Boomer’s Sunday

| July 30, 2023

Plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery; if you recognize your meme thank me.




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Nice collection bro.

I’ve noticed their ain’t much ‘social’ about social media, and other things too…

Norm is the tits.jpeg

If I could be stuck in the woods with  Lea Thompson and Jennifer Grey…

I’m not sure I’d fight all that…er, tougthly

Red Yumm.jpg

And remember folks, pest removal month is every month!

Do your part!

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As long as it’s ready for inspection Monday morning 0900.


Instead of Where’s Waldo, Where’s Malia’s Credit Card and his falsified 4473?

Apple, tree, and falls

Hack Stone

Did anyone catch Fox News Friday evening? It’s seems that while Hunter Biden was on a (particular) Coke spree, he mistakenly wired $50,000 to a Russian Pimp using Joe Biden’s credit card. Of course, the Secret Service was on top of things to do disaster recovery. No idea if they got the money back or Boris The Pimp just gave him credit for a future human trafficking purchase.

Laughing Wolf

Great job as always! Thanks.


OK, where can I buy me an R2FU?…or 2? Talk about shoring up that North Wall… Hell, I gots money…I ain’t gots no wife!

My escort duty today will include drawing rations, such as these, from Georgia Bob’s BBQ.

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How do I get to Georgia Bob’s from say, the midwest? Is it really in Georgia, or is it in Missouri or Indiana like Texas roadhouse.

I’m willing to forego breakfast for a late lunch or early dinner.


Dead center of God’s Country, scattered from Forsyth, Macon, Warner Robins, Byron, Perry, Milledgeville, and Dublin. Come to Atlanta and turn right. One thing about Georgia is you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a good BBQ joint. Some better than others. Bob’s got chosen this time ’cause it’s right near an Antique Store that some of my lady friends want to visit and one of the gals is all about beef brisket. Tho they got multiple stores it is a family owned and operated, veteran friendly, and do most of their business with local folks.

If you’re routing thru Nebraska, bring me a side of that Heavy Western, grain fed, beef beastie. I’ll leave the light on fer ya!


My wife used to work with a woman who claimed to be a “chef” yet claimed that the US has NO distinctive “cuisine” of its own. Never actually met the woman, but I do question her credentials as a “chef”.

Best BBQ pork I remember ever having was from the late “Red Barn” in Jacksonville, Fla. Every time I visited Jax I would go there and talk them into selling me a couple of gallons of their sauce, which I would put in smaller jars for Xmas presents.


I don’t think that “chef” could boil hot dogs. Not only does the US as a whole have a distinctive cuisine, each section of the country has their own little twist on food prep. You’re right on the Old Red Barn in Jax. Good vittiles to be had. Used to hit them when I made calls to an account I had on Amelia Island back in the ’90s or when I visited a Retired Jarhead Buddy of mine that was double dippin’ at NAS. Good Times. AAR on Georgia Bobs. Overall…pitiful, plum pitiful. The pulled pork was only fair, the beef brisket was sliced deli style thin and swimming in a very thin vinegar gravy sauce. Tater salad and baked beans weren’t but half bad, at least the french fries were real taters v crinkle cuts, and the sweet iced tea was fresh. I’d give them about a 2 out of 5 stars. Doubt if that location has to worry about me coming back, or the ladies that I was escorting. The local Sonny’s Franchise does a much better job, ‘specially on the beef brisket. Like I mentioned, that place was only picked out ’cause it was next door to this antique store. You know how the picture of Ms Thang on the inherwebz never looks like her in real life? Welp. the pics of GB’s BBQ are like that too. Only good news from today’s journey was a pleasant ride thru the country side with the ladies, didn’t have to slap leather on some dumbass, and I got me a semi deal on an 8″ Kingsford (old school US Made) cast iron skillet. One with the thumb and the loop handles and pouring spouts on each side. Didn’t have one of them in that size. I do have the cast iron cookware collection from hell. Still looking for an Original Griswold Breakfast Skillet to replace the one that got stolen at the Family Re-Union a few years back. Those are rare…and rather spendy. The bitch whore cousin that stole it ever shows back up in GA, I may need… Read more »


GA? BBQ?…Hell to the naw naw..


Challenge accepted! Wars have been started over less. *grin*


All good once again. Father turning over in his grave has been redistributed to a hog farmer friend.


Jefferson with a beard, a smile and attitude.


Old tanker

OMG, my meme folders multiply like mice in a cheese factory.

Hack Stone

Be sure to get treatment for your addition before your problems multiply.

RGR 4-78

Hunters’ “addition” to a certain Russian pimp’s wares probably caused a multiplication of stress on the “Big Guy’s” credit card.


I think I’ll just go ahead and take that Dickweeds! meme like Lumbergh swiping Milton’s stapler


Try That in a Small Town meme is memerific…

I’ve stated before, I don’t listen to modern Country music, but now I can name exactly one Jason Aldean song. I haven’t listened to it but looked up the lyrics and the “outrage” is faux at best, and diversionary tactics at worst. For years now, it’s been acceptable behavior for those on a certain side of the political spectrum to commit acts of violence, property crimes, and outright theft. One song comes out stating that such antics won’t fly in Small Town America and it’s probably the most blatantly racist song since David Allan Coe’s X-Rated Album.


And Trump’s walk up song, chosen by the RNCe, was a line about going to prison.

They said something like “sorry, that made it in there by mistake “. They think we’re stupid.

Another “candidate ” said Trump was running for office to stay out of prison. A “former” FBI guy whose name escapes me, but put in the running to be a mouthpiece for the Democrat Light side of the uni party.


Well, Trump is Trump, and as an outsider who shook up the establishment, there are those will see that he not only fails a repeat of 2016, but that he spends the rest of his life as uncomfortable as possible. Maybe he goes to prison, maybe he’s just continually harassed and charged with everything the DOJ and prosecutors can find. Until, and if, he steps outside of the limelight and ventures into a comfortable retirement at Mar-a-Lago, he’s going to be attacked from every direction.


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Daisy Cutter

Aaaand … another

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One more for dessert?

Yanked from TTAG:

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Great ‘toons!