Scientists Speak on DOD’s “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena,”

| July 25, 2023

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena?

Here’s what scientists say about whistleblower claims that Pentagon has evidence of alien crashes


Interesting. Frustrating. Potentially even “credible.”

But nothing that science can work on in its current form.

That was how physicists and astronomers interviewed by The Hill described recent allegations that the U.S. government has been hiding evidence of multiple alien crash sites.

To take those claims beyond buzzy conjecture, the country needs a plan to acquire more hard data, scientists said.

On Wednesday, the House Oversight Committee will hold controversial hearings about “unidentified aerial phenomena,” or UAP.

Those hearings will focus on eyewitness accounts by U.S. military pilots of what have appeared to be strange craft moving in ways that known human technology cannot, and on the broader claims of a cover-up made by former Air Force and intelligence official David Grusch.

The hearings are part of a broader — and unusually bipartisan — congressional mainstreaming of a long-taboo question: Has the U.S. military made contact with craft or creatures from another world?

In July, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) introduced legislation that would require the Pentagon to release any information it has gathered around contact with “non-human intelligences,” among other UAP.

But as an old scientific saying goes, the plural of anecdote isn’t data — and scientists told The Hill that the trouble with all these claims by Grusch and others isn’t that they’re impossible.

The Hill

I’ve flown in the exact same Warning Areas for years and must have missed out- saw some strange things there but nothing remotely alien. These vast swaths of ocean where the encounters seem to have occurred are used for training, exercises and testing. They are tightly controlled on, above, and below the ocean. Potential encroachers are swiftly ID’ed and sternly warned away with a very real threat of intercept.

Then there’s the issue of the veracity of Government scientists, who’s track record hasn’t been exactly stellar of late.  So what is going on out there? Arthur C. Clark once wrote that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.  Magic from space aliens? All you’ll get from these worthies is, “More data.”

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As long as Hunter Biden and lots of $$$ are a problem, UFOs/UAPs will be real.
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That’s politics, folks. Just sayin’.


I remember during my first Mediterranean Deployment, taking the first JL watch, on the bridge, for the oncoming CIC watch (Operations Specialist). The subject of the turnover? A “star” hovering underneath the clouds during a storm, when the winds and waves were too strong for flight operations either from the military or from the civilian side. The “star” remained where we saw it, casting a glow on the clouds above it. It did not show movement in any direction, it did not have the running lights that one would normally expect from commercial aircraft. It just hovered under the clouds, everyone on the bridge, that could be on the starboard bridge wing, was there and bumming each other for the starboard lookout’s binoculars.

Other than that, I have occasionally seen UFOs during my predawn distance runs… It helps to know what stars are supposed to be up at what time given the specific month. Back in the spring of 2018, almost summer, I saw a cylindrical shaped UFO during one of these runs. Not too long afer that sighting, I saw my first daytime UFO, a triangular craft, with triangular features on its surface, that glided through the sky and had a mirror like surface all about it.

UFO over city 01.jpg

No way, no how that out of the billions of stars/planets out there that we, on this little blue rock, are the only creatures. Personally I think that the reason the gruberment doesn’t want us to know about Aliens is that THEY are the Aliens.

“Resistance is futile…you WILL be assimilated…We are Borg.”


If they can conveniently get here, some of our folk may not impress them:


“No way, no how that out of the billions of stars/planets out there that we, on this little blue rock, are the only creatures.”

Very possibly, but considering how far away most of those billions of stars and planets are from us, we’ll never know about it.

It is my personal belief that faster than light travel is impossible. Even the theoretical possibilities currently cited by sci fi geeks (Alcubierre Drives or Krasnikov tubes) require “exotic matter” that only exists in the minds of physicists.

Maybe I’m wrong, someday some scientist will realize we’ve been going about this all wrong and come up with a solution, but even if we figure out how to travel several multiples of light speed –

“Warp Factor 5 Scottie.”
“I’m givin’ her all she’s got Captain!”

– traveling millions or even thousands of light years is still, um, slightly impractical. We’d still be restricted to stars within (relatively speaking) our own neighborhood.

And an alien species that has developed on any of the billions of planets that are outside a “reasonable” distance would be facing the same dilemma. Even if they exist, I doubt we’ll ever bump into each other at the local asteroid belt.

Definitely not in my lifetime. Probably not in the next 5 or 10 thousand years that humans will be around before we extinct ourselves, an asteroid hits, or G_d gets tired of our antics and recalls us.


Gee, at 5 times the speed of light, the nearest star (other than ours) is still almost 10 months’ travel away. Five or even ten times glacial is still r-e-a-l-l-y slow.


If aliens had faster-than-light travel/commo capability and ability to transmute matter/energy (warp speed and replicators, like on Star Trek) why would they even want to come here?

Resources? They could make those. We’re tasty? They could make food, too. To deny our place to other aliens? Why would those aliens want to be here first anyway?

At best, we’re cow-tipping and reality TV to them. At worst, we’re moderately destructive cretins (albeit with thermonuclear weapons) who safely can’t get off their own planet without a severe amount of ameliorative constructive effort.


Have you heard that there’s credible evidence that Joe Biden was taking brib….oh look, UFO’s…

Of course there’s “bipartisan” support for this congressional hearing, the Dems will support anything to divert attention from the Biden Crime Family.


If upcoming House testimony keeps going in that direction, mainstream Democrat-favoring media may be running Weekly World News-type alien stories with a straight face soon.


Aww, I was looking forward to CNN and WaPo headline:

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Well, the plea deal just fell apart in court… we’ll be seeing alien abductions and salvaged spaceships on mainstream headline news.
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Today, for somebody (don’t know who, y’all understand):


We’re all mad here:

Skivvy Stacker

There just isn’t any possible way for an alien civilization to make the trip. The speed of light is the limit, and can’t be overcome without an expenditure that would take pretty much all the energy you had on your planet, and more. Warp speed is a convenient invention of fiction to make TV and movies possible.
As to those who say; “we must have obtained alien technology; look at how quickly we have advanced…” I have to ask; compared to what? We only have our own progress to compare ourselves to.
This entire thing is an exercise in distraction, based on ignorance.

Commissioner Wretched

I’ve always believed that “just because we can’t do it doesn’t mean it can’t be done.” Of course, I write sci-fi and depend on such ideas as FTL drive, but theoretically, at least, it’s possible. Dr. Einstein himself said so.


I’ll just leave this incredibly crafted meme right here…


Sorry, but in this case, I’m going with the Ancient Aliens guy. Much as I dislike him, it pales in comparison to my utter hatred and loathing of that Gassy Ass Tyson, even in meme format.


Fuck the aliens and double fuck upChuck Schumer.

I. Don’t. Care.

Forest Bondurant

Yes, it’s true. The Pentagon has been hiding UFO crashes.

The ACTUAL backstory is that back in the late 50’s, a UFO crashed and the craft (and it’s sole alien survivor) were taken to Area 51 for safekeeping and study.

As it so happens, this alien has become known as “The Prophet”, and it has been giving “us” the technology we’ve grown to know and use today (e.g., knowledge on how to build the technology and engineering of the Gemini and Apollo programs, microchips, cellular phones, microtechnology, genome editing, solar power, satellite communications, medicine and other pharmaceuticals) and so on.

I predict the UFO’s that have been crashing are advanced party ships of alien craft, who have come from a planet where their natural resources are depleted, and they’re eyeing our planet, and are in cahoots with “The Prophet”.



Area 51 is the cover story. The aliens are actually located at 31.62390 -110.25206 or 31°37’26.0″N 110°15’07.4″W

Someone’s at the door… I may have said too much…

RGR 4-78



wtf is that?

looks like it had power lines once


It’s a big-ass concrete bunker in a big sinkhole. Approach road is through the wash coming from the east. Stumbled across it while conducting a site survey for a signal exercise. Never had a chance to really look closely. Most likely explanation is its an ammo bunker from when east range was used for artillery and mortars. But wait… there’s more. There’s a designated alien craft LZ at 31.659230, -110.267720 or 31°39’33.2″N 110°16’03.8″W

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If only those old military buildings could talk…


A couple of miles southeast of some of the coldest beer I’ve had in AZ 🍺


Buddy’s Bar or The Hideout?


Buddy’s, usually a stop on the way home from Tombstone or Bisbee

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Gotta be one of the oldest bars in Arizona


Well! Wouldn’t mind running into an alien like the one in the picture!

The relationship might develop like this:


Missy Pyle. Big character actor, in many ways.

RGR 4-78


It’s getting worse and worse with Ole Brandon Boy…🫣

“Biden Skewered For Claiming He Effectively ‘Ended Cancer As We Know It’: ‘Why Haven’t The Adults Intervened?’

“President Biden was shredded on social media Tuesday after saying his administration has effectively “ended cancer as we know it.”

“One of the things I’m always asked is why Americans have sort of lost faith for a while in being able to do big things. If you could do anything at all, Joe, what would you do? I said I’d cure cancer. They looked at me like, why cancer? Because no one thinks we can. That’s why, and we can. We ended cancer as we know it,” the president said.”


That would be news to a dear friend of mine.




Big Prayers for your friend.


Much appreciated


Fuck that guy. Send him back to Afghanistan. I’ll pay for his flight.


Wait till the aliens find out about “Onlyfans”! Then they’ll show themselves!!😁🤔🤫


It won’t be homely dudes with nothing else going on claiming to have been “probed” then. Some folk may volunteer.


70 years ago,
everyone was claiming to see dish shaped “flying saucers”.
Along with bigfoots.
And the Loch Ness Monster.

Enough so,
that cheesy sci-fi movies were the rage through the 1950s,
and even the aging Three Stooges made fun of all this,
with a short where Joe Besser inadvertently took a photo of a PIE,
and then the media was conned into running with the pie photo.
Fame for Joe, until the UFO was exposed as a pie.

Now, none of these 21st century UFOs look like saucers… or pies.
More like orbs.
Those aliens sure have advanced their interplanetary technology,
faster than ours.

Flying Saucer Daffy pie 1.jpg

I was in Washington and saw some Artesians once. I like ’em. I like everything about ’em.


Tube of You LIVE
Subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs Hearing
GOP Oversight (channel)

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Prior Service

What I want to know is: why do “aliens” always appear as something with two arms, two legs, walks upright, and has a human-like head with odd eyes, wrinkles or bone structure? It actually sounds like they are just liberals.


You may be more right than we know (would explain much):
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Every smartphone zombie carries a camera, and they know how to use it. Bigfoot? Nope, not real. He’d be on camera by now, and not that grainy 1970 footage
Aliens? Same category. An advanced civilization flies a million light years to flit around the atmosphere in a galactic game of peek a boo? And a billion smartphone carrying humans can’t get a good image other than some blurry lights? Nah, not brushing up on my Klingon just yet.