Tuberville’s Delayed Flags May Grow to 650

| September 5, 2023

Senator Tuberville (R-AL)

The current Administration is not pleased. The Alabama senator’s hold on all DoD civilian and military Flag and GO nominations is “unprecedented in its scale and scope” and “a clear risk to U.S. military readiness” according to SecDef Austin.

Three Service Secretaries have just chimed in on a combined press release beating the same drum while evoking the terrible effects up and down the Chain of Command. The collective angst including dire warnings is published in today’s Washington Post if any care to peruse the OPED. Bring a hankie.

How the military manages to struggle along without the blessings of Admin approved “leadership” is the question.

These US Navy commands can’t bring in new leaders. So who’s in charge?

By Megan Eckstein

WASHINGTON — Naval Sea Systems Command has joined a growing list of U.S. Navy commands without Senate-confirmed leadership.

Vice Adm. William Galinis retired in a ceremony at the Washington Navy Yard on Friday, having led NAVSEA since June 2020 and serving in the force since graduating in 1983 from the Naval Academy. His retirement leaves the command — which oversees ship design, construction and repair activities — under the acting command of a two-star admiral, rather than a Senate-confirmed three-star admiral.

Since Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., blocked the military confirmation process in February over his opposition to the Pentagon’s abortion policy, more than 300 flag and general officers have been held up from promotions and job assignments. Between now and the end of the year, that figure is expected to grow to 650, according to deputy Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh.

There are 83 three- or four-star positions that are or will become vacant within the next 150 days, she said Aug. 28, including three military service chiefs. Sixty-one officers are unable to assume new positions, while 25 are postponing retirement until their replacement is confirmed.

Defense News

Unable to retire, the humanity! Defense News, the DoD rag unwittingly showcases exactly how the military operates- a subordinate steps up to fill the vacancy and the mission continues. No stress, no question. The downside is these people have neither been nominated by woke proggies nor confirmed by a Senate of bobbleheads.

Tuberville is changing tactics as well, now questioning the actual qualifications of those very same nominees. Stay tuned.

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Maybe they should go talk to him and find out what he wants, since it is a threat to humanity and all.


This is like states banning sex reassignment surgery for minors. “Nobody is doing that anyway.” Ok then, why are you arguing against it?

Same thing here. Tuberville (like most people in America) doesn’t want tax money paying for abortions. “Well we’re not really doing that.” Ok then, why are you arguing against it? It’s been the law of the land for ages anyway. Damn Tuberville and his expecting the DoD to actually follow the law.



OIP (44).jpg

Good job tuberville. Glad to see someone making this administration not happy.

Secdef Austin should be more worried about troop strength than if someone can get another oak leaf cluster before they retire.


Make each of them define a woman


The real question is why so many three and four star slots in the first place?

Prior Service

Fortunately, I am easily replaced. Moving toward retirement next spring!!


You’re going to enjoy it. 😉


Fuck ’em all. We need a shakeup at the flag level.


I am expecting mass resignations. They will be so jaded from the politics that they will retire and stay away from the government and defense industry for the rest of their lives.


From your mouth to God’s ears. In the spirit of inclusivity, you have your choice of deity. Or not. They ain’t leaving the trough just yet.


*Cough, Cough*
*Cough, Cough, GASP*
Oh, wait…you were serious?


Peroni and Primitivo wine as far as the eye can see. Going back to this silliness in a couple of days, huh? Better enjoy some vino tonight, some Dunkel tomorrow, and some Zimne Piwo the day after.


Yea…not seeing it.

The people at that level who’ve been affected by Tuberville’s embargo are nothing more than career politicians anyway.

Warriors don’t get promoted to that level. They don’t understand the finer points of kissing the right asses well enough.


Go Coach!!!

Our military is led by feckless bastards who are social workers and politically correct hacks. They can’t fight, but they’re great at getting soldiers to use preferred pronouns and combating imaginary racism in the ranks.

 👍  👍  👍 

Green Thumb


Tubby had an undefeated season!

Skivvy Stacker

How hard can it be to command ship construction for crying out loud?
You build them so the pointy part is the front, the flat part is the back, it has propellers, and it don’t leak. Oh, and it’s gotta be more than 12′ long.
There, you got a ship.


“Littoral Combat” ship.

Slow Joe

Clitoral Combat Ship


The problem with your plan to build a ship is you didn’t give enough option or package boxes to choose from.

Nobody wants to drive a beater with a heater if someone else is paying for it.


You’re talking about a branch that doesn’t know how to mount turboprops on an airframe. Give ‘em a break!🤣


Tubby for Prezzy!


Or SecDef for sure. That should clear the ranks out. At least the upper ranks anyway.

BlueCord Dad

Hey DoD….


So, 650? That’s a lot of generals and admirals. Funny thing is, there this: 10 U.S. Code § 525 – Distribution of commissioned officers on active duty in general officer and flag officer grades | U.S. Code | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute (

They are making it seem like it’s the end of the world, but by my count, US Code allows for no more than 148 O9s and above (with the number of O10s capped 27), and 240 O8s. BGs and RDMLs.

Oh, never mind, we’re going to be completely without Stars by the end of the year: 10 U.S. Code § 526 – Authorized strength: general and flag officers on active duty | U.S. Code | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute ( This limits the four active services to 653 general and flag officers. Oh, but SECDEF can designate up to 310 for joint duty assignments that are excluded from subsection (a) of the above, so we’re only looking at losing 2/3rds of our valiant senior leaders. Granted, that’s not counting the Reserves, National Guard, or Coast Guard, but still, the fearmongering about how much our military will suffer is just plain dumb.

Show me a good full General or Admiral and I’ll show you five outstanding COLs who could do better.


Butchered the post, it’s what happens when work gets in the way, but I was about to mention that there seemed to be no limit to BGs and RDMLs before I dug a little deeper and found the second link.

Any way you look at it–throw in reserve GO/FO billets if you want–at any given time there are maybe 1200 Generals and Admirals serving on Active status at a time. Not more than 10% of the authorized number may serve up to 365 days on active status, and each component may have up to five reservists serving 365 days to three years, likely the Chief of the NGB and other similar positions. By my math, that’s 96 of the former and 25 of the latter.

As for the COL remark, what I witnessed working directly with them is that they are kind of like the SSG or SFC (depending on MOS) of the enlisted ranks in that they often work above their paygrade and are usually incredibly competent and leaned on heavily by those that outrank them. There are only so many stars to go around, though, so the vast majority retire at that rank despite being perfectly capable of doing their generals’ jobs.


Only a vice admiral can oversee ship design. A rear admiral is completely useless for the job. Everyone knows this.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Are you referring to Butty-gig as a “Rear” admiral?

That would be mean if he were. Feelings and all that.

Butty-Gig gives new meaning to “working in the rear”.


Although the terms may seem synonymous at first glance, Butt Pirate and Rear Admiral are actually two different things.


Hold on now, CINC referred to him as “Bootyjuice” recently…

We should defer to the President in this instance.


Sorry, that should have been for our long named friend.


It’s very difficult for me to find any fucks to give about flag or field grade promotions when Ft Hood can’t feed the troops. Don’t like Tommy holding your feet to the fire? Fix the mess you made or get out.


What’s truly “funny” is the disparity between those senior ranks and junior officers as well as enlisted. Senior generals, hell even most Colonels, are in their 50s or 60s, with grown kids and usually fairly diverse portfolios. In other words, these GOs/FOs aren’t going home to starving families because of an evil Congressman. To boot, most, especially once they get past their Division Commander or equivalent time, take a lot of TDY for various symposiums, conferences, installation visits, and trips to DC to appease their political masters, with expenses paid and per diem padding their 6-figure salaries, aides, and official military conveyances.

Fort Hood can’t run enough DFACs to feed the junior enlisted? Hey, Garrison Commander, why don’t you give a local vending company a lucrative contract to add more variety to the barracks common areas?

A Proud Infidel®™

Not ot mention that a number of GO’s have stock in Defense Contractors.


Tuberville for president


The article suggest a two-star is not confirmed by the Senate but a three- star is. All general officers are nominated by the President and approved by the Senate. That pesky Constitution always getting in the way!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande


Besides, all military branches are top-heavy with “woke management”. Some of those GO/FO positions need to be pruned back and assigned to lesser ranks that aren’t so “woke” with DIE (yes, I spelled it in the original D-I-E instead of the revised D-E-I. So sue me)


And this just in… ‘Nam MoH winner left hanging– huh, what?


He didn’t want to be late for early chow at Furrs cafeteria.

A Proud Infidel®™

Biden booked out like he just soiled his Depends®™!


Did he have another crippling childhood asthma attack?


Loved all the “YGTBSM” looks from the audience, as Pedo Joe stumbled out of the room.


I’ll spin this out into its own discussion.


I think I cracked the code.

A Proud Infidel®™

Given how many of today’s pampered, perfumed star-sporting Princes of the Pentagon have sold out to politics, my Field of Fucks ®™ is absolutely barren of any I could give about them. Instead, how about anteing up some dinero to give the Enlisted some better chow and billets for starters?


Here ya go…


Funny thing. He is blocking the usual easy batch approval process, not approvals by individual vote. If Schumer wanted, he could have one-at-a-time votes, whenever he chose to hold them.

Of course, that opens up debate on individuals, thus may expose them to scrutiny for dumbshit stuff done. Aldo drag out the whole process.

Thus Scumer looks bad. Can’t have that. Better the Armed Forces take the hit, than the senior senate jackass.

Too W Kone

They could submit each nominee individually for a hearing and do each one at a time.

He is only holding up the bulk nominations.


Well, I guess they’re getting a dose of what NG officers go through awaiting FEDREC. Maybe now, they’ll look into that process.

Dennis - not chevy

2, 3, 4 (or more?) stars – who should care? General Patton once told Bill Mauldin he (Gen’l Patton) could lead men in battle wearing pasties and a g string.


Who ever knew Patton could see the future…


The Navy kept my father from retiring for three years. To quote him, “Too valuable to retire, not valuable enough to promote”. He wasn’t even an admiral.