from Patton after one of his division’s quick victories. Gen Bradley sanctimoniously shows Gen Patton the casualty list. Gen Patton asks what Gen Bradley thinks the list would look like if the division were further back still slugging it out.

USMC Steve

From my studies of Bradley, never was too impressed with the guy. He was the dude that thought up Operation Cobra, and used the 8th air force as tactical air, which was massively hammered up. Other things too.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

And herr biden leader of the new 1000 year 4th Reich says that it was the other team that fired the rocket instead of the ham ass terrorists plus that lady in the Reich who is a muslim was crying and screaming and lied that the Israelis fired the rocket into the hospital and for over 2 days, the alphabet news stations keep saying that the hospital was attacked by a rocket. Even my WFTL 850AM radio station which hosts conservative hosts uses abc for news and they keep saying what I typed above.


Yeah, I suspected as much from the beginning. Still hear on the radio about the hospital that was “blown up.” And people don’t understand why I distrust the news media.

Skivvy Stacker

And yet…the students of the universities of this Nation, and the pundits of the highly respected institution that is supposed to keep it’s eye upon the perspicacity of the government, still seem enamored of the idea that Hamas is somehow in a Crusade [if you will] against an occupational force of Jews who wish nothing more than to depress a people known as “Palestinian Arabs” into oblivion.


Also, those “students”, and their best buds in the media, still don’t know what the words “Genocide” and “Apartheid” mean.
And, the media overlooks, either intentionally or because they’re so stupid, that Israel had opened her borders daily so that 20K+ Arabs could enter Israel to work and shop, right up until the attack.


Our favorite screech monster got all screechy…

I wonder if an Israeli runs up and punches her in the eye and then runs away asking for peace will she be on board?


“Israel has dropped more bombs in the last ten days than we dropped in a whole year in Afghanistan”.

More targets in Gaza.

“Is the American living in Gaza less important than the one living in Israel?”.

My answer—-yes.

“Schadenfreude (/ˈʃɑːdənfrɔɪdə/; German:[ˈʃaːdn̩ˌfʁɔʏ̯də]; lit.
Tooltip literal translation
‘harm-joy’) is the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another”


The FIRST (bows modestly) casualty of war is the truth.

RGR 4-78

Only a prolific firster like you could say that. 😉


Literally, any lie will do to start the cascade of DubyaDubyaTreee.

The They need an outrage. But I’m excited to see most people waking up to who precisely is the outrageous.

I say we eat the “rich”, which can include the politicians, in a BBQ competition. Winner gets Antartica. Then, all nations take a 10 year hiatus in all major decisions (like a Dark Ages but with internet) and we resume any squabbles in 2033 sans WEF f*gs.

Oh, and make gold and silver money again. (this will limit printing out-of-completely-thin-air so nations can’t spend 600 BILLION freaking dollars in a month! Jerome! Fking, Janet!)

Re the up coming draft (link, timestamped)

Janet Pewpew Powell.png

[…] Yep, according to the Palestinians they have taken over TEN THOUSAND casualties since the fight (which they started) began.  Remember that Palestinian hospital where they claimed 500 died two weeks ago? Hospital bombing  […]