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| September 25, 2023

1911 Pistol

3 dead after gunfire exchange in southwest Atlanta, 1 victim identified, police say

By Talgat Almanov
ATLANTA, Ga.- Police are investigating a shooting that left 3 people dead in southwest Atlanta Saturday afternoon.

According to the Atlanta Police Department, officers responded to the 600 block of Evans Street to multiple persons shot. When officers got there, they found three victims who had died from their injuries.

One of the victims has been identified as 17-year-old Derrion Johnson, officials said.

“There’s one 17-year-old, one male is in his early 20s and one male is in his late 30s,” said Lt. Andrew Smith.

“At this point and time, we are not looking for anyone that is outstanding. We do not know at this time the motive behind this incident,” Lt. Smith said.

Atlanta News First spoke to victims’ family members at the scene and they confirmed one of the shot men was 20-year-old Jakobi Maddox.

Police said that this was a targeted shooting, where a man approached two individuals and began shooting at them. One of those individuals returned fire at the suspect. The suspect and the two individuals were struck by gunfire.

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Atlanta News First

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Remember the first rule of gunfighting… ‘have a gun.’
Jeff Cooper

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Three doubtlessly fine young men cut down in the prime of life. 😪

“Police say it was a targeted shooting…” No doubt drug and/or gang related, though perhaps it was over something as simple as a perceived slight and hurt feelings.

As for the San Antonio shooting, watching all the bystanders driving through the backstop area made me pucker up a little. Good thing those cops seem to have had good aim, though in such a situation, I’d hope a well-trained officer with an optic-mounted carbine would take lead over a bunch of officers firing their service pistols at that distance and with so many variables. Good shoot, though, I’ve seen enough of these to know that it almost never goes well for the suspect.

Finally, speaking of marksmanship, why does it seem that “gangsta” luck trumps police marksmanship so often? It’s like the Murphy’s Law of the “Cops and Robbers” world. Granted, it seems like NYPD is usually the culprit, but there are a lot of instances where multiple cops put dozens of rounds downrange only to score a couple of hits. Yet, “Murdah-C” will fire back once or twice and hit ten cops…


Those PO’s shooting into the Interstate should have their asses kicked, big time! What about all the innocent drivers, passengers, and children in those cars?? I have a fantastic .270 scoped with a great Leupold mounted and I wouldn’t dare take a shot at that freaking idiot with my rifle.

Sorry, guys – the risk outweighs the benefit in this case.


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Interesting observation on the 1911.
Not only is there a lanyard loop on the pistol, but also one one the magazine.
Makes sense for the times.

Back in the days before mags were essentially disposable. Somewhere, my dumb ass has the No.7 Jungle Carbine and Lend-Lease No.4 MkI* mags. Probably in storage. I took them out years ago for cleaning, moved, and haven’t seen them since. Those old Enfields had detachable mags, but they also had a provision to wire or chain the mag to the rifle.

The 1911 and other pistols of its era usually came with one or two spare mags, but they were never intended to just be tossed aside in the heat of battle.

We see dump pouches and other stuff in use today. Even when I was a younger Soldier, I was taught to toss empties in my cargo pocket. I bought a Blackhawk dump pouch later in Iraq, despite usually being assigned the SAW. Unless I’m missing something, though, a lot of modern reload training involves simply dropping the mag and getting back in action as quickly as possible. If you win the fight, you can retrieve or replace the mag(s). If you lose the fight, it won’t matter that you’ve got a pouch full of empty mags for your enemy to strip off of you.

I need to find a good time to take some of the pistol and rifle courses offered by our local training centers. The one I’m thinking about (FRC Firearms Range & Clothing ( was where I took my NRA RSO course. While not any kind of tactical training course, the primary instructor, a former Gunny and retired cop, offered more than a few tidbits of knowledge to us outside of the RSO realm. Looking just now, they have a new (to me) Sentinel Program for $1150 that might be up my alley.


Just gonna drop this.


Looks like the choir for Pastor/Senator/Mister Warlock (sic) in ATL will be short by about 3 members. Or, if you will, the trash taking out the trash.

Running against the traffic on an interstate highway is not the smartest thing to do. Neither is firing multiple rounds at said dumbass. Nice score for a Monday Morning, tho.

‘have a gun’ And one may as well have a “gun” that was designed by “…“the greatest firearms inventor the world has ever known.” HMS JMB (HBHN) And no, The Gun Bunny didn’t write that article nor did he use undue Command Influence on our Beloved AW1Ed to post said article or the picture of that most lovely example of His Works thereof. AW1Ed did that on his own because he loves The Gun Bunny and wants him to be happy.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Squeaky wheels COULD get (koff!) “greased” (koff!).
But for the defenses of that North wall……