Melanie Gutermuth AKA Melanie Marshall AKA Melanie Going, finally found guilty.

| October 3, 2023

Our phony princess Melanie Gutermuth has finally been found guilty of theft from the Veterans Administration.  From our post in 2013.  If people would have listened way back when this could have been stopped much earlier.  It is nice to see these people being held accountable, too bad we don’t get to see the VA Administration being held accountable for letting a known Valor Vulture to get away with it in the first place.

Back when she still had her looks, she established herself in the veteran community, like in 2010 when she somehow got the Military Officers of America Association to include her in an article about the shabby treatment of women veterans. And she even somehow convinced a Whataburger to welcome her home from her deployment;


Melanie Gutermuth Whataburger

She shows up at local military and veterans events with whatever uniform is appropriate, along with her medals and rank;


Melanie Gutermuth Class As

So, what’s her real story? Her DD214;


Melanie Gutermuth DD214

If that’s not good enough, her FOIA;


Melanie Gutermuth FOIA

Her 2-1;


Melanie Gutermuth 2-1

It looks like she got recycled four times in Basic Training then got booted after four months, and then she joined ROTC. The word is that she got kicked out of ROTC because she couldn’t pass the PT test after several months of “trying” whatever that word means to her.

Basically, it looks to me like she’s been banking on her fairly good looks (in pre-meth days) to get by and now she’s scamming veterans’ organizations. The vet who called us said that she was lobbying for women veterans in Washington, DC recently. I hope that was part of her scam and not something that she really did with her meth-ridden body.


And now this:

Tampa, Florida – United States Attorney Roger B. Handberg announces that a federal jury has found Melanie Marshall (38, Tampa), a/k/a Melanie Gutermuth, guilty of theft of government funds. Marshall faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in federal prison. Her sentencing hearing is scheduled for December 14, 2023. Marshall had been indicted on December 19, 2018.

According to evidence presented at trial, Marshall stole from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VRE) program. Marshall was eligible for the VRE program, which was designed to assist veterans with service-connected disabilities prepare for, find, and keep suitable employment, but lied to her VA Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (VRC) to continue receiving benefits beyond what had been approved. Marshall signed an Individualized Written Rehabilitation Plan with the stated objective being to complete a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Health/Health Education. Marshall graduated with her Bachelor of Science in approximately December 2015. However, Marshall failed to report to her VRC that she had completed the program she was approved for – by graduating with her bachelor’s degree – and lied on multiple occasions regarding her progress toward completion of her bachelor’s degree. Marshall also provided fake degree audits to support her repeated lies to the VRC regarding her progress towards her bachelor’s degree. As a result of Marshall’s lies and misrepresentations, the VA paid for classes and issued monthly subsistence allowance payments after she had already completed her approved VRE program. The total loss to the VA was $20,986.92.

“The Veteran Readiness and Employment program provides vital job training, education, and employment accommodations for our nation’s deserving veterans with service-connected disabilities. The VA Office of Inspector General is committed to holding accountable those who would commit fraud against VA’s programs and services,” said Special Agent in Charge David Spilker with the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General’s Southeast Field Office. “The VA OIG thanks the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Social Security Administration OIG for their efforts in this joint investigation.”

This case was investigated by the Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of the Inspector General and the Social Security Administration, Office of the Inspector General. It is being prosecuted by Special Assistant United States Attorney Suzanne Huyler and Assistant United States Attorney Jennifer L. Peresie.

We could have saved Suzie and Jenn a lot of “investigating” if they simply picked up the phone.  Well, a decade late is better than never… I guess.

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Can’t imagine how big a kevlar she needed to cover that fivehead.


Could hide a claymore under that


In Signal Corps terms that would be known as
a billboard antenna.


Andy11M, sarge, and 26L,
A short lived teenage high school rock band,
a hard rock trio based on Rush,
we called ourselves “Threeskin”.

If anyone asked about the origin or reasoning
behind the band’s name,
our unified response was
“We fired the keyboard player”.

By age 20,
the other 2 guys formed another band,
and called themselves “The Trim”.

Both Threeskin and The Trim opened the 1st set with this.


Good thing they fired the keyboard player as you would never get your girlfriend or wife to go watch fourskin.

Actually, I think you would have a hard time finding, let alone keeping any woman when she discovered you liked fourskin.


We didn’t fire any keyboard player.
That was part of our joke.

As for the effect on teenage females,
3 17 year olds with rock band on the brain
don’t think that far ahead.

I was just proud to show off
that I could nail the drums on Rush’s Anthem
at age 17.

Rush music video, playing somewhat,
but it’s really the 2nd album you hear here.

RIP JR (1st album).


Anything recent on her PDA Army phonying?

Not finding much on deployment of the Fu of Google.
Then again, she’s been changing her name,
for obvious reasons of easy detection (of Gutermuth) via Fu of Google.

She does get around.
Maryland. Texas. Florida.


2019 “Melanie Marshall” mugshot
at the Ocala Post / Florida Mugshots website.

Arrest Information
Full Name: Melanie Marshall
Time: 3:41 PM

Personal Information
Arrest Age:33
Current Age: 38
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 01/09/1985
City: Bay Pines, Florida 33744
Height: 5’04”
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Place of Birth: TX

comment image


But she can somehow afford to live in Bay Pines, Florida,
where condos are pushing $200k,
small homes are $375k and up,
but a bicycle ride across a busy former US highway
to a large campus of a VA hospital ?

That is, unless
she bilked her way into ONSITE VA residency?
You know… for her “military related” injuries and illnesses?

Does anyone else find it odd,
that she is/was somehow ELIGIBLE for the VA VRE program?
For recycling and washing out of basic training?,+FL/@27.8156525,-82.7769119


Given the number of bad judgement calls Melanie Gutermuth has made, one has to wonder what else might be going on…

Melanie Gutermuth before and after meth.jpg

The little I found, no drug charges,
but a repeat offender for TRESPASSING
(homeless hooch hunting and habitation)
along with fighting police and resisting arrest.

That said… How many in those shoes do drugs?
I’ve watched enough episodes of (*TV) COPS
to know the probability on that answer.


Say no to…


Any questions? Yes! Can I get bacon and a side of cheesy grits with that? Coffee, black.


She can’t afford the eggs.
The gas was turned off.
She pawned the skillet.


Anonymous, MustangCPT, and 11B-Mailclerk,
The original TV commercial.
She’s now 44, and a newly divorced single mom of 2.


Looneybirds like Gutermuth / Marshall
remind me of the (now 50 year old) movie Papillon,
where criminals and crazies could be shipped off to a “crazy island”.

The USA could benefit by selecting and designating an island.
Plenty of places in the USA and possessions
that could serve as our crazy island.

Any suggestions?

comment image

Green Thumb

Send her to All-Points Logsitics in Merritt Island, FL. If she in not already there….


Green Thumb,
She’d be a good fit to turn up in Elko, Nevada,
and slap on a patchy black leather vest.

An I-80 desert oasis already much like a crazy island.


Contact Alaska Bob, she could replace Kelly’s canyon.


Green Thumb,
Wrong coast, she’s a Gulfie, but still only 150 miles away.


Devil’s Island, Alcatraz, something…




Martha’s Vineyard. Seems the perfect solution but they may be all stocked up on crazy there. Also they say there’s not enough housing to put a hundred people up. I’m throwing the b******* flag.


She deserves to have that Class A uniform shoved up her ass whole, not stirred.

Don’t do meth kids. Also don’t do kids, on meth or otherwise or end up on Libs of Stooped People of the FGS much to Larssiepoo’s consternation.

Waiting for the “she’s a victim” wagons to circle…


I wish I had the time to find the Reno 911 song, “Don’t ‘Meth’ with Meth, Beth.”




Travis Junior III is one of my favorite tv characters. I’d put him along Ricky from TPB, Eddie Haskell, and Eric Cartman.


This one isn’t bad, but the first time the did this song was at a “school”

Thank you for sharing this one…such a great show

Mike B

Somebody needs to get that girl a prescription for Rogaine or Keeps or something, before her hair does a Terry Bradshaw.

USAF Retired


Five more years of meth….


May her next tour of duty be in the service of Big Bertha and Strap on Sally.

Despicable skrunt!

Prior Service

Looks like she was on the fast track. Only problem was, she was moving the wrong direction. (Cue AC/DC playing Highway to Hell.)


No stop signs, speed limit
Nobody’s gonna slow me down…

Green Thumb

Somewhere Lori Benton weeps….

Green Thumb

Sad thing, but this is not new.

A few local clowns around here are using the VRE and VBA to sustain lifestyles. Substandard discharges to boot.

But the VA will not do shit nor will the local Vets groups that know what they do. They seem to be “cool” to those clowns in that they can work the system. It seems once you have a family, then it can be overlooked. I feel sorry for the kids and spouse, I do, but a lot of times (at least here anyway) the spouse is complicit.

It was the PTSD man….


Green Thumb,
Over the years,
I’ve heard enough bullshit
on the 1st floor of the local VA hospital alone,
from the lobby chairs,
to the Rx waiting line seating area,
to the coffee du jour pitstop tables,
that if they all had to pony up their records,
and be forced to tell the truth,
it would result in RIF (job losses) on the VA staff.

Green Thumb



Green Thumb,
Speaking of complicit spouse,
especially when she enjoys riding (along on) the gravy train…

New post today on the Book of the Fake,
by a familiar name and face.
The 6 year old son went along on the trip. The wife, no.

BONUS – Yesterday, bragging about a(n alleged) bear kill,
360 lb Teddy repeated his “6’4″ 300 lbs” lie on the very same post.
Which of course,
now makes some question whether it’s really his bear
(or someone else’s)
that father and son posed for photos sitting on a bear’s neck.


2023 10 03 Bear Huntin 5 miles 1.jpg
John K

Met her in 2006 when I volunteered at the USO (DFW). Lent her 400 bucks to help with a down-payment on a car. Obviously, she never made good on her promise to repay.

RGR 4-78

About 1981 I loaned $260.00 to a fellow I knew, best money I ever spent since he has never darkened my doorstep since. 😉 


A’many lessons in A Bronx Tale are true. Too bad that fake tough guy Bobby DeeZero is insufferable.


Riddle me this Batman, how does a person who spent only four months and 11 days on active duty but flunked out of basic training after three recycles qualify for a VA program to train former legit service members for a civilian occupation get any VA benefits? Do these VA morons ever check anything in response to an application for benefits?

John K

Rgr, it’s sickening. I never served. But, to try to make up for that, I have long been involved with organizations that serve veterans. With that, I’ve seen countless cases of vets struggling for help as they enter the civilian workforce. Crap like this takes away from already limited resources.

USMC Steve

Regarding the VA, you sort of answered your own question.

A Proud Infidel®™

She done methed up and I bet it gave her a Gutermuth with maybe two teeth left if she’s lucky! Maybe some time in the Greybar® Hilton™ would give her a chance to thoroughly detox?


I would suggest that this individual join the prison softball team, but it would take half her sentence just to squeeze her head into a hat.

Hack Stone

While pursuing her degree, she interred at All Points Logistics.

Army-Air Force Guy

So evidently the ROTC people didn’t know about her Basic Training washouts? Or didn’t care? Pretty sure she didn’t volunteer to tell them that.