Ukrainian politician worried about Republican comments regarding Ukraine aid

| August 28, 2023

Lesia Vasylenko, Ukrainian lawmaker, is worried about comments that came from the Republican debate. Vivek Ramaswamy argued that he would not support additional aid to Ukraine, given the neglected domestic issues occurring in the United States. Not all Republicans were in favor of this approach. For example, Nikki Haley was in favor of providing equipment and ammunition to Ukraine.

From CNBC:

“With some of the United States politicians claiming that they will reduce the support to Ukraine, well, that’s actually quite concerning, and upsetting in a way because the United States [is] the country that has been the strongest supporter of democracy and has been the baseline for democracy,” Vasylenko told CNBC’s “Squawk Box Europe,” in response to statements made during the inaugural debate of Republican presidential candidates on Wednesday.

The issue sharply divides the nine leading GOP contenders for the top U.S. job. During the Republican discussion, outspoken entrepreneur and political newcomer Vivek Ramaswamy said he would not support additional aid to Ukraine in its fight against the Russian invasion, calling U.S. support for Ukraine “disastrous” and a distraction from domestic issues.

Ramaswamy was rebuked by opponent Nikki Haley, a former ambassador to the United Nations, who has argued for the provision of equipment and ammunition to Ukraine.

“Ukraine is working with both the Republicans and the Democrats and all political circles in the United States to make sure that there’s all-round support, because what Ukraine is doing is, we’re actually fighting here on the ground with our own resources, especially human resources, for the very concept of democracy to stay alive,” Ukraine politician Vasylenko told CNBC, adding that a Ukrainian victory would only be possible with “enough weapons, fighter jets, long-range missiles to fight with.”

The U.S. has provided more than $75 billion in aid to Ukraine across humanitarian, financial and military support since Russia’s full-scale invasion of the country in February 2022, according to the Council on Foreign Relations.

CNBC provides the balance of the story here.

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Oh no. Somebody threatening to cut off the gravy train.

Can somebody please tell me what our interests are in Ukraine, besides kickbacks? I don’t recall seeing this kind of money flowing into Crimea when Russia invaded them.

I have said before, I am neither pro Russia or Ukraine. I am pro staying out of stuff that isn’t our business. Ukraine isn’t even allied with Nato.


Most Amercans could not find Ukraine on a map of Europe.
Probably need help finding Europe.


Most Americans can’t even find Utah on a map.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Hey! I live there! Does that make me the ultimate Gray Man?

Depends on where in Utah.

I would love to check out Moab during jeep jamboree, but in either a tacoma or bronco.

Always looked like fun.

Drag Racing Maniac

Most Americans can.t spell Americans 😀 

USMC Steve

You might take your cues from the countries bordering the Russians. Like Poland. They are vastly enlarging their army because when Vlad is done in the Ukraine, there is really not much, including the US under this regime, to stop him, and he knows it.


True, my mistake. Will we go to Polands defense or leave them twisting in the wind.


comment image


Total military aid to the Ukraine (so far): $150 billion

Total Russian military budget (2023): $82 billion


The Big Guy, aka Robert L. Peters, needs his 10% cut, so…

In the first few weeks, we heard about peace talks…that was 18 months ago and nothing since. Anyone politician talking in favor of “forever wars” is an enemy to the people and is a card carrying member of the UNIPARTY.


Seeing how the Russians stopped publishing their actual defense budget in 2022 if you believe that I have a bridge in Crimea to sell you.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

It is amazing to note that during the Obama years the mainstream media wrote dozens of articles on how corrupt Ukraine was and how it affected their inability to grow their economy. I read an article some years back (11 years ago now it appears) about how Ukraine was a failed state. How it was unlikely it could ever be a successful state until it dealt with the rampant corruption within its borders….and suddenly I’m supposed to believe their actor president represents a beacon of light in a dark world? That his regime is honest and and deserves our best gear? That there’s a benefit to pissing this money down a hole to enrich the MIC in this nation?

This is close to the article I read: It is an old article but it was of interest in re-reading something close to what I remembered reading originally.


Those articles were written years before Zelinsky was an elected official. After Zelinsky was elected he instituted a number of reforms and huge numbers of people left the government. This helped speed up the invasion as Putin could not control them through bribes anymore. Some examples:

– Stripped lawmakers of immunity from prosecutions

– Imposed criminal and civil liability for criminal enrichment through corruption for lawmakers and cabinet officals

– Updated and reformed the Referendum Laws

– Prohibited oligarchs from participating in the privitization of public property

I’d say things are far from perfect and there is a war going on but certainly better than they were when Bursima was paying off the VPUS through his son.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Still not worth my tax dollars and certainly not worth the lives of a single American….


God forbid that the Sugar Teat dry up.

Here’s a novel idea…why don’t we spend the American Taxpayers’ money on…America.

The grift continues…



“Here’s a novel idea…why don’t we spend the American Taxpayers’ money on…America.”







Here’s a Battle Cry that was quite effective…





I prefer “zip-a-dee doo-dah”.


That’s “racist” now, comrade! /sarc


I’ll just add that to the list of isms and ists I’ve been called.


Today was the first day of the class I am taking; “Modern Masculinities”, in the Gender and Womens Studies department of my local degree mill. I anticipate being very unpopular in a few weeks.

USMC Steve

Old Rammyjammy sounds kind of like an isolationist. He wants to ignore Israel, ignore the Ukraine, just everybody.


Can someone show me (us) a paper trail accounting for the billions already given to our politicians,,,, Er,,, I mean the Ukrainian Government ??

I’ll wait for a bit!


Swiss Banks don’t use paper receipts. Sorry.


Just when I thought I couldn’t hate the “Ukrainian”(dubious) cause any fking more, you gotta comment on what we do here in the good ol’ US of A.
Cry harder, Lesia Vasplapinkosomthing.

FID should have something to do with vital national interests, and I ain’t interested.

(re meme: I don’t 100% agree with the public good theory on redistro, but keeping it here is at least moreer tolerable)

The Bidens ukriane.jpg