Donald Trump reporting to Fulton Country Jail

| August 23, 2023

Donald Trump plans to report to Fulton Country jail tomorrow for processing. Trump accepted a $200,000 bond as well as conditions for pretrial release. Donald Trump cannot use social media to target any of the other codefendants in the case, any of the unindicted co-conspirators, and any witnesses. Trump basically cannot intimidate anybody else related to the case.

From CNN:

“I’ll be going to Atlanta, Georgia, on Thursday to be ARRESTED,” Trump wrote on Truth Social, confirming CNN’s earlier reporting from two sources familiar with the plan.

Several co-defendants in the sweeping Georgia racketeering case have also agreed to the terms of their bond agreements with the district attorney’s office.

Trump’s lawyers Jennifer Little, Drew Findling and Marissa Goldberg met with the district attorney’s office on Monday before the details of the bond agreement were released. Little, Findling and Goldberg are based in the state. Other Trump lawyers have been working behind the scenes on the approach to the bond and Trump’s forthcoming arrest, including Todd Blanche, who has taken the helm as Trump’s primary defense attorney across his multiple criminal indictments.

The release conditions outlined in Trump’s bond order are more extensive than those laid out in the others approved earlier Monday in the case.

Unlike some of his co-defendants, the former president is explicitly barred in the order from using social media to target his 18 co-defendants in the case, as well as any witnesses and the 30 unindicted co-conspirators.

“The Defendant shall perform no act to intimidate any person known to him or her to be a codefendant or witness in this case or to otherwise obstruct the administration of justice,” the order signed by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee states.

“The above shall include, but are not limited to, posts on social media or reposts of posts made by another individual on social media,” the order reads.

The Fulton County election subversion case marks the first time the release conditions for Trump have included a cash bond and a prohibition on intimidation through social media.

The criminal case is the fourth brought against the former president this year. In the previous cases, the conditions for Trump’s release after arrest and pending trial have been largely routine.

In the Mar-a-Lago documents case brought against him by special counsel Jack Smith in Florida, Trump was released on personal recognizance, though there was some pushback from his attorneys on the restrictions that were imposed on his contact with witnesses in that case.

CNN provides additional information.

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If they take a mugshot picture he is going to make bank off the shirt and poster sales. What a clown show.


I personally don’t think their goal in all this is going to end the way they want.


Justice? Neither do I, sadly.


comment image?resize=520%2C320&ssl=1


Justice was never the goal. Justice is applied equally. This is retribution, vengeance. Wrong no matter what party does it.


I think this gets back to our different definition of justice. I’d say justice is being held accountable for your actions; equal justice is a much harder bar that’s impossible in an imperfect world.

Do you think Trump is responsible for trying to circumvent the election via fake electors, for example ? If so, being held responsible for that is justice, at least in my books.

Or, put differently, if the Feds arrested one member of Congress for taking a bribe, but not ten others, isn’t that still a modicum of justice? We can argue until we’re blue in the face why the other ten didn’t face similar things, but the one, undeniably, is facing the consequences of their own actions. I see that as justice.


When the nation is floating in a sea of shit and a DA or DOJ says “This turd, this turd right here, this turd really pisses me off! Prosecute it!”, there’s no justice. I’m all for being held accountable, I’m absolutely against the political weaponization of the justice system and other government agencies. It’s wrong no matter what party is behind it.


What I see as an injustice is taking weeks to count an election.

Everybody knows when election day is, and the cut off time is 7pm election day. This waiting until 2 or 3 days after the election to allow mail in votes to be delivered to counting centers needs to cease. If they aren’t delivered to voting centers by midnight the day of election, too bad.

Placing window coverings over where votes are tabulated while kicking out observers is a huge red flag I’m sure you will agree with.

I know you probably won’t as it means conceding to someone who doesn’t see eye to eye with you.

Feel free to point out anything I have typed that is wrong.


No argument.
comment image

USMC Steve

It only happens in blue states where socialist democrats want to steal elections. and it will continue until real Americans make them pay.


Justice absolutely is consequences for actions, we agree there. But focusing the law and DOJ on one person, with the obvious intent to hamstring a political campaign, can never be justice.


Justice? What’s this “justice” you speak of.

They tracked down most if not all the J6 “insurectionists” yet can’t find the person who left cocaine in the white house or who ever it was that placed a “pipe bomb” outside the capital building.

You will excuse me if I find their BS highly suspect.


Me & Roh-Dog…

comment image


Buy ammo, gold and canned food; they might be useful. Some cigarettes and booze may be good, too.


Amen to that!


Got that right! I ain’t negotiating with petty tyrants for our God-given rights.

I’ve got enough line and hooks stored to last me and the missus for a’while’n’thensome. 2020 put me in the mindset of density of preps, a stack of fishing string is irreplaceable.

These idiots are fking things up even quicker now. How much longer can these lug nuts hold on?

Get your poop in a group, eh Anon?

Buck Fush x.jpg

The “authorities” even have video of the guy placing one of the pipe bombs, plus the unexploded bomb and its package.


Bless youuu heart.

OIP (38).jpg
USMC Steve

This has nothing to do with justice, and liberal/socialist democrats have no understanding or interest in that subject.



A Proud Infidel®™

Another fine example of white privilege.


API & ninja,
And yet the idiot Democrats in Massachusetts
kept voting for and reelecting him for the next 40 YEARS.


Look at the shit bag Connecticut keeps sending back to the senate.


Excuse me, I’ll have you know my state sends shit bags to the Senate.


I forgot about Murphy he’s a lower case douche


Teddy brought home the pork.


You mis-spelled, raping, murderous, chicken-shit, trash from Hell, API.


Speaking of such “system,” what do you think Garland and his minions are going to do if Trump was to win the general election? It won’t be pretty. Just recall what happened in Dec. through Jan. 20, 2017, but now on steroids with the support of all the DC judges and LEO’s, plus the five-sided palace. Anyone who thinks they will let Trump be POTUS again without a fight is deluded.


The Commissariat will be celebrating this!!! Almost as good as a traditional May Day parade in Tiananmen Square!!


What’s that fapping sound?



Well, this is interesting…..🤔

“Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock Used Loophole To Bypass Outside Income Limit By $125K”

“Democratic Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock bypassed outside income limits last year by using a “fabricated” loophole…”

“Warnock’s financial disclosure shows he received $154,895 in compensation from Atlanta’s historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in 2022, while outside income for senators is limited to around $30,000.”

“However, Warnock exceeded the limit by claiming that $125,000 of his pay from the church was “deferred compensation for services before January 20, 2021…”

“If it was inaccurately reported on his filing and the money was actually earned after he became a senator, then the outside earned income limit would apply….”

“In that case the legal issue that would arise (in addition to exceeding the outside income limit) is filing inaccurate or false information on a personal financial disclosure, i.e. wrongly saying it was deferred compensation when it wasn’t…”


Looking up pastor salaries at a few churches near me show an average of mid 50s.

He makes pretty good money in a poor section of town I would say.

Doesn’t his church also supply low income housing or some such deal? I seem to recall that getting brought up in his election cycle.


Yes, yes, and yes. He also gets a housing “allowance” from the “church”. His church based housing plantation was throwing people out of their projects for…reasons. Those stories went “poof”. He is the poster child of the atypical grifting blaq preacher man. Sadly, Georgia is eat up with them. What was it Rev Ike said?…”God don’t give no refund”

Rino Kemp throwed Orange Man under the bus and gave away the GA Senate seats to become the Guv…With the help of the Rino National Uniparty.

We are stuck with the two Senators from now until that point in time they those two decide they don’t want to be Senators anymore. Another story that went “poof” was the temporary appointed Kongress Kritter Loeffler, was buds with Stacy The Tank.

A Proud Infidel®™

Gee whiz, a Black version of Jim Bakker or Jimmy Swaggart.


Yep…They come in all races, creeds, and denominations. Sad, ain’t it. One reason why a number of people have given up on “Commercial Religion”. I think it’s a little worse down here in the “Bible Belt”. You ’bout got a “Greater Overcoming Church of The Love Offering/Collection Plate” on every corner. Ya gotta dig deep to find a Real Preacher/Teacher of The Word, that actually lives by The Word.



RIP Bernie Mac.


It’s called “equity”.


Isn’t it odd how these men of God, reverends, all end up as multi-millionaires, living large on money earned by their parishioners and other benefactors?


I wore Banana Republic jeans today.

For no particular reason at all.


Some more proven facts since this FIRST broke…Prepare

comment image


there’s already so many fake mugshots out there,
the actual mugshot (today) will be anticlimactic,
deploying the Fu of Google tomorrow
will not be the same as
deploying the Fu of Google today.

Fake Mugshots.jpg

Haven’t turned on the TV yet, but it’s going to be wall to wall coverage before, during and after Trump turns himself in. I’m certain they have started already, fingers on the switch to cut in with “breaking news”.

I hope they brought moist towelettes and hand towels to clean up after themselves when done.

Old tanker

Can’t intimidate or annoy co defendants. OK. That means everyone in the prosecution side is fair game.


A shit show is brewing. Can’t wait for any or all of those charged to turn the tables on the prosecution. Suddenly, technical difficulties will arise and they will cut to commercials until problem solved.

if I’m wrong, somebody please correct me, but didn’t Hillary say if Trump was elected they would all hang? Didn’t Trump also say we got them, we got them all.

I may have my time-line messed up, but after Trump said that, didn’t the hard and heavy handed crap begin?



Well [he] know [he] had it coming, [he] know [he] can’t be free
But those people keep a movin’
And that’s what tortures [We…]

Well if they freed [him] from [that] prison
If that [election was not robbed]
[and our city streets mobbed]
Far from [Fulton] prison, that’s where [he’d] want to stay
And [he’d fill] that lonesome [position ‘n] blow commies a’way

(apologies to Mister Cash, and the rest of y’all)


Underway, LIVE on the Tube of You.

Did he really just claim 6’3″ and (only) 215 lbs ???
Isn’t Vegas putting out over under odds of sumpin’ like 275?

[LIVE COVERAGE: Former President Trump arrives at Fulton County Jail to surrender on RICO charges / Atlanta News First]


OMG! He lied about his weight! INDICT!


A new revelation as well.
$20,000 paid to a (local!) bail bondsman.

WHY pay (and lose) $20k to rent $200k bail,
when he could have just put up a check for $200k?

Who paid the $20k, to let him keep his $200k?
Doesn’t this wasteful use of $20k in donations trouble anyone (else)?

Seriously…. Why not just write the check?

[Lawrenceville company to post Trump’s $200K bond]


I can’t answer right now. I’m too busy clutching my pearls.


It’s esoterics, man. 6 + 3 + 2 +1 +5 = 17, the 17th letter man!!

It’s The Rise of Q!!!

I told you fuqers! JFK Jr will be bailing him out any second now….
Any second…

Never stopped-to-start ‘trusting the plan’.


He ain’t happy:
comment image


Neither is this guy.
Harrison Floyd III. Held in jail today. NOT released.

[Black Voices for Trump director faces federal charges in Maryland too
Harrison Floyd III being held in Fulton County Thursday in RICO case]

Mugshot Floyd III.jpg

Deep State bureaucrats show no mercy and only vindictiveness toward escapees from the Democrat plantation.
comment image


Second Meme War started it has.


He’s not the ultimate target. We, The People are. He just got in their way.



comment image


Worse, the lawyer(s) claim it’s not $20,000
of PAC (donor) money wasted….
… in Georgia, it’s 15% for a bail bond, meaning $30,000.

Remember THIS when you mail in your check,
or make an online CC donation.

[“Can’t afford a $200K bond?”: Lawyers question why “billionaire” Trump needed help of bail bondsman]