Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| October 3, 2023

What the fuck?

What’s the pronouns for a lunatic?

This will help fix race relations

I wouldn’t follow this legal advice…

Yikes. Mask slipping off

They aren’t your kids anyway

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Where’s commissar to tell us they don’t really mean it when they say they’re coming for our kids??? I’d love to see his mental gymnastics defending this pedophile shit…

As KOB says, we’re gonna need more wood chippers!


Feed ’em in feet FIRST (ht2 HS)! Bet that he/she/them/they/it would feel that. Whenever I see the nose ring thing I always want to test a hot 9 volt bat-tree on it.

Blood sucking parasites…when free food, free housing, free medical care, free fones, free rein to commit crime with no punishment isn’t enough.

A law perfesser telling people to break the law? Got it!

“…we will die for them.” I’m good with that. Anything I can do to help you along with your desire to die?

I have a right, nay a duty, to protect my child from the likes of you.

Pro tip for the spapos. Open Threads (we have one every Friday, Dippy) are the forum for bringing up subjects that the editors haven’t brought up. Tell you what, you Sissy Punk Asinine Piece Of Sh^t, when you have had a successful honorable military career, become a decorated LEO, a published author on Real Heroes, and gained the respect of your peers, then and only then, can you throw rocks at Mason. Start up your own blog and see how many followers/hits you get. I’ll wait right here.


You guys seemed to have missed this from the stories you intended to cover.

I am sure it was just an oversight since a story about a President calling fallen soldiers “losers” is not something this veteran blog would even think of ignoring.



Can you ever just stick to the topic of the post. FFS Trump isn’t even mentioned here.


This blog intentionally ignores topics like this.

Can’t stick to a topic that doesn’t come up.


Then go find a blog that does.


Jonn didn’t create a right wing blog. He created a blog for veterans.

Mason turned it into a right wing blog.

Fuck your gate keeping.


Fuck your lack of reading comprehension:

19. Q: Why is the site so conservative, politically? Is this some kind of “right wing debate club” in disguise?

A: Um, no. As a whole, the military tends to be much more conservative than the rest of society – although it’s hardly uniform in that respect, and the trend is not nearly as strong as the media tends to portray. That trend towards being more conservative is mirrored here; most TAH readers are veterans.

It could also have something to do with that oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States . . . ” Military people and vets tend to mean what they say.

As found on the “TAH FNG – Read before you post” page (link).
Take your misapplied oak leafs and shove them in yo’ ass, you monster .


I try very hard not to descend to your level and retaliate against your profanity with profanity, but what the hell.

No. Fuck you and your attempt at gatekeeping. You are a guest here, the same as I and many others. As a guest, you play by the rules set forth by the blog owners and administrators. This blog is not a democracy, nor a constitutional republic. You have no vote, no say-so in its operation. You do not get to hijack any thread or use this site as your own personal weapon to attack the people and opinions you disagree with. You do not have any right to be here, the admins may remove you at their discretion. People cut you a lot more slack than you deserve. So, here’s a hearty, well deserved FUCK YOU, from D’s Cantina. Now you go and have yourself a fine day.


I just checked the first posts on this blog, just as I’ve done before, because I knew that you did not know what you were talking about. Here is a link to Jonn’s first post, criticizing Democrats:

Life in an echo chamber

And his second post: 

Defeatocrat is not a misnomer, Peckerwood Murtha

In fact, click on the image below and notice a common thread among his initial posts… Jonn hammering the Democrats! In fact, one of the things that motivated Jonn to start this blog was that he was banned from a forum, his conservative leaning was apparently not appreciated on that site, so he started this blog. 

Valor Guardians, Jonn Lilyea initial posts.jpg

Do you ever read your rants before you hit “post”? I don’t think that last one is the own that you think it is. Fraud.


Ignore? Hardly. You posted it, and here it is. Let me try that on some of your diverse and inclusive sites.


And the weekly “Libs of TicTok” post show how embarrassingly off the reservation this blog has gone under Mason.

At least Jon wanted to maintain the appearance he was running a partisan blog and any appearance otherwise was just the result of the right wing ,ram of veterans.

Mason openly and outright posts completely ridiculous right wing propaganda and clownshow sources like Libs of Ticktock.



Right wing *lean

Can’t edit my posts.


You probably shouldn’t even post your posts. Editing would be so much easier for you then.


“At least Jon wanted to maintain the appearance he was running a partisan blog”

“….I do not think it means what you think it means.”

“Can’t edit my posts.”

I agree.


You don’t get to define the “reservation” or anything else on this blog. No, I retract that last statement. You are the very definition of “fraud”.


Libs of TikTok exposes the progressive liberal clownshow for what it is. Maybe it wouldn’t bother you so much if you weren’t such an integral part of the clownshow.


Yeah, for sure, can’t give these moronic libs the exposure they deserve… It’s not like this stuff is made up, it’s just a reposting of the stupid shit your people post…what’s the matter, don’t want the “normies” to know the truth commissar???


comment image


Where’d you get a copy of Commissar’s DD-214?


Double plus good!


Clown shoes? 100% But accuracy? Also 100%. Nothing better than the libs in their own words.


Also, it says a lot that you are more upset I posted that link than you are that Trump said what he said.


It’s been refuted that he said it by a group that includes detractors.

If ‘right wing’ includes Constitutionalists, rational actors, small gov proponents, and Liberals that actually believe in Liberty, or, “propaganda” being questioning the official narrative or reasoned speech and speculation.

Fucking guilty, bud.

Fascists like you and your ilk make me fucking sick. You/y’all have repeatedly called for no avenue for ‘forgiveness’ for ‘sins’ & crimes of wrongthink, real or imagined.

You have no base principles, no consistency in application of opinions or punishments other than “everything I don’t like this week is evil”, and will tolerate vile acts to justify this degeneracy.

All of this shit is a sociological, biological, spiritual, financial dead end, and deep down you know this yet you keep going…?

Please allow me to invite you to fuck off.

demonrats say a lot of silly things.jpeg

I’m going to discover this…

Klingon, I'm stealing this meme for the glory of the Klingon Empire!.jpg

comment image


Commisar is just mad that any real estate/business dealings/loan requests made prior to 2015 are inadmissible in court due to statue of limitations expiring.

Sorry to be a spapos, but commisar started it.


I see you’re off your meds again. You do realize that the bad orange man is no longer in office and can’t hurt you? You seem to hate this blog and everyone on it, yet you return time and time again. Why is that? Is this some kind of perverse need to be abused and humiliated? You’re a fraud.

A Gold Star Mother

I am so sick of losers and suckers standing on the graves of Fallen Soldiers and co-opting the grief of Gold Star families to score political points. It is particularly infuriating when such points are either flat-out lies or intentional misrepresentations of what was actually said, sans the context and tone in which they were said. The most salient line, and the only remotely honest and accurate one from the article you linked – “appeared to confirm the report”. That article makes it appear Kelly said all those things but close reading shows that is an intentional misdirection. Here are the facts –
In France, “losers and suckers” referred to the French as the former and the young GI’s that were used as cannon fodder for the latter. But don’t let a little something like facts get in the way of your narrative.
At Arlington in 2017, Trump was commenting, in awe, about how many chose to serve and risk their lives for little to no obvious personal gain, and that they would do such a thing was inspiring to him.
At the 2018 White House event, Trump objected to parading injured soldiers like trick ponies in a county fair. What was the point? To make spectators uncomfortable, to virtue signal? That was the part he objected to and felt “wouldn’t look good”.
Khizr Khan was and is a political tool and a disgrace to his dead son. He stood on his son’s headstone as an elevated bully pulpit and used the Gold Star as a cudgel. Then, when called out for his blatant politically partisan and irrelevant rant, attempted to use the Gold Star as a shield. Worst of all, he claimed his son’s heroics as his own sacrifice. Sorry, as a parent, you sacrificed nothing unless you were Abraham on the mountain. The sacrifice and honor were your son’s, the disgrace and dishonor are yours Khizr Khan.

A Gold Star Mother

Khan was put up at the DNC convention in response to the wholly appropriate and scathing indictment of Hillary by Patricia Smith. First, she is not a Gold Star as her son was not AD military at the time of his death. Second, she had first-hand knowledge and interaction with Hillary, which she repeated. Khan never met Trump, never had any interaction, he was just some political tool all too happy to dishonor his son’s service and claim his son’s sacrifice as his own. IOW – typical Democrat move.
As for accusing Milley of treason, and noting the historical punishment for the crime? An opinion and the truth.
I have never said this of anyone before, but I sincerely wish you a very long life of misery and suffering. To accomplish that, all that needs to happen is to let all that hate and stupidity bubbling around in your empty skull fester and poison you until the proletariat you so worship ventilates your cranium and lets it leak out slowly. The first part of my wish has obviously come true. You will bring about the second part all on your own, with no help needed from anyone and despite all the help so many have offered to prevent such an outcome. Yours, and all those like you who use the deaths of your betters and the grief of their families as political weapons, will be obituaries I will read with glee. 


I sincerely wish you a very long life of misery and suffering. To accomplish that, all that needs to happen is to let all that hate and stupidity bubbling around in your empty skull fester and poison you until the proletariat you so worship ventilates your cranium and lets it leak out slowly.

Day’um, AGSM!

BDA 110/100!! Secondaries everywhere, scorched earth!

{sharp salute}

A Gold Star Mother

Rob-Dog- I’m not eligible to return the salute as I didn’t serve so I’ll just smile and say thank you.


You served. You gave more of yourself than any of us here.


Have to admit to a heaviness in my heart and didn’t know how to respond to AGSM’s comment.

You nailed it perfectly, SFC D.

Thank you.


“They also serve who only stand and wait”.


I can’t even remember whatever pithy comments I was going to make. Commissar needs to hang his head in shame and head back to the barn with his tail between his legs after being taken behind the woodshed so thoroughly.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Not cool, Tox.


Fist of all, your family’s sacrifice to this nation is 1000% appreciated by this commentor.

President Trump has nothing but the utmost respect for our service members past, present and future. Look at any video clip of him interacting with the troops. They go wild for him. He’s the first President in how many decades not to start a war? He wants to avoid WWIII which is why he’s hated by establishment.

PS: Fuck that Commissar douche. He’s a piece of shit.


He’s the poster child of being a fucking loser — and he threatens to beat my ass on sight 😂

A Gold Star Mother

Devine- Knock the soy extra foam latte to the ground, unfasten the safety pin and perform the micro aggression of misgendering with the assignation of male pronouns. The soi-boi would be a whimpering puddle of snot and piss. That is what would happen if it dared to challenge me. What would you do?

A Gold Star Mother

Oops-“Deckie”. Can’t edit


AGSM, That was the most succinct and well deserved beat-down I have ever seen of the seagull. As others have said, the sacrifices of your family are deeply appreciated by this poster, and I have no doubt that should that fool ever try such shit in your presence, he would receive a physical thumping equal to if not exceeding the verbal one you just gave him. Good on ya!

A Gold Star Mother

Thank you HT3.


Flawless Victory.


Just like:


That was …. epic.


Key words: “his former chief of staff says.” 

That goes up there with Jussie Smollett being subject to a racist attack simply because he said that he was subjected to such attack. Parts of the article’s claims “being confirmed” does not mean that all of the claims were confirmed. 

What remains unconfirmed is whether or not he actually said these words. However, without cold hard evidence, such as transcripts or audio of the full Donald Trump statement, I’m going to dismiss this as nonsense. 

However, here is something that actually was said:

Joe Biden, clap for that you stupid bastards.jpg

FJB, As a self anointed, honorary, Gold Star Dad who even though he was a starting college varsity football player and swimmer, who was kicked off the team as a freshman, for poor academic performance, despite having the highest GPA in his class, was unable to serve in Vietnam due to asthma has the most street cred with the military because he told Corn Pop the facts of life and whenever he goes to a military funeral, he knows what time it is. It’s details with this dude, that are impossible to keep up with; because they keep changing and aren’t important to the leftist media. So Orange Man bad….

Biden/ Harris ’24. “We don’t just fellate for money and jobs, we do it because we like it”; Commissar has approved this Message;


You may have missed some of FJB comments/accomplishments in your post,, but they really are too numerous to count let alone keep straight.

If commisar is still reading, this is for you 🙂


You mean left/libtard media said that he said…

Forest Bondurant

Pathetic. (Posting an “Axios” article about something that has been proven to be a lie – the usual MO for leftist news sources.)


CNN—“The most trusted name in news”.




Admit it. Your domm cut you off again, so here you are again, cruising for free abuse.


Commisar…. you forgot to answer fyrfighters comment. You went on a completely different tangent. Are we to assume you find this acceptable?

And as always, this is for you 😆


comment image


Clearly, but:
comment image


“Everybody must eat!”

At a liquor store?


Hey Seagull,
Did you know there was an arabic version of Mein Kampf(link)?

You are that thing you hate, beeteedubs.

Stay classy, assclown.


Yup, ol’ Adolf is still a best-selling author in the Arab world– his “kampf” is a jihad that involves getting rid of jewish people, for ’em.


The irony being, any real Communist Revolution of the Proletariat will immediately liquidate his Bourgeois poser ass.

Even in his chosen fraud, he is a fraud


And, one more… Guy who dresses up in a dog suit to transform himself into a dog (a “trans-dog,” if you will) finds according to real dogs he isn’t one: