Underaged girl found in Camp Pendleton barracks, Marine taken into custody

| July 11, 2023

On June 13, 2023, a San Diego area teenager was declared missing four days after her relatives reported that she had ran away from her grandmother’s home. On June 28, 2023, a Marine stationed with Combat Logistics Battalion 5, 1st Marine Logistics Group, was taken into custody. The underaged girl’s aunt posted a video claiming that her niece was a victim of sex trafficking and that the Military is trying to hide things. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service did not release any details to this investigation.

From the Daily Mail:

The family of a missing teenager who was found at Camp Pendleton in California claim she was raped on the base by a Marine as a purported logbook from the base shows an ‘underage female’ was found inside the barracks.

In a video posted to TikTok last week, the 14-year-old girl’s aunt claimed she was sold to a Marine as a sex slave — and officials on the base tried to cover it up.

A leaked photo posted online shows what appears to be a handwritten logbook from the San Diego-area base that states that an ‘underage female’ was found in room 343. It mentions, however, that the girl was 13.

It is unclear why the ages differ. DailyMail.com cannot verify the authenticity of the page.

‘The security looked her in the face and allowed this man to bring a minor on to base where he then proceeded to have sex with her,’ Casaundra Perez said in the video.

‘Due to her age, she could not have given this consent,’ she added, claiming someone referred to her family by the military told them the Marines were trying to keep the story from becoming public.

An unidentified Marine with the Combat Logistics Battalion 5, 1st Marine Logistics Group has since been taken into custody in connection with the girl’s disappearance, but NCIS officials say he has not yet been charged with any criminal activity.

The articles, as presented, tend to leave questions in the reader’s mind. This appears to be a developing story with additional information waiting to be discovered. The Daily Mail has additional information, as well as a video of a statement made by the victim’s aunty, here, and here. The New York Post also provides information.

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Daisy Cutter

I can hear Gunny Hartman now:

HARTMAN: Holy Jesus! What is that? What is that, Private Pyle?!

PYLE: Sir, a minor, sir!

HARTMAN: A minor?!

PYLE: Sir, yes, sir!

HARTMAN: How did she get here?

PYLE: Sir, I took her from downtown, sir!

HARTMAN: Are minors allowed in the barracks, Private Pyle?

PYLE: Sir, no, sir!


He should have locked his footlocker.


“If it weren’t for d*ckheads like you, there wouldn’t be any trafficking of underage girls in this world!” or so…

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^Good stuff…a Gunny Hartman reference is always a good thing

I saw reports where the Marine met her on a dating app where she claimed she was 18 with proper ID.
My take is the young girl ‘catfished’ the Marine, and the family is using the Marine & The Corps as a scapegoat for their bad parenting.
This Marine bears some blame because if he asked for ID, his “Spidey” sense told him she was young…too young.
My dad told me if you think a girl is too young, she is. They will always lie and that is no protection from of the law.


Actually under California Law a “reasonable belief” that the other person was over the age of 18 is a defense. Seeing ID would likely be seen as fulfilling that. That won’t help him with UCMJ though.


I had a SGT at Huachuca that “got involved” with an underage female. She had a driver’s license that said she was 19, but the shit hit the fan when mama found out her little angel was soiled. It got really interesting during the investigation when it came out that she had 4 other high quality fake ID’s and there were 5 other military members that were banging mommy’s baby. They all still got BCD’s, but her fake ID’s kept them all out of Leavenworth.


I’d imagine they would all lose their clearance.


Yeah, the clearance went away when they were kicked out of the Army.

Skivvy Stacker

In Minnesota that defense gets you the “yeah, right” response by the judicial system.


Nailed it!


Not the only “no protection”.
Since before my time….
Any man, young or old, who trusts in God,
and also trusts a woman to provide the contraception,
is susceptible to falling prey to the infamous “Holy Rubber”.
And no surprise,
when attitudes about abortion become an issue shortly afterwards.


Surprise, we’re pregnant!

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Teenagers are all hormone-driven horny freaks, doesn’t matter if they’re male or female.

This is why “corruption of minors” (exposing them to dirty stuff they can’t think-up themselves) is a bad idea and 9th Grade health scared the sh*t out of us with what happens to you when you get VD.

All that left/leftard “sex-positive” stuff for kids is a bunch of crap (and probably a money-maker for Planned Parenthood).

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Not good, but did anybody notice the “aunt” reported her missing and the “mom” didn’t show up until the gifting begins with a lawyer?


A payday makes being a mom attractive again.




To quote a post from TAH’s past, “You had me at TRICARE.”

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Uh, what… she have a sister?
comment image

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“Come on dad, get me another waiver. The coke wasn’t mine, I’m clean now, I really, really want to be a Marine.”



This is interesting….

“The teenager, who is said to have a learning disability, was first declared missing on June 13, four days after some relatives said she ran away from her grandmother’s house.”

“She was then found at the San Diego area Marine base on June 28.”

“The victim’s grandmother told the authorities she had run away several times before but had always previously returned.”



Once a young teen becomes sexually active, running away is very common until they become pregnant. After that they want to stay at home to raise the kid.


How hormones (and bad parenting) create uneducated single mothers on welfare.

And progressives want freaky educators to tell your kids about sex for you?


Marines, always getting confused. In California you can put a weiner ON a girl when she is six, NOT IN a girl. She isn’t old enough to make those kind of decisions yet. Somebody put together a Power Point class. 4 hour bloc of training, nothing special.


Mandatory jailbait training: “Leavenworth and You”.

Skivvy Stacker

“Privates; there is a big difference between a Shaved Beaver, and a Beaver that DON’T NEED TO BE SHAVED! And the sooner you know the difference, the safer you will be…”


In The Meantime…

“Middle School Principal Lured Teen Girl With Grimace Milkshake, Nuggets After Meeting On Snapchat”


“A Middle School Principal was charged with attempted rape after allegedly trying to meet up with a 16-year-old girl at a remote location, bringing with him condoms, chicken nuggets and a Grimace milkshake from McDonald’s.”

“Johnson City Middle School Principal Daniel Erickson, 55, was arrested Friday after an investigation by the Broome County Sheriff’s Office.”

“Erickson has been with the school district for more than 20 years, and served as the principal for the last 10 years.”


“Rape? I don’t have to ‘rape’ anyone.” –Errol Flynn

Daisy Cutter

Get ready for more mandatory NKO/AKO/JKO training on the horizon. *sigh*


Somebody’s got some ‘splainin to do.

pookysgirl, WC wife

Someone with Marine base knowledge is going to have to help me with this one: As an Air Force wife, I’ve badged on civilians (family), and never had intense questioning, if questioning at all. Have things changed, are the Marines different or is this base different?


The real question you need to ask is; are men any different? Different men are different to be sure, but pedophilia is an all too common problem, not so much the Marines or the US; but the entire world.

pookysgirl, WC wife

I should clarify that I meant U.S. bases, not overseas ones. (Sorry, just woke up and I can’t have caffeine.)


Japan just raised the age of consent from 13 to 16. Explains much.

pookysgirl, WC wife

Also, no offense thebesig, but that picture looks like AI.


If this story is true, and the alleged rapist found guilty, they have rightfully earned the title of ex-Marine and deserve every bit of abuse they will receive in prison. My understanding is that chomos don’t exactly do too well. A little worse even than other sex offenders, which fare pretty badly any way you look at it.

On a very personal note, the Marines gladly accepted my ex-BiL. He was about 17 when he knocked up my 13-yo half-sister, enlisted at age 18, and married her shortly afterward. Incidentally, he was also stationed at Pendleton with his 14-year-old wife and child, and they had second child when she was 17. I joined the Army soon after and wondered how his leadership handled the situation. A good friend of mine was 18 and engaged to his 17-year-old high school sweetheart, and our chain of command constantly threatened him with UCMJ if they found out the relationship was intimate.

One has to wonder, how was she allowed on post, signed into the barracks, and how in the hell did no other Marine challenge the alleged offender or report this sooner? Having been a Soldier, I might say that this is a Marine thing, but it’s no joking matter and this likely happens more often than we’d care to know in every branch of service. Investigate, if evidence supports the claims, prosecute and exchange the Marine uniform for a federal prisoner uniform, then toss the guy (assuming gender, I know…) into a cell with someone who takes such crimes personally, preferably a relative of the victim. I can go for another Shane Goldsby story.

Slow Joe

Why is the aunt accusing the base leadership of covering this up?

USMCMSgt (Ret)

Sounds to me like she’s deflecting the blame elsewhere since she knows the family effed up in raising the young girl. Overall, Pendleton maintains a pretty good relationship and reputation with the adjacent communities, but there remains several in the community who hate the military – regardless of which branch. If it’s the same Marine Corps that I remember, the Marine will be slammed dunked for what he did.

Dennis - not chevy

My thoughts are the aunt, like most civilians, gets her “knowledge” of the military from TV. The crime is committed, it is investigated, the courts martial is held, several commercials are aired, findings presented, and the perp goes to jail in a nice tidy 60 minutes. The reality, I’ve found, is just reading the paperwork for the Article 32 hearing takes longer than 60 minutes.

Green Thumb

Where is Gibbs when you need him?

Maine Highlander

I was wondering the same thing. Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo would have prevented this from happening in the first place. I miss the OGs of the NCIS first team.

USMC Steve

I live for the old days, when old auntie would have been told to fuck off and die, unless she was the legal guardian she had no interest in the matter. Where was the baby momma when all this was going on? No baby daddy in the picture?


No baby daddy. And moms just wanted to dump her kid with auntie so she could bang pookie and ray-ray until she heard there was $$$ to be had.


Never EVER fuck a miner, you’ll get coal dust all over your dick.

However, that being said, if you can have enough “awareness” at 7 to change your gender, don’t you think a 13 year old should be old enough to know if they want to fuck?

I’m NOT talking about being trafficked and raped or forced, or any of that shit, I’m just trying to make sense of today’s kids. Which BTW, were still considered kids up to the age of 27 for the ACA, IIRC.


This was not unheard- of back in the day. Soldiers would entice girls onto post and-sometimes pass them around. If they were discovered, CID investigated rape allegations. Here the aunt alleges she was sold for sex- by whom? The aunt? Many unanswered questions, like how long was she in the barracks and where before that. And who else was involved. Before and after. The aunt’s allegation that military authorities were involved is preposterous. $$$ maybe?


But back then, if they were legal age and no allegations of rape, they were just kicked off post. I can hear SFC Sprague now,” get them split-tails out of the barracks.”


Barracks bunnies gonna barracks bunny. In the 80’s Kailua flooded once. We went out and got one of our platoon members,his wife sister inlaw and 2 kids and put them in a spare room in the barracks. I was playing cleaning supply NCO and had a key that opened every door in the barracks. When they opened up a flood gate and the water receded we took them home. No one knew a thing about it at the SSGT and above level.

A Proud Infidel®™

I’d hate to be that marine’s Squad Leader. I saw “Barracks Bunnies” during my AD Days, and even though I let my pecker think for me, I still kept it in my pants thinking some of them were underage and rumor had it that one who showed up at our barracks more than once was a Major’s Daughter.


Power of the interweb

Skivvy Stacker

That’s my old unit.
Back then it was 1st Supply BN./1st FSSG.

But we weren’t supposed to supply underage girls….for any reasons….other than…nonononono, not for ANY REASON…..


So…Supposedly, the 14 year old went missing on 9 June, but her family did not report her missing until 13 June.

She was at Pendleton for only one day (27-28 June). She met the Marine on 26 June.

Where was she for 2 weeks? Not only did she lie about her age, she may have also lied about being a human trafficking victim.


“14-Year-Old Girl Found in Pendleton Barracks May Have Met Marine on Tinder, New Documents Show”


“While the young girl at the heart of this story went missing in early June, federal investigators concluded that she had been at Camp Pendleton for only about 24 hours and appeared to have met the Marine whose barracks room she would come to stay in just a day prior.”

“The documents also show that investigators have begun to look into the claims that the girl was a victim of human trafficking. So far, investigators are reporting that the Naval Criminal Investigative Service has been unable to find any corroborating evidence to back up those claims.”

“The documents seen by Military.com say that when agents first interviewed the Marine and the victim, both said they met on the dating app “Tinder” where the girl used a different name and claimed to be 22. The Marine told investigators the connection happened on June 26 — a day before he would help drive her onto Camp Pendleton — and admitted to having had sexual contact with the girl in his barracks room.”

“The investigative documents also note that the Marine allowed agents to take all the data from his cell phone, including later messages in which the victim admitted to lying to the Marine about her age.”

“Both the documents reviewed by Military.com and local reports noted that the girl’s family told officials that she had a history of running away from home.”


So if they met on Tinder WAYYYYYY after she went missing, and she told him she was 22, which was probably on her Tinder profile, OF COURSE they went somewhere to do the monkey dance, just like every single young troop I ever served with. He probably should have used a little more discretion in his choice of locations but I dont believe he intentionally used a 14 year old for sex. And dont tell me that he should have known better. When I was a bouncer in San Diego, I used to catch girls ALL THE TIME with fake IDs that looked every part of legal age trying to get into the club. There is way more to this story then “Horny Marine gets busted with 14 year”……..


Exactly. Shenanigans
Like…who hasn’t gotten black out drunk and accidentally strangled a hooker in the shacks?
That’s how you find out who your real friends are!

Last edited 4 months ago by RCAF-CHAIRBORNE

Are we really sure this wasn’t the infamous Sgt Maj’s daughter that the ancient legends spoke of ?🤔


I can’t speak to that, but I can, without any doubt or reservation, speak of a certain signal brigade commander’s daughter staying in the barracks on at least one occasion. Nope, it wasn’t SGT D, I slept in the dayroom that night.