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| August 22, 2023

Sig Sauer MPX-K

Man shot after allegedly breaking into a home on Wall Triana Highway

By Kate Norum
MADISON, Ala. (WAFF) – A man is in the hospital following a shooting Saturday morning in Madison after allegedly trying to break into a home.

According to Madison County Sheriff Brent Patterson, a man broke into a residence in the 6000 block of Wall Triana Highway and the homeowner shot him. Don Webster with HEMSI says the call came in around 10:30 a.m. and the male suspect was transported to Huntsville Hospital.

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BZ to the homeowner for counting coup. Now give him a scatter gun.

Video: Beer-toting customer shot at robbery suspect 7 times

by: Ken Kolker
CASSOPOLIS, Mich. (WOOD) — Newly-released surveillance video shows a Cass County gas station customer firing seven shots at a suspected armed robber, all while holding a six-pack of light beer.

The July 27 shooting at the Stone Lake Marathon Mini Mart seriously injured the suspect, who had armed himself with a box cutter.

Three weeks later, the customer is waiting to learn if he’ll face criminal charges.

“You know why I’m here” is how the robber announced himself that day, according to police reports.

The gas station surveillance video showed the customer holding a six-pack of Miller Lite as the suspect, dressed in black, walked in.

The suspect, identified in court records as Cordelius Anthony Martin, 35, of Dowagiac, pulled a mask over his face.

Another angle showed him approaching the store clerk.

Police said he threatened the clerk with a box cutter.

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Hope the customer has legal counsel and heeds the advice. Thanks again, Gun Bunny.

Democracy is the wholesome and pure air without which a socialist public organisation cannot live a full-blooded life.
Mikhail Gorbachev

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TANGO DOWN, without dropping his sixpack.


I see what you did there.


Reverse investment, I like it. Ask, and I’ll give what I can. Take, and I give much more than you’re trying to get. Ammunition is expensive, but it sure is satisfying smelling the gun powder and knowing that Jackson note is still in your wallet and not in the hands of some criminal.

Skivvy Stacker

Figure in the savings in taxes spent to house the mope in jail for 1 to 5 years.


Now give him a scatter gun.” Rossi or Mossy? Double down or pump out an assortment of slugs and/or Bear Loads. I’m good either way. Plus you gets a nice earth shattering KA-BOOOM!

Another FGS example of one needs to carry, concealed every.where.you.go! Shooter needs to be awarded a medal by the City and a lifetime supply of Mr. Miller’s Elixir for taking out the trash.

Some say the Mr. Gorbachev tore down that wall after he read a copy of Red Storm Rising that RR gave him.

That thar PCC musta be designed like the Spapos…”short stroke gas piston”. I’ll be here all week.


Reminds me, I still need to inspect and put some light loads through that M1897 Riot gun I bought a while back. By the serial number, it’s a solid 124 years old, so I’ll refrain from the 000 buck for now. I did finally order some mags for the M1 Carbine I bought at the same time, so all I need to shoot the trio is some .38 WCF for the 1892.


Winchester Defender – 9 pellet 00 buck at 1145fps. Aboit the same oomph as a Trap load. Works well with choke.

Skivvy Stacker

Well, if you know where I could get an old tactical law enforcement Mossberg 800 pump action…and not tell anyone I got one………….


“BZ to the homeowner for counting coup. Now give him a scatter gun.”

One of the perks of my job… I got into work and saw a price reduction on the Stevens 320 pump gun. Originally $260, now down to $180, and only one in stock (a display that’s been out since before I started). Made in the PRC, like a lot of my power tools, so we know it’s quality. I instantly declared my laziness (rather buy it than re-tag it), called my oldest to ask her if she still wanted something for home defense, and am now waiting to see if I get a Delay as I usually do (funny, ’cause I’m the last line of 4473 checks and the ATF Compliance guy).

While I’m at it, I figured I’d pick up a Walther P22 for another Christmas present, this for the 15-year-old. Angel Blue, I like the color but will carry my purple EC9s first. Now, I have to figure out what to buy the son in the next few months, so he doesn’t get jealous. I know I’m buying myself the S&W FPC we got in used, and maybe even the Ruger 5.7 that just came in, though if I buy the latter, the LC Carbine is a must-buy…

Stay protected, and keep your investments protected.


Hope the Walther P22 works better than my experience with the PPK/s .22lr

Left me very much a “not-a-Walther” fan as well as a “not-a-Walther-repair-department” fan.

The Ruger SR22 works much better, IMHO.

(KoB remembers my diatribes, I know.)


I hope it works. We got an SR22 in last week (customer order); it looked pretty nice. We carry the basic black version, but this was in olive drab with over molded grip. The P22 was $329, though, minus my discount, while the SR22 was around the $499 mark.


I use my SR22 to (a) teach the grands safe gun handling and use and (b) to have an inexpensive way to do some drills.
So far the only issue I have is occasional failure-to-fire using Aguila 22lr – which doesn’t bother me as it gives the grands a chance to practice that.
It is not a target pistol by any stretch of the imagination, but accurate enough to get good groups for the grands.


One of the few guns I acquired twice is a P22. Sold it to a friend, he included it back in a VERY nice trade. Damn thing is accurate, compact, and so far dead reliable. My favorite woods pistol.


Honest curiosity here:
The PPK/s .22lr had a trigger pull only a lawyer could love. Hard for me to manipulate, impossible for the grands.
Reliability in feeding was non-existent unless you were putting hi-velocity stuff in it. Service told me I needed to put 500-1k rounds through to ‘break it in’ and treated me as a moron for not knowing that.
(I know some break-in time is good, but this was like doing the finishing work before the gun was usable.)
The SR22 ran right first thing out of the box.
Q: what is the trigger like on the P22, new and now?
Did it require a ‘break in’ period before it ran reliably?
Have you had to deal with the Walther customer service in Arkansas? If so, what was your experience?


Remember it quite well, Brother Graybeard. I think that I was almost, if not more, disgusted/disappointed in their (lack of) quality assurance/customer service as you were. Maybe more so being a former Representative for a number of manufacturers that had handled my fair share of defective products. All to the complete satisfaction of the Customer. The way you were treated was inexcusable. I kept in my briefcase, right there with the “Order Form”, a “Memorandum For Credit/Replacement Form”.

Companies seemed to have forgotten that, tho the customer is not always right, the Customer is always the Customer and one (1) pissed off Customer is going to tell at least twenty five (25) people how they were treated whereas a happy Customer may tell five (5). Do the math.

Sadly, you’re not the only person that I’ve heard tales of woe about Walther.


And I try to be reasonable about those things – but…

Ah well, maybe they’ve improved. I hope fm2126 has a good experience all around.

Skivvy Stacker

Rule #1 when breaking into a house.
If someone says; “Git th’fuk on outta heeer or ahm gunna shewt!”
Do what they say. Especially when they say it with that sort of accent.