Mikey in House crosshairs

| July 17, 2023

We all know and love Mikey Weinstein’s My Way or the Highway   Religion Only The Way I See It inaptly named Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Have a picture Mikey doesn’t like? Gotta go. Quote a Bible verse? Definitely verboten. To add to thebesig’s article Saturday, one of the provisions in the House forbids service members from contacting the MRFF, and says commanders cannot take steps based on MRFF complaints. (One must suppose that last is aimed squarely at the Merchant Marine Academy head, who covered a painting of sailors at see at Mikey’s request and drew the wrath of Ted Cruz forthwith.)

The amendment, slipped into the House version of the defense authorization bill by Rep. Mike Turner, R-Ohio, would forbid service members from contacting the Military Religious Freedom Foundation or its leadership. The legislation would also bar commanders from taking “any action or making any decision as a result of any claim, objection or protest” made by the group “without the authority of the Secretary of Defense.”

MRFF’s founder, Mikey Weinstein, described the provision’s progression to the Senate as the “Pearl Harbor” in a far-right campaign to erode the rights of military personnel.

Military Times

MT describes MRFF as a “religious freedom” and “Civil rights group”. Seems to me Mikey is more of a born-again atheist who wants no possible mention of any religion he disagrees with – seems I recall he notoriously campaigned to have ‘missing man’ table displays removed at several bases.

Mikey is, of course, protesting and plans to have the relevant sections of the bill deleted. I think he has a 50/50 chance – forbidding commanders to act without higher-up say-so is actually fairly reasonable. Forbidding service members to even talk to MRFF? Pretty shaky, and honestly does need to go away.

“We’ve been told by Senate staff and even senators that they’re not sure that all of the toxic cancer put in by the fundamentalist Christian nationalists in the House will be able to be found in conference,” Weinstein said of the difficulties involved with weeding out certain sections of the NDAA.

It’s always funny to me that you never see Mikey and company get their knickers twisted over anything but what they perceive as Christianity. You would think they could find something to object to in Islam, Judaism, Pastafarianism, somebody else. Apparently all the others are flawless? Oh, and Mikey – good luck telling the Sikhs they can’t wear their turbans.  Or tell a Gurkha they can’t have their kukris. We’d all LOVE to see that.

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Why would they get worked up over Islam crossing separation of state? They openly claim to represent Muslims.



If the muslims agree or didn’t protest the Godless dorks, it’s just their long game.
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What about all those LDS people or the Church of Scientology?


They claim to be Christians, so MT is anti-them as well.


LDS believe that Jesus is the Son of God and died for our sins so I believe that being Christian is more than just a claim.


“The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, informally known as the LDS Church or Mormon Church, is a restorationist, nontrinitarian Christian denomination…”

Yeah, the long (official) version of the name kind of gives it away. If you believe in Jesus Christ you are pretty much Christian by definition. They may be heretical Christians, but they are still Christians.


It goes deeper. To them Jesus is a created being as is God himself. That pretty much knocks them out of any legit claim to being Christian. Even of the heretical sort.


Is it the LDS folks or the Mormons who believe only 140k folks will be allowed into heaven? Maybe it’s the jehova witnesses.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

The 140k is the JWs


The LDS folks are the Mormons.

Anna Puma

How to put MRFF on the ash heap of history?

“Any religious freedom foundation that litigates against one religious faith more than 50.1% of all complaints shall be ignored by military commanders and personnel will be barred from contacting such a foundation.”

Force them to go after everybody to stay relevant and at the donation trough.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I’ll go with “commanders shall ignore”.
But I don’t think you can legally tell the average troop (land, sea, or air) to NOT contact Little Mikey & the MRFF.


“Off Limits” is a thing.


I doubt that placing MRFF “off limits” is gonna fly.


I have yet to find an instance of Mikey actually prevailing in a courtroom. That’s not the game plan anyway. He threatens litigation over his perceived religious persecution or whatever and settles out-of-court.
The only way to stop this is to call his bluff and counter-sue, which takes time and money.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

It’s “lawfare”, and settling out-of-court is his income.


That photo is the face of irritable bowel syndrome.


…with constipation.


I say let the Gurkhas have a thousand tiny contacts with Mikey.



So…Do think Mikey WEINSTEINwill go after
Pramila Jayapal?

Inquiring Minds Want To Know.

“Top Dems Push Back After ‘Squad’ Member Called Israel A ‘Racist State”

Top Dems push back after ‘Squad’ member called Israel a ‘racist state



“Driving the news: After pro-Palestine demonstrators disrupted a panel discussion that included Jayapal at the progressive Netroots Nation conference on Saturday, the Congressional Progressive Caucus Chair responded by playing up her anti-Israel bona fides.”

“I want you to know that we have been fighting to make it clear that Israel is a racist state, that the Palestinian people deserve self-determination and autonomy, that the dream of a two-state solution is slipping away from us,” she told the protesters.”

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

So? You say Israel is a racist state. So what? It’s THEIR racist state, not ours.
Stay in your lane, bitch.


Is it just me but does she not look like she just discovered door #2 is not for exit only.


Her face looks like a dog that chased a parked car.

Commissioner Wretched

Or chased a moving car and caught it.


Kinda looks like she learned not to trust a fart.

Green Thumb


Green Thumb

Old Mikey here worships at the Temple of the Righteous Butthole.


And takes confessions at the gloryhole down at the Greyhound bus station’s mensroom.


Mikey is always going to remain mum about Islam cuz he is afraid of having his head removed, just like the rest of the Progs are afraid to criticize The Religion of Peace.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Got online pics of a shitload of heads hanging on spiked fences and isis peeps decapitating Muslim Christians from a former Shipmate. Ain’t no joke.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“….The Religion of Pieces”.
There. Fixed it for ya.


Heh. See my ‘HR fired by town council’ post. Still waiting for that epic backlash.


Johnny Ghurk is just really glad to see ya.

Dave Hardin

One of my proudest moments was when the MRFF Gestapo officially proclaimed me “Anti-Semitic” on their website. Mikey and his ilk are not the saviors of religious freedom in the military. It’s all about Mikey charging himself fees to defend actions he himself created. Phuck Hymm and anyone that looks like him.


Believe it or not, when you scroll thru the above link, this image pops up…


Who Knew? 😉😎

Dave Hardin

lol… he knew.  😅 

Prior Service

I once commented on an MRFF post on Fb. Never again: not only were the other commenters like rabid dogs, but it altered my algorithm such that it took me a month to clean off the lib stain on my feed. Yikes. On a separate note, restricting access to MRFF is stupid but I love forbidding CDRs from taking knee-jerk actions to appease this MF. Instead, establish a convoluted reporting mechanism in triplicate through a back basement office in the pentagon that’s only open for two hours per week where any complaints must be presented in person. Give it a name that’s an acronym spelling out Screw Mikey.

A Proud Infidel®™

We had a Gurkha Detachment in my camp during the first part of my tour in A-stan talk about some 24K Badasses! Piss them off the wrong way and your head will be missing before you even know what hit you.
AS TO Mikey whine-stein, does he still give himself a $300K a year salary? That and I wonder who bankrolls him and his shit, I smell Soros and other big-money liberals. His time will come and unless he changes his ways, he won’t like the outcome of his meeting with Saint Peter.