North Korea may shoot down U.S. military aircraft

| July 14, 2023

North Korea is accusing the United States of flying its military planes “into” North Korea’s airspace. They claim that the U.S. has illegally entered North Korean air space several times. However, reporting indicates that the United States and South Korea have conducted joint military exercises which involve flying military aircraft in areas they’ve normally flown. Both the U.S. and South Korea do not agree with North Korea’s claims. 

From Fox News:

“This month alone, RC-135, U-2S and RQ-4B, strategic reconnaissance planes and reconnaissance drone belonging to the U.S. Air Force, flew over the East and West seas of Korea in turn for eight straight days from July 2 to 9 to conduct provocative aerial espionage on the DPRK’s strategic interior,” read the statement posted by the Korean Central News Agency.

“In particular, a strategic reconnaissance plane of the U.S. Air Force illegally intruded into the inviolable airspace of the DPRK over its East Sea tens of kilometers several times,” it added, without elaborating.

The spokesman said North Korea is “now maintaining our utmost patience and self-control, but everything has its limit.”

“There is no guarantee that such [a] shocking accident as [a] downing of the U.S. Air Force strategic reconnaissance plane will not happen in the East Sea of Korea,” he reportedly added.

U.S. Forces Korea did not immediately respond Monday to a request by Fox News Digital for its reaction. South Korea’s military did tell Reuters that the North’s claims of airspace violations are not true, and that the U.S., a key ally, often conducts reconnaissance flights in the region.

On June 30, U.S. Forces Korea said the “Republic of Korea Air Force and the United States Air Force conducted a combined aerial training event with U.S. Air Force B-52H Stratofortresses over the Korean Peninsula.”

Fox News has additional information.

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Well, both statements could be true.

The change is, can the NKs now enforce their airspace claims? America finally did with ballons, maybe the NKs now got some S-300s.

“They claim that the U.S. has illegally entered North Korean air space several times. However, reporting indicates that the United States and South Korea have conducted joint military exercises which involve flying military aircraft in areas they’ve normally flown.”


The NORKs have had SA-5s since the last century. So they have some extremely long range SAMs that might be a hazard to large ISR aircraft.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I see in the above pic that those, I Imagine Generals standing there with all those medals that below their jackets must be Army Infantry Leg.

Army-Air Force Guy

If Nicolas ‘Soup Sandwich’ Androsky were still alive he’d be jealous.


R.I.P Soupy, one of the OG Phonies who gave 110%
Like Ballduster


Y’All remember THIS one? 🤭😉

“Vice President Harris Mistakenly Touts US ‘Alliance With The Republic of North Korea'”

Vice President Kamala Harris mistakenly touted the U.S. “alliance with the Republic of North Korea” in remarks Thursday from Korea’s Demilitarized Zone that sought to reaffirm America’s commitment to the security of its Asian allies.”

“The United States shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance with the Republic of North Korea,” Harris said, intending to refer to South Korea as she kicked off remarks after touring the DMZ. “It is an alliance that is strong and enduring.”

Someone went ahead and finished her sentence/train of thought for her:😂😅

“… And the Korea is in the North with a Republic and a shared relationship of Northern Republics which we have as an ally to share a relationship with as a Republic with alliances that share important meaning to us because it is a relationship very much allied with our Republic.”

And this…She must have really ticked off Little Ole Rocket Man…🤣

“Hours after Harris began her departure back to the U.S., North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea, marking North Korea’s third round of missile launches this week.”


That is not nearly as good as Maxine Waters when she use North and South Vietnam living together peaceably as a good example for how people can get along. Unless of course Waters is a genius and it was a double deep fake I don’t know…..


Just think of how much money it would cost someone in North Korea to be a military poser!!😆😆


And the punishments imposed
when a military phony is identified and exposed.

And it won’t take wearing more medals than Curly Howard
to be figured out as a Nork phony.

It appears, in North Korea,
life imitates The Three Stooges.

Ill Never Heil Again 1941 Three Stooges colorized.jpg
Last edited 4 months ago by MarineDad61

Wow! Always enjoyed the stooges as a kid. Great job on that picture compared to the Norks!


When I flew in that part of the world, the NORKS were the only ones who scared the shit out of me.


And rightly so, given Nork past actions. If those in charge of such things have any brains at all (a questionalble proposition) they will make damn sure our recon planes are not in Nork airspace and will provide them with fighter escorts.


I flew with the ROKN as a P-3 civilian project specialist- there were Mk-46 warshots in the belly and Harpoons on the wings.

Say, Lil’ Kim sure has blossomed!

fat kim.jpg

Re: Mk-46 warshots and Harpoons:

Hopefully also full loads of chaff and flares in the ALE buckets!


Hey KimCheese…FA&FO!

Old tanker

What is the range on a HARM Missile compared to the SA-5? Once lock has been achieved on our aircraft, manned or not, seems only fair to respond with an anti radar missile.