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| July 12, 2023

Defense MIA/POW Accounting Agency

USS Oklahoma Sailor Accounted For From World War II

Naval Reserve Ensign Stanley W. Allen

On Dec. 7, 1941, Allen was assigned to the battleship USS Oklahoma, which was moored at Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, when the ship was attacked by Japanese aircraft. The USS Oklahoma sustained multiple torpedo hits, which caused it to quickly capsize. The attack on the ship resulted in the deaths of 429 crewmen, including Allen.

From December 1941 to June 1944, Navy personnel recovered the remains of the deceased crew, which were subsequently interred in the Halawa and Nu’uanu Cemeteries.

In September 1947, tasked with recovering and identifying fallen U.S. personnel in the Pacific Theater, members of the American Graves Registration Service (AGRS) disinterred the remains of U.S. casualties from the two cemeteries and transferred them to the Central Identification Laboratory at Schofield Barracks. The laboratory staff was only able to confirm the identifications of 35 men from the USS Oklahoma at that time. The AGRS subsequently buried the unidentified remains in 46 plots at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (NMCP), known as the Punchbowl, in Honolulu. In October 1949, a military board classified those who could not be identified as non-recoverable, including Allen.

Between June and November 2015, DPAA personnel exhumed the USS Oklahoma Unknowns from the Punchbowl for analysis.

To identify Allen’s remains, scientists from DPAA used dental and anthropological analysis. Additionally, scientists from the Armed Forces Medical Examiner System used Y chromosome DNA (Y-STR) analysis.

Allen’s name is recorded on the Courts of the Missing at the Punchbowl, along with the others who are missing from WWII. A rosette will be placed next to his name to indicate he has been accounted for.

Allen will be buried on July 18, 2023, in Augusta, Maine.

Airman Accounted For From World War II

U.S. Army Air Forces Tech. Sgt. James M. Howie

The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) announced today that U.S. Army Air Forces Tech. Sgt. James M. Howie, 24, of Chester, Illinois, killed during World War II, was accounted for Aug. 23, 2022.

In the summer of 1943, Howie was assigned to the 345th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy), 98th Bombardment Group (Heavy), 9th Air Force. On Aug. 1, 1943, the B-24 Liberator bomber on which Howie was a radio operator was hit by enemy anti-aircraft fire and crashed during Operation TIDAL WAVE, the largest bombing mission against the oil fields and refineries at Ploiesti, north of Bucharest, Romania. His remains were not identified following the war. The remains that could not be identified were buried as Unknowns in the Hero Section of the Civilian and Military Cemetery of Bolovan, Ploiesti, Prahova, Romania.

Following the war, the American Graves Registration Command (AGRC), the organization that searched for and recovered fallen American personnel, disinterred all American remains from the Bolovan Cemetery for identification. The AGRC was unable to identify more than 80 unknowns from Bolovan Cemetery, and those remains were permanently interred at Ardennes American Cemetery and Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery, both in Belgium.

In 2017, DPAA began exhuming unknowns believed to be associated with unaccounted-for airmen from Operation TIDAL WAVE losses. These remains were sent to the DPAA Laboratory at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, for examination and identification.

To identify Howie’s remains, scientists from DPAA used dental and anthropological analysis, as well as circumstantial evidence. Additionally, scientists from the Armed Forces Medical Examiner System used mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and Y chromosome DNA (Y-STR) analysis.

Howie’s name is recorded on the Tablets of the Missing at the Florence American Cemetery, an American Battle Monuments Commission site in Impruneta, Italy, along with others still missing from WWII. A rosette will be placed next to his name to indicate he has been accounted for.

Howie will be buried in Chester Illinois, on June 3, 2023.

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Stanley Willis Allen came into this world on 17 July and will be laid to rest on 18 July.

“In Loving Memory of Ensign Stanley Willis Allen, A-V(N), U.S. Naval Reserve”

“July 17, 1916 – Pearl Harbor – December 7, 1941”

“Stanley hoped to eventually have a career in the hotel restaurant service. He spent seven summers working at the Bethel Inn, Bethel, ME. He entered the service personal of the Wentworth-by-the-Sea, Portsmouth, NH, where he remained until his appointment as a cadet at the United States Military Academy West Point, New York. Upon completion of a year’s training as a Plebe, he returned to civilian life and attended Bowdoin College, Brunswick ME, earning a BA, 1934-1939.”

“While in college, Stanley worked summers at Kimball House, Northeast Harbor ME. After graduating from college Stanley obtained the position of manager of the Bethel Restaurant, Bethel, ME.”

“On October 8, 1940 Stanley enlisted in the U.S. Naval Reserve as a Seaman second class, at Boston MA. Stanley continued his training in the Naval Reserve Aviation Base, Squantum, MA. He was appointed an Aviation Cadet on January 15, 1941.”

“Appointed as a Naval Aviator June 26, 1941, Stanley was assigned to duty flying in Observation Squadron One on the USS Oklahoma. Stanley’s acts of bravery and selflessness were recognized with the awarding of the Purple Heart, a testament to his unwavering commitment and sacrifice in service to his country.”

“Stanley Willis Allen is survived by his closest living relative, his first cousin Beverly Prosser Gelwick, of Harpswell, Maine. After so many years, there is a renewed sense of closure and remembrance for his family and loved ones.”

“Burial with full military honors will be held at the New Maine Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery, Mt. Vernon Avenue, Augusta, ME on Tuesday, July 18 at 1PM.”

Rest In Peace, Sir.


Never Forget.

Bring Them All Home.


His Mom and Dad (Stella and Elmer) are listed here:

They owned and operated a shoe store for 24 years in Bethel, Maine.

Rest In Peace To The Family.


“TECHNICAL SGT. JAMES MILLS HOWIE, 24, of Chester Illinois, 345th Bombardment Squadron, 98 Bombardment Group, 9th Air Force, U.S Army Air Forces died August 1, 1943, in Operation Tidal Wave during the bombing of the Ploesti oil fields in Romania.”

“He was born to Minerva and M.S. Howie on June 12, 1919.”

Family of Technical Sgt. James Mills Howie:

Mother and Father:

Minerva and M.S. Howie


Irma C. Howie (maiden-Clausen)(remarried-Bierman)


James “Jim” L. (Laura) Howie


James “Jim” C. (Laura) Howie

2 Great Grandchildren:

Hunter and Tayler Howie

Graveside Service:

11:00 am, Saturday, June 3, 2023

St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery

Rest In Peace, Sir.


Never Forget.

Bring Them All Home.


His son, Jim, was born in November 1943, 3 months after his Dad lost his life in August 1943.

Sadly, Jim passed away in 2010.

He looks so much like his Dad.

Rest In Peace, Sir.

“JAMES “JIM” L. HOWIE, 67, of Chester, Illinois, passed away Friday, November 19, 2010 in Chester, Illinois. He was born to James M. and Irma C. (nee: Clausen) Howie on November 15, 1943 at Murphysboro, Illinois. Jim married Laura Petrowske on October 10, 1964 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Chester, Illinois. She survives. He was a member of St. Mary Catholic Church in Chester, IL and a third degree Knights of Columbus #3790.”


Jim’s parents, Irma and James.


James Mills Howie’s Family is mentioned here:

Rest In Peace To All.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Welcome home, may they rest in eternal, and well deserved, peace.


Rest Well Gentlemen.


Welcome home Brothers. Rest in peace now.

RGR 4-78

Welcome Home.

A Proud Infidel®™

*Slow Salute*


Welcome Home, Warriors. We Salute your Service and will Pay Honors to your Sacrifice. Every Fallen Service Member deserves, at the very least, a Marked Resting Place.

Thanks again to Dave for bringing us these stories and some more Thanks to our very own (we have THE best) ninja for bringing us “The Rest of The Story”. (gabn/gabaf/rtr/hbtd)



Welcome Back…

You have been missed!

Happy Birthday to Nathan.

Have a good friend who is related to him…and proud of it (We Know, We Know about the KKK stuff and The Pillow Stuff, but as we share with others, there IS “The Rest Of The Story”..


When the Pillow story is mention, the discussion of 6 August 1945 is exchanged.

War is Hell. Folks get killed.

We are looking forward in seeing “Oppenheimer”.


Indeed…”War means fightin’ and fightin’ means killin’.” You win by “…gittin’ thar furstest with the mostest”. The Ben Hampton Print “Standing Proud” (c 1978) of Bedford occupies a Place of Honor @ Firebase Magnolia. Don’t want to hi-jack this Honorable Returning Warrior Thread with any History Lesson but I will remind folks of this. NBF III was the FIRST (ht2 R-D) General Officer KIA in the ETO, Aug ’43, while leading an Air Mission with the (GO) Army Air Corps.

Was on a mission of mercy detail “…care for his widow and orphans.” For some reason I take that duty seriously.