Fetterman: America is not sending their best and brightest to DC

| October 12, 2023

Senator John Fetterman was a guest on Stephen Colbert’s show. Colbert praised Fetterman’s “meme game,” and mentioned the awkwardness that Fetterman may have experienced when he saw individuals targeted by the memes. As a part of his response, Fetterman commented about how America is not sending their best and brightest to Washington DC. Self-deprecating, or being serious?

From Fox News:

“Is it awkward to be in the Capitol and then run into people that you have put up a devastating meme about — because you’ve got excellent meme game — but then you have to see these people in the cafeteria?” Colbert asked on “The Late Show.”

“You all need to know that America is not sending their best and brightest to Washington, D.C.,” Fetterman responded, to laughter from the audience. “Sometimes you literally just can’t believe… these people are making the decisions that are determining the government here. It’s actually scary.”

He said it was “dangerous” and referenced the recent near-government shutdown. Fetterman argued that there were plenty of “less gifted” people that would have let the government shut down.

Colbert and Fetterman spent much of the interview discussing Fetterman’s recovery from a stroke and his mental health issues; he was hospitalized while suffering from depression this year and continues to have auditory processing problems that have made communication difficult. He used a tablet to transcribe Colbert’s questions during the interview.

They also discussed the Senate dress code, during which Colbert gifted the senator a tuxedo t-shirt.

The Democratic senator made fun of critics of the dress code decision and said, “oh my God, the world is going to burn because he’s going to wear a hoodie on the floor.”

“Ukraine or shutting down the government, all these issues. I think it’s much more important to see is, what will this man where on the floor of the Senate?” he continued.

Fetterman also expressed support for Israel following the terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas and criticized the House for not having a speaker.

Fox News has the article, and a segment of the show, at this link.

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It’s just too damn easy. I’ll leave it to someone else.


It’s like they’re not even trying.


The pot calling…..


comment image


If bigfoot and uncle Fester had a baby.

A Proud Infidel®™

More like he was cloned from a vial of DNA labeled “DEFECTIVE, DO NOT USE”.


Which brain did you grab?
Abby who
Abby Normal.


If fetterman was the better of both candidates, how much more brain dead was the Republican, or even Democrat opponents.

This should be proof positive that the election was fixed.


The big debate.


I think it is an awesome win for diversity having both a president and senator with mental disabilities in office.


Bitch musta looked in a mirror when he said that. And Colbert? He’s a sissy bitch, too.



jeff LPH 3 63-66

When I had 3 month compartment cleaning in the engineering berthing compartment, we used a floor waxer but when it was down, the wax was swabbed on the deck and when it dried, one of the guys would sit on a blanket and we would pull him around the compartment shining the deck up.

Green Thumb

Instead of Fetterman, we need a Betterman.

His idea.


It’s hard to even comprehend the lack of self awareness. If Oz just didn’t come off as a douchey elitist this mess could have been avoided.


When an elder Senate member has to make a friggin dress code for people to adhere to, you know we’re in trouble.

Fetterman dresses like some you see in Walmart.

A Proud Infidel®™

More like Dollar General!


I practice my counting skills going into Walmart. Some days, you can get a pretty high count.

I’m sure dollar general is the same.


The movies suck and are too expensive. Now, I go spend a couple hours at Walmart. It’s cheaper and much more entertaining.


Stephen Colbert is a boot-licking piece of shit.

John Fetterman is worse.


Maybe he figured having him as a guest would cancel them out.


Double shit-show. Should have been banned from public television and shown only to prison inmates.

A Proud Infidel®™

IMO Fetterman is little more than an easily manipulated useful idiot put into Office by Soros-funded entities.


Welp, he did have a stroke. Do you suppose…nah. Can’t cure crude.


Even if he had a stroke, somebody should be assisting him with even mundane tasks like getting dressed.


This clown was deadwood before he had a stroke. Mayor of a small town and couldn’t even run it correctly.

Lived with his parents who gave him an allowance until he was 40.

Dear God Pennsylvanians are dumber then he is.


In Fetterman’s defense, no one would know better than he that Americans are not electing their best and brightest.


Well, no $hit!

Herbert J Messkit

As they say in court; Exhibit number 1

A Proud Infidel®™

The State of Pennsylvania definitely did NOT send their best or brightest to that seat in the United States Senate but hey, the DNC apparats in the big Cities did ALL they could to rig the vote for him.


Did Fetterman just admit that he is a dumbass?


I believe he did. I hope whoever runs against him uses this sound bite in their election bid. And offer cash money to the first person who has pictures of him actually buying clothes (real clothes) that aren’t sweat pants.

Forest Bondurant

American politics has become a race to the bottom.

Old tanker

Between biden and fetterman, the dems have proven that brain damage is not an impediment for public office IF you are a demokrat.



USMC Steve

Well, I believe that Fetterman certainly knows of that which he mumbles…