Woke West Point Admissions Challenged

| September 20, 2023

In June the Supreme Court ended Affirmative Action admission programs at colleges and universities across the country. In a decision split along ideological lines the court invalidated the policies at Harvard and the University of North Carolina, ending the practice of factoring race as an admissions criterion.

The court specifically left race-based admissions open to the nation’s military academies due to unspecified “distinct interests.” They were allowed these policies despite the equal protections mentioned in the Constitution.

West Point sued over using race as an admissions factor

By Michael Hill, The Associated Press

West Point was accused in a federal lawsuit Tuesday of improperly using race and ethnicity as factors in admissions by the same group behind the legal challenge that resulted in the U.S. Supreme Court striking down affirmative action in college admissions.

Students for Fair Admissions claims the U.S. Military Academy sets benchmarks for how many Black, Hispanic and Asian cadets there should be in each class. The lawsuit filed in New York’s Southern District claims West Point is violating the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which contains an equal-protection principle that binds the federal government.

Army Times

In Chief Justice Roberts’ words “This opinion also does not address the issue, in light of the potentially distinct interests that military academies may present.”

So some possibility exists of a need for Service Academies to violate the Constitution due to mysterious interests? He knew this wouldn’t stand as he wrote it.

The only question is what took the lawsuit so long?

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The Army-Navy Game We Never Saw.




Such a happy couple. When’s the wedding?


Miley went from being a tight end to a wide receiver


Achievement, hard work, knowledge and merit based selection/promotion for future military leaders?


It’s not as if we are going to ever fight a near peer adversity ever again…


Curious, because no one has the right to serve.


Curious, because no one has certain people have the right to serve in order to address those ‘distinct interests’.”

Those in power, both on the Left and even a lot of establishment Republicans seek to ensure that certain unalienable rights outlined in our Constitution are revoked, while other rights are created.

The ones that need to go are:

1st Amendment – Christian? Outspoken against Woke-ism and DEI? Peacefully protesting abortions or gun restrictions? GONE! Muslim? Forcing non-educational agendas into schools? Burning down cities for social justice? KEEP IT!

2nd Amendment – Guarantees the 1st. Keeps the citizenry safe against both increasing crime and the failing system that’s enabling that crime. GONE! Cops and criminals should be the only ones having access to firearms. The best part about curtailing and eventually overturning the 2A is that most of us will become the very criminals we abhor so much.

3rd Amendment – Why not overturn it? In 2021 we had Nasty Girls sleeping in parking garages while trying to protect Congress against another evil MAGA insurrection. Make the wealthy people of the DC area house the officers and senior NCOs (preferably those who vote Republican). The rank-and-file can stay in SE DC, maybe even forcing some of the residents of subsidized housing projects to take them in.

4th-10th Amendments – All need to be restructured to reflect our current “justice” system. Vote for the wrong candidate, use wrong-speak, or fail to support the new thing and these are all out the window. If you’re the family of the most popular President in history, all efforts must be made to ensure that you are above the law. On the other extreme, if you’re simply “redistributing wealth” or “stealing bread to feed your family” at the Ralph Lauren store you should be immediately released if charges are even pressed and allow to plea down to an infraction or low-level misdemeanor with no jail time if prosecuted.


“The rank-and-file can stay in SE DC, maybe even forcing some of the residents of subsidized housing projects to take them in.”

Nope. Can’t do that. Illegal aliens have first dibs.



comment image


Racism is Racism, even when “woke”-sters do it.


God forbid we have too many straight white boys going to Hudson High. May end up with a crop of Bob Lees or Tom Jacksons. THE HORROR! All we seem to have lately are the perfumed Artie Custers.

But, Hey!, long as the score is good on the 2nd weekend in December, then Big Army is happy.


(GO) Army thus far 2 & 1

(BEAT) Navy thus far 1 & 2



Woof woof

That’s my other dog.

Prior Service

The fact is people will go where they 1) meet standards, and 2) want to go. Why are we changing standards to meet some nebulous “interest”? Whose interest? It continues with branches once commissioned. It’s a fact that some ethnicities don’t choose certain branches. So what? Here’s what happens: force feed branches to achieve a magic demographic makeup and people get out. For example, female infantry armor and scouts are only going to the basic leadership course [PLDC for us older folks] and not progressing to ALC or SLC. They either reclass or get out. That means, not only do we lose that experience (such as it is) but have to dip down to pick up the guys who were jumped on the OML to accommodate them. So much for the woke vision of gender in combat arms. (This is not an argument for female tankers and grunts). Let people branch where they want AND MEET STANDARDS, whether O or E, branch of service, or branch within service. If that turns out to be mostly (pick a color), who cares? For people who only care about readiness, this shouldn’t be an issue. Instead, we get people manipulating the numbers. Well, guess what: by definition, there aren’t enough minorities to go around. Someone ain’t getting their “share”so deal with it.


Combat Arms, particularly the Infantry, has always been mostly White, with a fair number of White Hispanics. I’ve had the honor of serving with, enlisting, and training many Soldiers of nearly every racial and ethnic group out there, more than a few of whom were born in other countries.

We did have a lone female in my M-SLC class in late 2017. She had been an MP and was an early reclass to 19K, then serving as a Drill Sergeant on Harmony Church. And…damn! She’s a “First” in becoming a 19Z First Sergeant. Google “1st female 19Z” if you want to read about it. I like one of the comments on the Facebook post at the top of the search results:

“I am very Proud of you. My suggest is not to focus on bring the “FIRST” for your MOS but bring the “FIRST” for your SOLDIERS. To me, that is what makes a person important.”

The problem with being “First” is that you’re placed on a false pedestal. You become infallible, as the Army would never allow a “First” to fail, or at least for failure to become known. I have nothing to substantiate this outside of trusting my fellow Infantryman, but a 4th RTB Ranger Instructor in that same M-SLC class told us that one of the two “First” female Ranger School grads had gotten two DUIs which were covered up. According to him, it was well known in the RTB, as she was assigned to it during that time.

Then there are the “celebrities” who wish to gain more “fame” by becoming a “First”. We had an Intel 1LT who had been a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader and was well-known due to the PA attention she got. She was the only female I ever saw “dolled-up” in makeup in Afghanistan but made up her mind to become a “First” by prepping for Ranger School. She never went, opting instead for Civil Affairs. Cute girl, but she always reminded me of Gadget from Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers. 😃


Oh, and speaking of “Firsts”, somewhere I have a CD-ROM containing the images that caused the “First” female Tomb Guard commander” to be relieved, reduced to 1LT, and sent to Belvoir. Why am I bringing up old Scheiße?

Prior Service

Former Army Drill Team here, with natural rivalry with the Tomb Guards. When I was there it was pre-female and both platoons in Honor Guard (E Co). I’m always up for hearing some dirt on the Sentinels!!


The real question is: Why are you bringing up old sheisse without sharing?


Pictures or it never happened.



A Proud Infidel®™

Racism is racism no matter what direction it goes, and I’m against race-based admissions having been placed under a DEI quota or three in the past, I’ve seen it produce some VERY mediocre Officers at best, ditto with race-based NCO promotions.


So true, API. Saw that in my time in the Army, saw it again in the police department. Even got to experience the DEI in promotions at the PD.
I had a PL in my last 14 months, or so. who couldn’t read a map, didn’t know what uniform to wear for an inspection and couldn’t field strip a 1911. Don’t get me started on the Affirmative Action hires in the PD or the promotions.

A Proud Infidel®™

I once had a DEI 2LT who could barely field strip a Rifle for cleaning who looked at me like he was going to throw his ACME® Race Card™ at me when I offered to mentor him on weapons because he had a college degree from a HBCU. IMHO Affirmative Action does far more harm than good because it leaves people wondering if one member of a Minority got their job or promotion because of merit or EO Quotas.


See also “Barack Obama”. Any future black president will be judged by the low standard he set.


One has to wonder how he was the editor of the Harvard Law review but never wrote a single article for the prestigious publication.


An empty suit made from whole cloth, created by the Chicago political machine as a means to an end. Never had an original thought, was considered to be a skilled orator but was lost without his teleprompter, no accomplishments to speak of in his entire life yet still got elected to the highest office in the land. His husband’s a fraud, too.

tom reynolds

His ball handling abilities were exceptional. Surprised the NBA didn’t put him in the HOF

tom reynolds

Shh… Better be careful or they will call you a racist for noticing. (insert gorilla joke about Val)


Things that make you say hmmmm.


He was supposedly a “constitutional scholar” as well. That really came in handy.

USMC Steve

That was the very definition of an affirmative action hire.

tom reynolds

At least the stupid ones admit the only reason they have a degree is AA. Joy Reed for example joyfully explained how a dogturd gets its own show on msnbc.

USMC Steve

And the leftist liberal woke mob is actually the driving force behind this indirectly, because their nonsense and antics brought stuff like this to light and got it noticed.