Yemeni terrorists threaten to join the Palestinians if the US military intervenes

| October 12, 2023

The Houthi terrorists are based in Yemen and are backed by Iran. Their leader declared support for the Palestinians, explained that the Hamas attack was justified, and warned the United States that if it intervenes, the Houthis will join the Palestinians in their fight against Israel. The Houthis will not hesitate to use missile, drone, and other military tactics as a part of their potential participation in the conflict.

From Breitbart:

Abdul Malik al-Houthi, leader of the Houthi movement — known officially as Ansar Allah (“Allah Is the Greatest”) — supported the bloodthirsty child-killers and rapists of Hamas on Tuesday without reservation, praising their “Al-Aqsa Flood Operation” as a “Palestinian decision that has full legitimacy, and the enemy and its allies were surprised by it.”

“The Yemeni people are thus ready to do everything they can to perform the sacred duty of standing with the Palestinian people,” he declared. “Our people are ready to move in the hundreds of thousands to join the Palestinian people and confront the enemy.”

Houthi represents only a small portion of the “Yemeni people,” and after years of the grueling civil war he unleashed in 2015 — which led to one of the worst humanitarian crises on Earth — millions of Yemenis have been left with no meaningful access to food or medicine and enduring a massive cholera outbreak.

“If the Americans directly intervened militarily, we would be ready to participate (against Israel), with missile and drone strikes and other military options,” Houthi said, drawing his “red line” for Ansar Allah’s involvement.

Houthi envisioned an Iran-led “Axis of Resistance,” including Iranian proxy forces in Iraq and Lebanon, coming together to fight Israel. The Houthi regime has financially supported Lebanese Hezbollah in the past.

“We warn America that its direct intervention in the aggression against the Palestinian people means turning it into a regional war,” he said.

The Yemeni insurgent leader concluded by urging the Arab League and Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to support the “Islamic resistance” of Hamas against Israel, or else stand revealed as “weak” Muslims whose reluctance would be tantamount to “loyalty to the Zionist entity.”

Breitbart and the Middle East Monitor provide additoinal information.

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Same ol’ stuff…
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Ahem…my $0.02


True that.

A Proud Infidel®™

Absolute truth IMO.


Just came across this from a commenter at conservative tree house.

Scorched earth time for those that started this.

NBC News has someone on, John Rauschenberg, who says state dept has no plans to evacuate American citizens from Gaza. That is what they told him, according to Rauschenberg,.


Trash…that needs to be taken out and burned. Pro tip…stay upwind from the fire.

The Yemini terrorists have destroyed their own country and now want to have a chance to destroy others. The do have a kongress kritter in the US grubermint so there is that success story.

Tomorrow has been declared a day of International Jihad. Be Aware and if you haven’t already done so…Prepare

The Gun Bunny ……………… Those that are listening

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Some harrowing tales of survival from settlements that were fortified and zealously protected by settlers and retired military operators are emerging. Hours long fire fights involving hundreds of fighters.

Not sure if she is married or not but the near perfect spouse:


US intervention will be determined by the amount and location(s)
of actual terrorist activity on Friday the 13th.

We’ll all know more in about 12 hours.
I will get tipped off several hours earlier.
—> Day of Jihad LIVE: Hamas leader calls for global jihad on Friday 13th October

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RGR 4-78

I am sure we will be fine.

Illegal immigrants from Middle East arrested at US border over past 10 days: Steve Daines (

“Since the first of October, Border Patrol agents have apprehended individuals from Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya. Malaysia, Morocco, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Yemen,” Daines said in a media call following his visit. “This is just in the last 10 days.”


Islam is a Religion of Pieces Peace ™…

Despite it being proven time and again that radical Islamists come disproportionately from Muslim-majority nations and (to a lesser extent) from converted Black and other Americans, we just can’t keep our border secure and must allow the Afghan/Iraqi/Iranian/Yemeni/insert native country here–turned Central/South American “refugees” to come seek their dream in this country. That dream may or may not include disrupting the Great Satan and perpetuator of evils committed against the Allah-approved countries of the Middle East and elsewhere over the past few decades.


I realize that many self-professed Muslims refer to theirs as “the religion of peace,” but this only demonstrates their own ignorance of their own faith.

Islam (اسلام) means “surrender/submission,” not “peace” (the two words share a root, but remain distinctly different words).


“Submission– now, that’s going to be a bit of a problem.” –Leonidas


How many have they missed or were told to tell them to report later.

RGR 4-78

That is the scarry part, the Feds don’t have a clue.

And probably don’t care. If there are more terror attacks CONUS that will allow them to infringe upon civil liberties even further.


Well if parents are going to protest their daughter’s being raped by trannies in high school bath rooms, The FBI will need to be brought in to shut them down. That is clearly active terrorism.

USMC Steve

And almost every one was a military age male.


A Chechnyan did a mass stabbing in France at a school. Several dead subject in custody, allah Akbar.


So does this mean it will finally be open season on radical Islam with no quarter given or expected? That is the only way to solve this issue.


Brother, I am wishing this is so.


Will a Muslim who commits murder be labeled as white?

Forest Bondurant

Mostly white.


Not sure who fact-checks/edits for Breitbart, but Ansar Allah (انصار الله) does not mean “Allah is the greatest.”

It means “helpers/supporters of God.”

As far as Yemeni terrorists hitching their wagon to the hopefully soon-to-be-dead horse that is Hamas… I’m fully on board for ending them once and for all, too.


In all seriousness, I’m glad we have translators, as well as others here, putting their skills and knowledge out there for others who aren’t so knowledgeable (points to myself).


I appreciate the thought, but I’m no translator. I earned the AD identifier, but was never close to anything I’d call fluent.

It got me some extra pay and helped me make capable friends in certain parts of the world where the ratio of friends:enemies mattered – but it was thankfully only a secondary skill and lives never directly depended on my mastery of the language.


You’re more fluent than I.


Allah Ackbar is God is Greatest.


Yes. I imagine that’s what the author was thinking of when they wrote the article.


Don’t forget the Allah-is-Number-1 finger:


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Prior Service

“Sorry, Ukraine, but we are diverting all that 155mm ammo to the shipload of M109A6 Paladins currently uploading in Beaumont, TX and Savannah, GA. We’ve got a, uh, lucrative target massing in the ME. Good luck!”

A Proud Infidel®™

Joe Biden is only going to “help” whoever offers him the biggest bribe!


It may just be coincidental but…
BLM supports Hamas
Yesterday I saw 3 pro-BLM protesters at our little courthouse
Today someone reported to be acting erratically while brandishing a gun shot one of our local LEOs. Perp is currently beginning an eternal sentence in Hell, LEO is reported stable.

I’m gonna have to pack a full load-out everywhere it seems.


We should have a national holiday celebrating the Roof Koreans, and they should be a mandatory chapter for every civics class in the country.

It’s high time we started emulating brave and independent Americans.


GB, seeing several articles on the Buy Large Mansions crowd supporting Ham-Ass. Not surprised there, they both have the same goal which is to destroy America. Good shoots by LEOs on deserving dirtbags articles?…not so much. “specially from Texas of late. KHOU was a go to, bookmarked, for FGS and over the years been good for at least 2-5 a week. Lately…crickets. C2Houston has had a few, but it seems as if the sleeze media has clamped down hard on self-defense and/or good cop shoots. Lots of stuff over bad cop shoots when the gud boi that dindu nuffin, loved Jesus and was turning his life around still show up. I do know that locally, hizz dishonor the mayor of the little big town up the road had barred the locals from the police reports logs without very heavy redaction and made a specific request to the Corporations that own the local news group NOT report self defense or cop shoot stories. If you see a linky to the story, drop it on us.

I don’t even go to the mailbox without enough of a load-out to get into a defensive position. And I live in a fairly safe, peaceful little village. When I do escort duty, or “ride shot-gun” (literally), to either of the little big towns that are 25+ miles in each direction, I have enough firepower to keep their heads down while the prime mover is getting us the hell out of Dodge. One reason I’m looking at a Henry Mare’s Leg in .410 or 20gg for close in suppressive fire ability.


Roger that.
I’m also thinking some (D)emon-rat (D)ysfunctional politician in Harris County has put the thumb on the good-shoot news.
I need more time to check the back-channel news sources – time that lately has been in very short supply.
Current paycheck source has me doing things where it is hard to conceal my extra mags. I may have to rethink options. Also rethink options for longarms in the motor vehicles.
Still the best policy is “Prepare the best you can, but rely on God’s protection, ’cause without that your burnt toast.”


The attack by Hamas, with thousands of rockets, hundreds of ground forces, vehicles, weaponry, even paragliders, led me to ask this question:

How many residents of Gaza knew that an attack was coming?

5,000 rockets had to be smuggled into Gaza, along with rocket launchers either brought in or built, and nobody saw anything!? Bullshit.

How many residents of Gaza called the Israeli intelligence services and reported what they knew? None.

After the death camps were discovered, the German “civilians” who blamed the Nazis — as if the Nazis were aliens from another world who suddenly appeared and took over Germany — claimed the atrocities were only the fault of “the Nazi’s” and the ordinary German wasn’t responsible.

Hitler came to power because he was voted into power.

So was Hamas.

Now the residents of Gaza are blaming “Hamas” as if Hamas wasn’t THEM.

How many residents of Gaza are willing begin killing Hamas fighters? Apparently none.

As I’ve said before:

Them – “Oh my, we were trapped between the government and the rebels.”

Me – “Then grab a gun, you son of a bitch, and pick a side.”

– and –

– You get the government you deserve.

– So do we.


The Mista’arvim (lit., the Arabized) would be those best positioned to inform on any such build-up. Following the 2005 disengagement, it seems like Israel abandoned most (if not all) HUMINT collection in Gaza in favor of SIGINT.

Credit where due, the complex attack carried out by Hamas was impressive, and jingoism hopefully won’t prevent in-depth analysis – I’m sure much of that analysis will show that Israel’s technological superiority led to a complacency among their human elements.

Everything so far seems to point to an admirable (professionally speaking, not morally) degree of OPSEC on the part of the planners over two years. Probably few Joe Palestines saw enough to set off their spidey sense.

I don’t know enough about the rockets used (I’m inclined to believe the actual number was closer to 2,500), but rockets don’t necessarily have to be smuggled in. Platforms are even easier to fabricate on-site.


I bet dollar to donuts that going forward, Israel’s intelligence will know about who is breaking wind before the wind breaker does.

Highly unlikely they make the same mistake. And when all is done, I’m sure heads will roll.


Hopefully, this time will be decisive and Gaza will cease to exist as an autonomous exclave. There’s a cruel logic to killing the sons of one’s enemy, and the concept of laws of war – outside those of efficiency and effectiveness – is nothing but a polite delusion.

I don’t want innocents to suffer (and there are plenty of innocents who will, sadly), but effectively eliminating Hamas should trump minimizing collateral damage. Hamas set the rules of the game when they targeted innocent civilians. I’m not advocating for Israel to target innocent civilians, in kind (I’ll stop supporting them if they do), but I’m ok with and even support excluding those collateral numbers from their operational calculus.

USMC Steve

Laws of ware don’t apply. The Hamas terrorists are illegal combatants in this war. Field interrogation and summary execution.


I posted something the other day with an interrogation being performed by Isreal. When they asked the captive why they took women and children, he said it was so they could dirty them. When pressed on what that meant, he said for raping them.

No word on if he summarily executed or not.

Forest Bondurant

Agreed. I suspect that Gaza will no longer be a Palestinian (Hamas) enclave once this is all over. Israel very well claim it all back – and give fuck all what the rest of the world thinks about it.

A Proud Infidel®™

IIRC, wasn’t it Das Hildebeast who “negotiated” the Gaza Strip going back to the Paleoswinians? Israel even moved Jewish Settlers out of there!


Israel claimed 4,253 rockets were fired throughout the day and 90% were taken out by Iron Dome defensive fire. Which means ~425 impacted. Iron Dome also has an AI that is selective so some may have been let go if they were not predicted to impact in populated areas


Fair enough. I’d seen prior estimates that ranged from 2200 to 5k+. Ultimately, it was enough of an escalation from previous attacks to overwhelm the Dome.


That would be a very cogent point, were it not for the fact that it’s completely false.

Hitler came to power because he was voted into power.

Nope, completely false.

Hitler won the 1932 elections with a proportion of approximately 37%, the largest party in the Reichstag, but not a majority and certainly not enough to form a coalition.

His attaining power as Führer (president and chancellor of the German people) was entirely due to political negotiations, none of which happened with the approval or permission of the public.

Also, keep in mind that the German population was under significant pressure during the 1932 election season: the Sturmabteilung, Hitler’s mob who operated much like modern Antifa in that no low level of political repression, blackmail and fraud was beyond their grasp to ensure a Nazi victory, had just been made legal as a compromise with Hitler.

The rest of the German population were subdivided into a fractious assemblage of centrist, democratic, socialist, communist, conservative and nationalist parties, none of which individually were enough to oppose the Nazis.

And lastly, once Hitler had been appointed Chancellor in early 1933, he suspended civil liberties and banned all opposition parties, effectively preventing anybody from hindering his progress in politics ever again.

So I have one question for you: what exactly do you gain by tarring the Germans with such a wide brush?

A Proud Infidel®™

Sounds like what Soros is doing these days with his mobs of useful idiots stirred up by paid herders and handlers.


comment image

A Proud Infidel®™

IMO the left has been wanting a massive race war on US soil for decades and we have seen their efforts to fester and foment it. Now they are frustrated that it has not happened yet, thus they are going full effort to start any race war they can, thus their efforts to encourage illegal immigration at all costs as well as doing all they can to allow another massive terrorist attack on US soil with wet dreams of the power and control that they can get over American Citizens, remember the DHS and TSA after 9/11?

Mike B

Guess it’s time to break out the weapons and do a functional test. Load up the extra magazines for the semi auto ones, and stripper clips for the bolt actions.

Oh and go through the closet full of ammo cans and put the appropriate ammo cans with appropriate rifles and pistols.

USAF Retired


Whatever happened to ……..

A Proud Infidel®™

I wonder how many hours a day they were forced to rehearse that, and how many were punished upon their return to their prison nation for not cheering hard enough?


So Houthi stands with the Palestinians, but what about the rest of the Blowfish?


I’m afraid they are no longer with us.