American carrier strike group ordered to the Eastern Mediterranean

| October 9, 2023

Lloyd Austin ordered the USS Gerald R. Ford, and its accompanying warships, to the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. Their mission will include being a “show of force” as well as conducting interdiction against weapons shipments that could aid Hamas. Meanwhile, Hamas is reported to have claimed that Iran backed the attack, which others have warned will contribute to the increase of oil prices in the face of U.S. reserves being drained. As of this posting, up to 800 Israelis, and at least 9 Americans, have died while other Americans may have been taken hostage.

From The Associated Press:

Along with the Ford the U.S. is sending the cruiser USS Normandy and destroyers USS Thomas Hudner, USS Ramage, USS Carney, and USS Roosevelt, and the U.S. is augmenting Air Force F-35, F-15, F-16, and A-10 fighter aircraft squadrons in the region.

“The U.S. maintains ready forces globally to further reinforce this deterrence posture if required,” Austin said in a statement.

In addition, the Biden administration “will be rapidly providing the Israel Defense Forces with additional equipment and resources, including munitions. The first security assistance will begin moving today and arriving in the coming days,” Austin said.

The Norfolk, Virginia-based carrier strike group already was in the Mediterranean. Last week it was conducting naval exercises with Italy in the Ionian Sea. The carrier is in its first full deployment.

Senior officials from the Pentagon and State Department briefed senators Sunday night, and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said they were assured that the United States was giving Israel “everything they need.”

“I asked the representatives of our Defense Department if they are giving Israel everything they need, and I was heartened that they said yes and that they are surging support,” the New York Democrat said in a statement after the unclassified briefing.

“I asked them if they have denied any requests that Israel has made, and they said no. I urged them to ensure Israel has everything it needs to protect itself, and reiterated that the Senate stands ready to deliver on additional needs,” he said.

The Associated Press has more information on the positioning of U.S. Warships here.

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A Proud Infidel®️™️

Oil prices spiking, likely very nice for all of the politicians who have money put into oil futures. Hey wait, what about all of the “green fuels” that the greenie-weenies said were going to make traditional hydrocarbon fuels obsolete?

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The incompetence of The Biden Regime is on full display…
His domestic failures with inflation & energy
As with all Democrats, the foreign policy is a total disaster
The US is now funding 2 wars: Ukraine and by giving Iran $6B they’re funding Hamas one in Israel/Gaza
Remind of the wars Trump started…


Don’t leave out all the weapons hey provided the terrorists by leaving them in Afghanistan..


comment image


This is an Afghani learning to fly a helicopter.


Or a Russky retiree-recall dude.

USMC Steve

Why is he wearing a parachute?


Long way to the ground? Trying to look the part?


Looks kinda like Prince William.


Yeah, we need this. It’s almost as if the $6B released to Iran helped enable Hamas. One technicality that seems to never be considered is that if a belligerent nation suddenly receives a large sum of money for “humanitarian” purposes, that money frees up capital that can be used for other reasons.

Redneck math: I get my weekly paycheck of $630. Suddenly, I get a $100 EBT card for groceries for the kids. Hmmm…I’ve got food money and an extra $100 to spend however I like.

Granted, we did need another war to divert attention so close to the primaries and next year’s election. Joe needs all the help he can get, and pending his disqualification for health or age issues, the already-chosen Next in Line will be stealthily planted while we all “ooh” and “ahh” over Ukraine and the ME.


Sounds about accurate FM… My thoughts:.. Give Israel all the material support they need, as long as it comes DIRECTLY from that already approved for Ukraine. Float around the Med, and sink whatever needs sunk, but otherwise, stay out of the way, and let IDF clean house. Everyone in Gaza / Golan is a terrorist, terrorist sympathizer, or terrorist enabler. There is NO collateral damage in these areas, so a KOB says, let slip the dogs of war, and finally, tell the “squad” members to shut their pie holes (and expel / deport any that have violated our immigration laws). As for the rest of us, as mentioned, keep your eyes on the ball, don’t get taken in by this shell game that the dims will use as a distraction to steal the upcoming elections..


You forgot Taiwan.


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USMC Steve

And it almost never worked for them back then.


True, but they did make things suck for a while.


Good to know that our latest, greatest, most expensive EVAH, still working the bugs out, aerial artillery platform delivery vehicle is setting up to get a real shakedown cruise. They get the launcher working as its supposed to? Maybe if the aerial artillery platforms would target their ordnance on the real bully on the block we could stop some of their BS. Give the enemies of our “friend” a real reason to hate us.


Hamas: Aloha snack bar!!!


Is it just me, or does it seem like there’s a shitload of Tomahawks and Mk-48s pointing towards Bandar Abbas with a few submarine COs going, “I wish a motherfucker would….”


To do what, strike Gaza? Wrong target.


They should have sent the entire LCS fleet nobody would care if it made it home.


We should send the LCS to Ukraine but even they don’t want it.


Ukraine mostly wants money. Too hard to launder an LCS.


Did anyone wake Brandon up and tell him that Israel was under attack? Did they have to explain what Israel is and where it is located? Does he know where his carrier strike group is and where it’s going? Inquiring minds, and all that.


Them A-rabs don’t have a chance against our diverse, correct pronoun-recognizing naval force.


We need to shut our borders. We need to close our wallet. We need to start cleansing our country and then the planet.

Somebody call our people at Area 54 get on the squawk box to the grays and the star Nordics.
We need to pull out the fleet and IS crew of the EBEs and take out the diseased DNA trash

Anna Puma

I looked at the official US government stats for the SPR today.

As of 29 Sep 2023 there is enough oil there to keep the US going for 17.5 days at 20 million barrels/day.

Back in July 2020 at the same consumption rate it was 32.5 days.

Thanks Joey, you killed us all.


Don’t think the Chicoms aren’t aware of it.


You can bet they were notified of it


“Along with the Ford the U.S. is sending the cruiser USS Normandy and destroyers USS Thomas Hudner, USS Ramage, USS Carney, and USS Roosevelt, and the U.S. is augmenting Air Force F-35, F-15, F-16, and A-10 fighter aircraft squadrons in the region.”

Where da USNS Harvey Milk???

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Ok, just watch meeeee. It’s so simple, you sissy Mary’s!


Wondering when the Bataan Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) consisting of USS BATAAN (LHD-5), USS MESA VERDE (LPD-19), and USS CARTER HALL (LSD-50), and the embarked 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) will arrive on station.

A lot of additional capability to really bring some pain.

They’ll also have the capability to run Noncombatant Evacuation Operations (NEO) if required to get AMCITs out of Israel and surrounding areas.